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what’s new ats heavy duty lockbolt riveter cobalt reamer set an indexed set of straight flute cobalt reamers ground to a tolerance of 0.0001 inches ideal for sizing holes prior to bolt installation and other application requiring precise hole tolerances works with aluminum steel and other metals of medium hardness • pulling force 4,100 lbs 1,860 kg • stroke length .9” 23 mm • pulls 3/16” 4.8 mm 1/4” 6.4 mm lockbolts • weight 6.38 lbs 2.9 kg • requires 90 psi at 3 cfm • includes stem deflector rmr-c29f fraction set $349.95 rmr-c60n number set 549.95 powerful air-hydraulic riveter is designed specifically to install twopiece lockbolt fasteners of all types including avdel maxlok huck lockbolts and pop lockbolts 115 piece cobalt drill index ats8921 $1,259.95 nutplate installation block with this nut plate block you can install nut plates faster easier and with less damage to the surface and paint of the object you are fastening the nut plate to the nut plate block will produce a flush nut plate on the back side and the rivet will be flush to the skin surface every time it takes less then 1 minute to install a nut plate patent pending ca-npb10 10-32 65.95 ca-npb8 8-32 65.95 each of these 115 cobalt drill bits comes organized in a metal indexed storage case for easy transport to your work site with aggressive 135 degree tips these cobalt drills bits not only last longer but also cut faster than your standard high speed steel bits this set contains numbered bits 1-60 lettered bits a-z and fractional bits 1/16-1/2 by 64ths all bits are cobalt jobber length drill bits 012-c115 complete set 295.95 tach drive seal remover this straight forward tool will let you remove the tach seal in minutes time and time again the seal removal tool is so easy to use it’s as easy as counting to five one remove the vacuum pump to give the tool plenty of room to work two thread the alignment sleeve onto the housing as well as the puller a 3/4” wrench is helpful here three adjust the alignment sleeve so it can rotate freely four install the slide hammer and bolt five firmly impact the bolt head with the slide to bring the seal out that’s it visit our website for complete instructional video rpm-01 $299.95 2 800-248-0638 pilot tool kit skp1 ptk1 the fleet of general aviation aircraft is aging mandated maintenance promotes reliability but experienced pilots know mechanical issues can still arise sometimes far from an open fbo our pilot’s tool kit provides the most common tools and other contents to help get you airborne ptk1 pilot kit 85.95 skp1 speed kit 31.95 aircraft tool supply