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Academic Programs: The Core Requirement At Albion, the general education requirement is referred to as "the core." Students begin to fulfill the core in their first semester with Liberal Arts 101; some will be able to complete much of the core requirement by the end of their first year. I. Liberal Arts 101 (First-Year Seminar; 1 unit) II. Modes of Inquiry (1 unit in each) Textual Analysis Artistic Creation and Analysis Scientific Analysis Modeling and Analysis Historical and Cultural Analysis III. Category Requirements (1 unit in each) Environmental Studies Ethnicity Studies Gender Studies Global Studies Students must also complete a distribution as follows: one unit in fine arts (art and art history, music, theatre, honors), two units in humanities (English, foreign languages, philosophy, religious studies, honors), two units in mathematics or natural sciences (biology, chemistry, computer science, geological sciences, mathematics, physics,

Academic Programs: The Minor Option In addition to their major, students have the option of choosing a minor in a different area of specialization. Most academic departments offer at least one minor; specific requirements for the various minors are available from the departments. Requirements in minors for students pursuing teacher certification are available from the Education Department. (Academic departmental minor requirements and the teaching departmental minor requirements may vary; students must contact the Education Department regarding specific requirements.) Interdepartmental minors are also an option, offered through the cooperation of several academic departments. Students having specific questions regarding these minors should contact the Registrar's Office. Back to Academic Programs Page 1 of 1 Albion College Catalog 2006-2007 Academic Programs Minor Option 5/8/2006

Academic Programs: Institutes Albion's Institutes integrate theoreticaland practical learning in distinctive and challenging ways. Intended for students who desire preprofessional preparation and academic work focused in a specialty area, the Institutes each have a specific curriculum and may include an internship, a capstone experience and opportunities for independent research. Successful completion of an Institute's program, which is noted on the student's academic transcript, confers an advantage in gaining admission to graduate or professional school or in beginning a career. Prentiss M. Brown Honors Institute The Prentiss M. Brown Honors Institute is designed for students interested in challenges and opportunities that go beyond those offered by traditional lecture and laboratory courses. Through small discussion classes, field trips, retreats, guest lecturers, independent research and individualized faculty mentoring, the Institute provides a stimulating

The Carl A. Gerstacker Liberal Arts Institute for Professional Management combines the traditional strengths of the liberal arts with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for entry into leadership and management positions in today's global environment. Since 1973, the Gerstacker Institute has earned an excellent reputation for preparing corporate executives, entrepreneurs, accountants, non-profit managers, attorneys and family business owners. In addition, a high percentage of Institute graduates have attended top-tier business and law schools. Two academic programs are possible within the Institute. One is the Gerstacker Institute concentration, which is for students who major in economics and management. The other is the management minor--Gerstacker track for students who have a major in a field other than economics and management. Students must be admitted to the Institute prior to pursuing either of these programs of study. Gerstacker Concentration

Special Education in Physical Education (Physical Education 360) Urban Politics and Policy (Political Science 308) Political and Social Movements (Political Science 319) U.S. Latino/Chicano Literature and Culture (Spanish 362) 3. An ethnic studies-related internship (one-half to one unit) in the local community, in ethnic communities elsewhere in the United States, or study and research in ancestral communities or multi-ethnic communities outside the United States. (See also p. 108.) 4. ETHN 370, Ethnic Studies in Theory and Practice (one unit). Admission The ethnic studies concentration is open to all students, regardless of academic major. However, students must be accepted into the program and should apply no later than the second semester of their sophomore year. For more information and an application form, contact Marcy Sacks (History), director of the concentration. Human Services Albion's human services concentration is designed to allow students to

Requirements The women's studies concentration includesseven units, to be divided as follows: 1. WGS 106, Introduction to Women's Studies(one unit). All students must take Introduction to Women's Studies, unless exempted by the Women's and Gender Studies Program chair. 2. WGS 360, Feminist Theory (one unit). All students must take Feminist Theory, unless exempted by the Women's and Gender Studies Program chair. 3. Two units from the following courses*: The Anthropology of Sex and Gender (A S 332) The Sociology of Sex and Gender (A S 333) Women and Art (Art History 310) Goddesses in Art (Art History 316) Women in the Economy (E M 271) Women and Literature (English 243) Gay and Lesbian Literature (English 285) Victorian Sexualities (English 337) Eighteenth Century Culture Shocks (English 338) Redeeming Eve: Renaissance Women's Writing (English 345) French Women Writers and Feminist Criticism (French 320) History of Women in the U.S., 1877-present

Academic Programs: Combined Preprofessional Courses Students planning professional careers are urged to complete a bachelor's degree from Albion before entering a professional school. Albion has, however, established "combined course" arrangements with a number of accredited professional schools in career areas such as engineering, health sciences, natural resources and public policy. A student who has met both Albion's requirements for the combined course program and those established by the particular professional school enters the professional school at the end of his or her junior year at Albion College. After the successful completion of the equivalent of 7.5 units, the student qualifies for a bachelor of arts degree from Albion. After completion of the professional program, the student qualifies for the professional degree from the other school or the opportunity to earn certification. Students may obtain information on approved combined course programs from the

of Queensland in Brisbane (enrollment: 27,000) offers the following fields of study: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies, Australian studies, botany, business/management, marine science, psychology, religion and zoology. At Griffith University, fields of study include: tourism, communication, music, information technology, environmental science, film and television studies, commerce and multimedia. Students in both of these programs live in university residences. James Cook University (JCU), another AustraLearn university, is located in Townsville near the Great Barrier Reef. JCU is a world leader in environmental and biological research but also has strong programs in education, psychology, business, creative arts, health and social sciences. Students may enroll either during the fall or spring semester. Housing is in university residences. The Center for Rainforest Studies provides the opportunity to study the ecology of Australia's rainforest and look at

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Academic Programs: Academic Skills Center The Academic Skills Center (ASC), located in the Mudd Learning Center, provides a variety of peer tutoring and academic assistance services for Albion College students. In addition, the ASC has three centers that offer professional assistance in learning skills, quantitative skills and writing. See the ASC Web site ( for current information regarding subject area help rooms, to submit requests for peer tutors, or to request appointments with ASC staff. All services of the Academic Skills Center are free to Albion College students. Disabilities Services (Learning Support Center) The Learning Support Center coordinates services and accommodations for students with disabilities. These services are provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and are intended to remove barriers to participation in the college environment. Examples of