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cleaning polishing met-all® detailing polishing kit cleaning cloth met-all’s detail polishing kit will produce a show room finish on bare metal painted surfaces and fiberglass using a variety of met-all polishes and premium bonnets each bonnet features a recessed loop back so the edge of the pad as well as its face can be used effectively with less concern for scuffing or marring the finish mdpkit 35.95 extreme simple green extreme simple green’s aircraft cleaning product cuts through tough built up grease oil dirt pollution insect residue and impact soils simple green will cause no harm to aircraft structural metals plastics paints or coatings esgac32 13.95 met-all® prep and ultra polish “best aluminum cleaner/polisher i have ever used it also leaves a finish that is easy to keep clean” j anderson ma-p37 american fiber and finish is the leading provider of light to medium weight woven industrial fabrics their unique abilities and product offerings make them the favorite source for the aerospace industry and they are the preferred provider for nasa part description price 588039c 582562f 992130 588975t 780332 568186 ct60w ct60b purewipe cheesecloth sponge purewipe pad nonwoven cloth purewipe pad aerotex polishing cloth rymple cloth cotton swabs chemical tack cloth white chemical tack cloth black $45.95 $13.95 $7.95 $15.95 $15.95 $9.95 $1.95 $1.95 windshield cleaner ma-p100 a complete two-stage solution to the perfect finish first use the prep polish to remove roughness it’s thorough cutting action clears away years of oxidation and readies the surface for finish polishing next buff to a mirror-like finish with super-smooth ultra polish ultra polish also restores optical clarity to acrylics as well as removes fine scratches in painted surfaces ma-p37 16 oz prep polish 12.95 ma-p100 16 oz ultra polish 18.95 ma-upc 16 oz prep ultra polish combo 29.95 3mwin008 ak8 these cleaners are specially formulated for aircraft transparencies they contain no wax or solvents winbright is a professional strength spray with micro-brighteners that leaves surfaces sparkling clear and clean without residue all kleer cleans as well as leaves a thin coating to protect against dirt and smudges 3mwin008 winbright 10.95 ak8 all kleer 5.95 met-all® aluminum stainless steel polish micro-mesh™ aircraft window restoration kit painted or unpainted met-all’s aluminum stainless steel polish keeps your aluminum and steel surfaces shining bright special protective agents remove and prevent oxidation it’s non-abrasive environmentally safe formula guards against water spots and maintains luster non-toxic and non-flammable effective in removing accumulated surface dirt and stains from anodized aluminum the micromesh system uses a series of fine sanding cloths and polishing compounds to restore optical clarity and luster to even the most weather damaged windshield use it to restore cockpit visibility to like new condition ma-bp2 2.5 oz tube 3.95 ma-tc10 16 oz can 10.95 ma-tc20 32 oz can 19.95 800-248-0638 kr-70 restores up to 30 sq ft $25.95 hp-100 restores up to 60 sq ft 45.95 3mg8 polish scratch remover 8oz 9.95 aircraft tool supply 73