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small block chevy block big block chevy block gm 350 big block block engine hydraulic roller cam and lifter 302 ford steel beam to i beam al big block chevy engines big block chevy dart heads big block chevy blower kit 454 big block chevy big block chevy oil pump bolt 402 chevy big block pistons 454 big block chevy roller rocker setting big block chevy dart aluminum cylinder heads blower intake for big block chevy 402 chevy big block 454 big block chevy cam timing 632 big block chevy blower for big block chevy blowers for big block chevy 454 big block chevy timing big block chevy engines ford small blocks big blocks installing big block chevy engine used aluminum big block chevy heads small block chevy pistons 383 small block chevy blower kit blower intake for small block chevy 355 chevy small block 351 roller cam and lifters mopar performance valve covers blower for small block chevy oil pans for 383 stroker chevy rear sump oil pans small block supercharged engine small block chevy engines ford 150 oil pan e 150 intake for small block chevy cast aluminum valve covers tall small block chevy 400 block 4 barrel carbs for small block chevy engine for small block chevy cast aluminum valve covers for 350 engine small block chevy water pump cam high flow water pump head bolt torque head to block stainless steel freeze plugs timing cover with oil pump timing chain and gears high pressure oil pump v 6 high pressure oil pump small block chevy in ford compression rings and oil rings high pressure oil pump lines oil pan and pickup high flow water pump

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complete edelbrock 750 cfm carb kit carbs are jetted for a supercharger ready to install with all hardware big al’s toybox has been in business since 1989 and has 4 in-house machinists catering to the hot rod enthusiast al started his first hot rod project under his father’s guidance when he was 8 years old a 1931 ford coupe they bought for $150.00 a real hot rodder since he was 16 years old it has for the most part kept him out of trouble besides a few speeding tickets here and there you could always find him in the garage and it has always steered him clear from drugs big al always had the hot rod business in mind when he was 15 years old he started a speed shop in his family’s garage with his neighbor richard who was 14 called r a speed parts they had mostly thrush mufflers a pyramid of indian head gasket cement and a stack of parts catalogs like midwest auto specialties moon equipment and of course j.c whitney they hoped someday to have a real storefront well

visit our website at www .big 540 pro/street 454 phase 1 plus 900 horsepower 540 cubic inch big block chevy dart 4-bolt main block callies magnum crank aftermarket balancer callies super h beam steel rods complete rotating assembly balanced 8.5 to 1 compression je forged pistons file fit rings billet 650/650 comp roller cam roller lifters double roller comp timing chain and gears polished dart pro 1 aluminum heads manley 225/188 stainless steel valves comp cams valve springs chrome moly 10° retainers and locks arp screw in studs and guideplates jomar stud girdles arp headbolts comp cams pro magnum chrome moly roller rockers polished intake stainless hardware 871 supercharger 3 inch drive pulleys and bad ass 434 inch small block chevy belt polished waterpump with overdrive waterpump pulley funnycar style 600 horsepower dart little m 400 block eagle belt guard 2-950 holley boost reference blower carbs linkage fuel lines set stroker 4340 forged steel crank eagle h beam

big al’s turn/key engines bad ass 572 cubic inch hemi 1047 hp 6,372 rpm 1027 ft lbs of torque 4,762 rpm blueprinted mopar performance 426 block 4340 forged steel crank h beam steel rods je forged 8.5 to 1 compression pistons file fit rings comp cams 667/654 – 258/266 solid roller cam and lifters polished aluminum mopar performance heads manley severe duty stainless steel valves comp cam springs indy cylinder heads complete roller rocker assembly polished cast aluminum valve covers polished bds intake blowershop billet 1471 supercharger pair of holley 1250 dominator carbs linkage fuel lines monster scoop with k&n filters funny car style beltguard waterpump and billet overdrive waterpump pulley set up run synchronized and dynoed $28,995.00 turn/key #597b pro/street 477 cubic inch big block chevy 818 horsepower 4-bolt main arp main bolts 4340 steel crank 4340 h-beam steel rods complete rotating assembly balanced forged je 8.5 to 1 compression pistons entire assembly

big al’s supercharged inventory pontiac 389-400 455 these engines you must have a block and main caps your pontiac block bored .030 completely machine your block aftermarket balancer install complete new rotating assembly forged 8.2 to 1 compression edelbrock aluminum heads stainless steel valves chrome moly retainers locks comp cams springs comp cams roller rockers comp cams hydraulic roller cam lifters bds satin finished intake polished 671 supercharger holley 750 carb kit with fuel lines linkage mallory ignition 3 drive pulleys belt set up run synchronized and dynoed $13,500 add $180 for full polished intake en #423 add $975 for 871 bds supercharger add $150 for funny car style beltguard 455 oldsmobile these engines you must have a block and main caps bore oldsmobile block .030 completely machine your block arp rod bolts 8 to 1 compression forged pistons balance entire assembly comp cams springs comp cams hydraulic roller cam lifters install complete new rotating

funny car style blower belt guard made from billet 6061 aluminum cnc machined will work with any supercharger looks great for show value and will help to contain broken blower belts note beltguard fits up to 34 tooth top 1/2 pitch pulley or 54 tooth 8 mm pulley any larger and the belt will hit the standoffs spe cia w eng hen pu ines rch or s ased upe with rch arg our er k pol it $1 ish 50 l ed ins tal led polished $200 00 pa #101 blower front cover not included carb scoops accessories street scoop with filters and hardware pa #257 $259.00 new bds single dominator scoop with k&n filter and hardware pa #263 $459.00 bds monster scoop for dual dominator carbs with k&n filters and hardware pa #261 $699.00 scoop hold down kit for race guys blower shop scoop for dual carbs with filters and hardware pa #262 $369.00 double barrel scoop with filters and hardware pa #260 $259.00 16 made of 6061 aluminum designed to hold scoop in place without filters works with all chokeless holley carbs

