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test inspection ats digital protractor • large lcd display • self calibrating • resettable zero point for relative readings • accurate to within 0.1 degrees • reads all angles in a 360o range this new ats digital protractor provides absolute measurement and relative measurement to an accuracy of 0.1 degree the 2.75” wide by 1.50” high lcd screen display automatically flips upright when the upside down it’s self calibrating and delivers repeatable readings to within 0.05 degrees 0.1 degree overall accuracy of level or plumb the frame is extruded aircraft grade 6061 aluminum with precisely flat measuring surfaces and the upper surface has a v-groove to aid measurement on curved surfaces includes carrying case with belt clip ats360 $149.95 360° digital protractor pro360 trutach ii digital propeller tachometer this precision instrument is engineered to be accurate to within 1 degree of level and plumb it provides a full 360 degree reading so that the unit may be used accurately even upside-down reading hold feature lets you take a reading in any situation extra large lcd readout for easy viewing machined aluminum frame will take just about any punishment batteries are included 1-year warranty pro360 $249.95 the all digital trutach ii measures propeller rpm to a remarkable accuracy of 1 rpm it features a digital signal filter that eliminates noise and gives solid readings trutach ii works on single or multi-engine propeller aircraft with 2 3 4 or 5 blades and it never needs adjustment easily check calibration anytime with a standard light rpm range 240 7000 rpm uses a standard 9 volt battery included compact 3.8 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches and weighs just 4 ounces includes impact resistant carrying case 5 year warranty designed by pilots for pilots digital torque adapter/calibrator trutach2 $229.95 propeller protractor • 1/2” or 3/4” drive available • measures in kg-cm kg-m in-lb ft-lb and n-m • range 50-600 ft-lbs • led backlight • swivels 240 degrees • screen flips 180 degres • 10 memory settings this digital torque adaptor also serves as a calibration device for torque wrenches use it to convert any ratchet wrench into a digital torque wrench can also be used to verify the calibration of any type of torque wrench includes a calibrating block 23153 3/4” drive 189.95 23154 1/2” drive 57.95 800-248-0638 the warp drive protractor is an economical device that accurately sets the pitch of your propeller blades to within 1/4 degree it can also be used for a variety of other applications such as wing surfaces flaps tail sections or anything needing to be measured in degrees the warp drive protractor makes it easy to prepare the propeller for adjustment by 1 setting the blades to horizontal 2 set the hub to vertical 3 and finally measure the blade pitch and with the protractor locked in place on the blade you can adjust the pitch to required standards wd-pp1 42.95 aircraft tool supply 107