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sheet metal fasteners ats camloc® pliers used to depress camloc® studs so they can be properly installed manufactured from drop forged steel with polished surfaces grips are rubber cushioned for extra comfort and to reduce slipping dzus® grommet flaring tools oval flush clamping tool these tools are designed to flare the stud grommet when installing dzus® z-spec and zloc™ fasteners the #5 tool has been specifically designed to replace grommets in beech bonanza cowlings without having to remove the cowling brackets complete instructions and diagrams included note every installation set requires the use of a clamping tool not included however you need only one as each set will fit the same clamp part set description price ms-a3c ms-a4c ms-a5c ms-a6.5c #3 round oval head #4 round oval head #5 round oval head #6.5 roundoval head $39.95 $39.95 $39.95 $39.95 ms-f4c ms-f5c ms-f6.5c #4 flush head #5 flush head #6.5 flush head $39.95 $39.95 $39.95 ms-zc clamping tool required for use of the above sets $24.95 clp1 16.95 camloc® snap ring installation tools installs camloc® 2600 and 2700 series fasteners quickly installs 2600-lw 2600-sw and 27s5-1 stud retainers the rubber tip provides a comfortable grip to prevent fatigue when installing large quantities ms-t98 2600/2700 series 26.95 ms-t26 4000 series 22.95 camloc® receptacle drill jig camloc® drilling templates ms-dt2 ms-dt4 ms-dt4b prvides proper hole spacing for camloc receptacles ms-dt2 2600/2700 series 2.95 ms-dt4 4000 series 2.95 ms-dt4b 4000 series hole enlarger 2.95 this drill jig provides the proper hole spacing for camloc® c-lock fasteners so that rivet and center holes are drilled accurately and easily one end of the t16 jig has 3/4” spacing for the 2600 and 2700 series fasteners the other end has 1” spacing for the 4000 series fasteners ms-t16 34.95 camloc® grommet flaring tool used for installing the flare type camloc cspec grommets this simple tool consists of two blocks that are precision machined with the correct contours to make a perfect flare every time ms-40gft $27.95 camloc® receptacle pick used to disengage the locking-clip on the ms213 ms245 adjustable-depth camloc receptacles for depth-setting adjustments ms-pk 6.95 42 800-248-0638 dzus driver ae7810 dzs1 “if you have to manipulate a dzus fastener you gotta have this tool the large diameter handle helps you apply the torque required to unfasten a stubborn cowling dzus fastener get one ” hooty on the dzs1 this classic tool is a favorite of a&p mechanics it installs and removes the dzus fasteners typically found in airplane and race car panels ae7810 avery “snoopy” brand 18.95 dzs1 ats brand 14.95 aircraft tool supply