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service support seat roller housing gauge the mcfarlane seat roller housing gauge is designed to facilitate inspection of seat roller housings for wear in cessna aircraft as required by mandatory faa ad 2011-10-09 this gauge simplifies determining whether the housing is in or out of tolerance by allowing the areas of concern to be gauged as opposed to measuring each individual attribute on each seat roller housing with calipers ma110 $120.95 hinge bearing tool kit makes pressing bearings in or out easy this unique tool is specifically designed to prevent damage when installing or removing sintered bronze elevator and rudder hinge bearings in cessna aircraft • seven piece kit for common bearing sizes • heat treated stainless steel will last a lifetime • kit comes in a convenient storage pouch ma990 71.95 piper taper pin removal tool piper ad 2010-15-10 requires inspection of the connection between the control yoke universal joint and the shaft on the forward end of the joint this taper pin removal tool makes this job easy and safe even with the most stubborn taper pins simply position the tool on the u-joint and tighten the bolts until the pin breaks free wear gauges airworthiness directive ad2011-10-09 requires the inspection of the rollers roller housings seat rails engagement pin and attaching hardware in all there are five measurements that are required for the pilot and copilot seat assemblies these two tools will shorten the time to make these five compliance measurements to only two minutes tool-a measures the pin engagement roller tang width and roller tang thickness and tool-b measures the seat rail hole wear and the opening of the roller housing tangs ad2011-10-09 43.95 ma107 82.95 seat rail wear gauge cessna flap track gauge installation tool ma950 ma970 use the flap track gauge to quickly determine if your aircraft track guides are within tolerance the installation tool holds parts in alignment while inserting the bolt for cessna 150 thru 210 ma950 flap trap gauge 40.95 ma970 installation tool 40.95 142 800-248-0638 for checking seat rail wear limits as per faa airworthiness directive 2011-10-09 effective 06/17/2011 seat rail directive and its predecessor a.d the gauge is used for inspection of seat rail wear in cessna aircraft it’s designed to measure the actual radius wear near the seat stop holes the size applies to the .42 diameter limits referred to by the a.d the .020 upper surface wear allowance allowed by the a.d is designed into the gauge sr1 43.95 aircraft tool supply