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hand tools compass screwdriver universal snap ring plier set ae8505 906 these compass screwdrivers are totally non-magnetic strictly designed to adjust magnetic compasses or great for other applications where you need a small blade screwdriver 906 ats brass 9.95 ae8505 avery stainless steel 9.95 this cleverly designed combination snap ring pliers works to install and remove both internal and external snap rings it includes 3 interchangeable heads that can be configured as either internal or external in all you effectively have 6 snap ring pliers in one tool kit e100-022 13.95 rawhide hammers inside/outside snap ring pliers rawhide hammers have good control and deliver a solid impact m0 1” 16.95 m2 1-1/2” 23.95 m4 2” 29.95 brass hammers non-sparking brass hammers are perfect for working in volatile spaces dual action snap ring pliers quickly converts to install both internal and external snap rings includes a set of 4 tips .045” straight .060” straight .045” at 45 degrees .035” at 90 degrees 46000 13.95 b2 1 lb 33.95 b4 2 lbs 48.95 dead blow hammers soft-faced dead blow hammers deliver a solid blow without recoil or excessive shock great for hard pounding ch1 1-1/2” 19.95 ch3 2” 26.95 ch5 2-1/2” 36.95 irwin® vise-grip pliers convertible snap ring pliers the titan convertible internal external snap ring pliers are probably the finest you will own the pivot point is completely different than anything else out there a simple mechanical ratchet system keeps the union tight and in the correct orientation and the action is reversible with a flip of a lever from internal to external the tips no longer require a hex key to replace simply flip the red locking lever and the tip are easily removed 18400 26.95 power precision engraver 2078308 2078218 11r irwin tools feature a no-slip protouch™ grip provides comfort and leverage while reducing vibrations and hand fatigue they are made of steel construction for overall strength and durability 11r vise-grip plier $15.95 2078308 8” diagonal cutting plier 21.95 2078218 8” long nose plier 19.95 800-248-0638 this tool enables precision cordless engraving anywhere by anyone from professional technicians and mechanics to homeowners and diyers the engravers powerful 20,000 rpm motor is powered by just two aaa batteries and enables engraving in glass metal ceramic and plastic an aluminum body offers superior durability gt505 19.95 aircraft tool supply 167