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precision measuring smarttool™ torpedo module screw pitch gauges set of 51 screw pitches combines all sizes from 4 to 84 including 111/2 and 27 pipe thread sizes knurled thumb nuts lock the case in an open or closed position gt251 54.95 radius gauges precision ground gauges are used to check layouts and radii each has a concave and a convex radius stamped radius size on each lead all gauges have a locking device the smarttool™ torpedo module packs the features of the larger units in a compact 7” unit read a full 360° range 0-90° in 4 quadrants large lcd digital display shows readings in either degree percent slope and pitch with an accuracy of 1/10 degree beeper sounds when level and/or plumb impact and water resistant part size grad price 52-470-100 52-470-102 52-470-120 52-470-121 1/32”-1/4” 17/64”-1/2” 1/32”-17/64” 9/32”-33/64” 64th 64th 64th 64th $25.95 $35.95 $32.95 $35.95 92346 99.95 92395 magnetic mounting bracket 12.95 contour gauges feeler gauge feeler gauges are used for adjusting and gauging spark plugs distributor points and valve clearances or any other instance of measuring the space between two parts precision series gauges are made of high-grade precision steel with etched numbering for easy identification contour gauges are designed for precise surface duplication in sheet metal work the 35 ultra-thin pins per inch assure that you are getting an exact replication of your copied shape capable of duplicating surfaces up to 3-1/2” deep gt226 0015” to .025” 24.95 gt226t 0015 to .025 26.95 68050 11 offset blades 1/2” x 4” 5.95 68100 31 blades .0015” to .035” 8.95 sheet metal wire gauges gauge numbers are u.s standard 0 to 36 decimal equivalents are stamped on reverse side 21 sheet metal gauge 19.95 20 wire gauge 19.95 106 800-248-0638 gt837 6” 10.95 gt833 10” 21.95 4-inch slide calipers the rugged stainless steel construction coupled with a compact design makes these calipers a great addition this item provides inside and outside readings in both 1/16” and 1/32” graduations there is a decimal equivalents chart on the caliper’s back side for help in making measurement calculations gt729 13.95 gt132me pocket caliper 9.95 aircraft tool supply