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service support wheel chocks precision brass scale compact general purpose weight and force measurement instrument 50lbs capacity in 8 oz increments non-corrosive brass with numeral and gradations deeply embossed in black precision springs calibrated by certified weights for accuracy to within one graduation knurled knob for tare and zero adjustment dual graduations english and metric can be used vertically or horizontally 5a354 $104.95 these tire stops keep the aircraft securely parked a pair of black molded plastic wheel stops are connected with a 22” bright yellow and black braided nylon rope that won’t rot or retain water the bottom cleats keep aircraft securely parked and the concave design fits any aircraft tire one pair is needed for each wheel asa-chocks 35.95 carbon monoxide detector this carbon monoxide detector can save a pilot’s life especially when flying with the heater on by warning of the presence of co in the cockpit—the spot will turn gray black when co is in the air the spot on the detector returns to normal color after it is exposed to fresh air useful life is 90 days once opened not for use with diesel engines digital fish scale a fish scale is used to measure aircraft weights and forces such as control stick force landing gear forces and tail weight this portable scale precisely measures weights to within .5 lbs 2 kg to a limit of 150lbs 68 kg the scale has a digital readout that measures in pounds kilograms and ounces also measures temperature in both fahrenheit and celsius uses two aaa batteries included nb6084 15.95 remove before flight banner asa-co-d 4.95 brake relining tools a “remove before flight” streamer hangs off the cover as a prominent preflight reminder to pilots ptc-34 large 3/4” 13.95 ptc-58 small 5/8” 13.95 ptc-b blade 13.95 asa-rbf 7.95 fuel tester w403 w404 our new w404 brake relining tool makes it virtually impossible to botch a brake relining job the threaded screw action of the rivet insertion tool insures a perfect roll on brake rivets every time without damaging the liner machined steel not cast protect yourself from fuel contamination by visually checking the fuel for water and debris fits all quick-drain valves and has an adapter for recessed drains the transparent cylinder is 6” or 4” long with octane color-coding molded in the side also includes a screwdriver blade with both phillips and slotted heads w404 threaded model 29.95 w403 impact model 25.95 4-4 brake relining rivets 6.95 aft-1 6” 6.95 aft-short 4” 6.95 aft-c cup 5.95 800-248-0638 aircraft tool supply 143