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test inspection ats “inspector” video borescope as featured in the ats-vs21 and ats-vs22 videoscopes were favorably reviewed in the august 2015 issue of kitplanes magazine includes 3 mirrors scan to view video the ats-vs21 has the same specifications as its sibling the ats-vs22 but does not articulate that means you’ll get the same excellent image quality and full 640x480 vga recording it too comes with a set of 3 tip mirrors for side viewing and also features the innovative “glare-free” side lighting technology to eliminate mirror spots and glares the probe is made of a durable semi-rigid ptfe material to resist scuffing and it is watertight to ip67 standards • 5mm 0.20” diameter probe fits spark plug holes • 1 meter 39.4” semi-rigid ip67 watertight shaft • side lighting virtually eliminates tip mirror glares and streaks • includes 3 tip mirrors 70° forward 90° right 110° rear • 70° field of view fov • focal range 15mm to infinity • illumination from 4 forward leds and 2 glare-free leds so wether you choose the articulating ats-vs22 or the rugged wa • 3.5 “ high resolution full color lcd display tertight ats-vs21 you will receive the same outstanding image qual • records video and images at full 640x480 vga onto sd card ity and features that has made these videoscopes best-sellers • built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours ats-vs21 $849.95 ats borescope holding tube ats borescope field bag the ats-vs22h holding tube lends support to the flexible probe and gives it the rigidity that is necessary to reach into deep recesses while maintaining the precise control and freedom the new videoscopes offer the ats-vs22b field bag will give you the extra hand needed to perform a full inspection this heavy duty protective bag made of durable ballistic nylon will keep your valuable videoscope safe from harm in the field it includes a set of harnesses that wraps around your neck and waist and suspends your unit ats-vs22b field bag 69.95 ats-vs22k field kit with bag and tube $125.95 ats-vs22h holding tube 59.95 ats-vs22k field kit with bag and tube $125.95 108 800-248-0638 aircraft tool supply