1,000 horse cd $15 00 accessories sfi approved blower restraints fits all 671 to 1471 blowers comes complete with 4 header mounting brackets 4 14-1 adjustable straps 4 fire shields and 1 top mounting plate all straps in black color only complete set $499.00 pa #110 4 fire shields only $50.00 pa #111 remove before flight ribbons don’t forget to take the cable stop off your parachute before you race keep this good looking reminder ribbon on so you don’t forget red blue or black lettering in white how about putting 1,000 horsepower into your cd player we have audiotaped our 1000 hp 540 chevy and put it on 3 tracks of a cd have you ever been sitting at a traffic light when a honda pulls beside you with bass that vibrates your car blow their doors in with supercharged mindblowing music from a surging idle to the roar of a revving 540 money back guarantee if you don’t like it be careful though after hearing this 6 people actually bought the real 540 who’s next

big al’s early chrysler hemi parts “nostalgia look in billet aluminum” billet hemi valley pan stainless hardware w/billet oil cap polished pa #131 $129.00 valve cover breathers —3-1/4 high with internal baffle and removable top with foam insert includes hold down hardware $65.00 each—polished pa #134-st billet hemi oil filter adapter with flange—covers top edge of oil filter comes with stainless hardware uses fram ph-3600 filter oil filter not included pa #132 $89.00 early hemi billet polished distributor hold down pa #133 $25.00 polished short waterpump for big block chevy — comes with our billet overdrive waterpump pulley pa #267 $275.00 fits early chrysler 331 354 and 392’s when used with our billet water pump adapters adapters $45.00 pair—polished pa #135 al lombardo enterprises llc 14 allen drive • gaylordsville ct 06755 • 860 354-3237 fax 860 350-2023 • web email

snouts couplers blower accessories billet blower snouts and couplers— w 1-1/8 shafts 2-1/4 register complete w coupler hardware and gasket 3-3/4 pa #171 $320.00 5-1/8 pa #172 $360.00 7 pa #173 $390.00 coupler only pa #174 $65.00 carb throttle linkage kit w stainless synchronized bar for inline dual carbs pa #190 $40.00 short style 2 or 2-1/4 register billet replacement snout shaft pa #253 $145.00 billet 2 idler pulley—price includes bolt washer stainless t-nut and billet aluminum standoff pa #175 $110.00 billet 3 idler pulley—price includes bolt washer stainless t-nut and billet aluminum standoff pa #176 $125.00 new oversize billet 3-1/2 idler pulley pa #177 $150.00 3-7/16 swing arm idler bracket pa #178 $125.00 long style billet aluminum idler assemblies— 2 3 includes idler pulley bracket standoff bolt washer stainless t-nut 4 bolts 4 standoffs 4

adapter plates 392 chrysler hemi 871 bds supercharger 2-1/2 blower spacer everybody is asking for it and here it is— 2-1/2 blower spacer fits all 671 and 871 blowers and manifolds comes with 2 base gaskets and mounting hardware piece shown is polished unpolished pa #221 $399.00 polished pa #222 $489.00 6061 billet aluminum 1471 supercharger adapter plate one mers cars of our custo allows a regular 671 carb adapter or injector hat to fit a 1471 supercharger pa #206 $185.00 polished universal blower manifold plate fits all blower manifolds can be used to mount 371 471 gmc blowers or the v-type blowers that you can’t get a manifold for made from 6061 aluminum and ground flat has 8 mounting holes to mount to any blower manifold pa #265 $159.95 a customers car with our 392 hemi polished 3/4 spacer plate fits all blower manifolds made from 6061 aluminum and ground flat has 8 mounting holes pa #264 $159.95 stomers

check out al’s dyno we dyno all of our turn-key engines so you know max horsepower and torque of the engine you are purchasing from us our phase 4 355 chevy 671 supercharged in one of my customers cars our customer from norway’s mustang stroker 502 ford big block 871 supercharged some of my customers cars

big al’s supercharged gallery 454 chevy 871 bds supercharger blown 331 chrysler hemi 454 phase i big block chevy 468 bb chevy with 871 blowershop blower al’s 1995 mustang cop car with 427 supercharged chevy engine 454 phase i big block chevy phase ii 454 big block chevy bds 871 supercharger 427 blown injected big block chevy on alcohol al lombardo enterprises 14 allen drive • gaylordsville ct 06755 860 354-3237 • •