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service support ats aircraft strut pump • made from 6061-t6 aluminum for lightweight durability • operates on 50 to 150 psi air pressure 100 psi recommended • enhanced high pressure valve system rated at over 3,000 psi • true 10x boost produces over 1,500 psi from 150 psi source • also works with nitrogen delivery systems • safety “one-shot” system delivers pressure in controlled bursts • 24” high pressure delivery hose lifetime warranty “i highly recommend this company this pump is well made very good quality and useful tool each pump lifts my nose strut on my baron about 1/4” so it is very controllable.” r gawer delivers up to 1,500 psi of pressure to raise struts without the need for jacks safety one-shot air delivery system gives you maximum control over the entire process each stroke of the delivery valve injects a small shot of pressurized air into the strut so that you can raise it in controlled increments virtually zero chance of accidentally over-pressurizing and possibly damaging your struts 675a $299.95 schrader high pressure strut coupler strut servicing equipment lifetime warranty the schrader tee-coupler attaches directly to the strut valve to inflate or deflate the strut via the built-in core depressor pin it attaches to the valve threads 305-32 thread size and forms a perfect seal at up to 3000 psi the air line connector is a 1/8” npt male thread 556 $29.95 schrader strut coupler the schrader “gooseneck” coupler is used to connect to the inflation valves of most types of aircraft struts one end fits directly to the strut and the other has a 1/8” npt thread sk2043c 14.95 800-248-0638 our kit contains all of the hardware you’ll need to deliver nitrogen to tires and struts from a nitrogen bottle it includes a regulator gauges input delivery shut off valve 12’ hose and a strut coupler there are two types to choose from low pressure for nose struts and high pressure for main struts bottle input pressure gauge ranges 0-4000 psi delivery pressure gauge ranges 0-500 psi for the low pressure model and 0-2500 psi for the high pressure model does not include nitrogen bottle 606 0-500 psi delivery pressure 385.95 607 0-2500 psi delivery pressure 759.95 aircraft tool supply 141