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blind riveters marson® deluxe pop riveter kit hand rivnut installer unit is simple to use and allows an inexpensive efficient means for installing rivnuts rn190-6-32 installs 6-32 rive-nuts 25.95 rn190-8-32 installs 8-32 rive-nuts 25.95 rn190-10-32 installs 10-32 rive-nuts 25.95 rivnut tool the marson hp-2 is the number one selling hand rivet tool in the industry known and trusted for durability quality and performance the hp-2 is often copied but never duplicated the hp-2 sets up to 3/16” steel rivets and comes with four mounted nosepieces 3/32” 1/8” 5/32” and 3/16” and a service wrench the deluxe hand riveter kit includes the marson hp-2 riveter tool wrench removable nosepieces for 3/32” 1/8” 5/32” and 3/16” riveting plus and assortment of over 200 assorted alcoa klik-fast rivets 40 each sb4-2 sb4-4 ab4-2a 25 each sc4-4 ab6-2 also includes a molded plastic case the rivnut tool is an inexpensive alternative to industrial drivers it’s design enables the rivet nuts to be seated tighter than with conventional tools compact design takes up less room in your tool box complete kit contains driver plus mandrels for 6-32 8-32 and 10-32 rivnuts 200kt complete kit 59.95 hp-2 riveter only 39.95 rnt01 26.95 speed driver rivnut installer fast economical hand tool for installing aluminum or steel rivnuts or thread-serts conversion kits are also available that allow you to change the tool size pop rivnut installer convert your conventional hand pop riveter into an economical rive-nut installer tool r290-6-32 installs 6-32 rive-nuts 11.95 r290-8-32 installs 8-32 rive-nuts 11.95 r290-10-32 installs 10-32 rive-nuts 11.95 rivnuts aluminum “notchless” threaded nut grip length of .010 to .075 inches sold in packages of 10 pieces rivnut-6 6-32 2.95 rivnut-8 8-32 3.25 rivnut-10 10-32 3.45 rivnut-1/4-20 1/4-20 3.75 800-248-0638 installation tool part price c50-6000-4x40 c50-6000-6x32 c50-6000-8x32 c50-6000-10x32 c50-6000-10x24 $159.95 $159.95 $159.95 $159.95 $159.95 conversion kit repl mandrel part price part price c50-4x40 c50-6x32 c50-8x32 c50-10x32 c50-10x24 $45.95 $45.95 $45.95 $45.95 $45.95 c5000-4x40 c5000-6x32 c5000-8x32 c5000-10x32 c5000-10x24 $29.95 $29.95 $29.95 $29.95 $29.95 aircraft tool supply 39