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it is a badge born over 105 years ago that still stands for something totally original today a passion for motoring unlike any other the dna of one of the world’s most highly regarded brands runs deeper than the enamel of its badge with each racetrack win each milestone along the way that reverence has only grown in 1962 the legendary alfa romeo giulia sedan dared to bring track-worthy technology to the street by combining an ultra-powerful engine with a lightweight body it forever revolutionized the sports sedan alfa romeo has always taken a unique and innovative approach to designing its automobiles it is the point of convergence between design and passion between a love for the most cutting-edge technology and a strong instinct to inspire emotions today alfa romeo is writing a new chapter in its history introducing a future where once again the driver is at the center of the design here is the alfa romeo

european model

giulia quadrifoglio 505 443 horsepower 1 lb-ft torque between 2,500 and 5,500 rpm 0 – 60 mph 3.8 seconds 2 191 mph maximum speed the bloodline runs straight back to the throne alfa romeo reserves the quadrifoglio badge for only its most high-performance creations machines which bear more than a resemblance to the champions that came before them — they embody the pedigree of the legends themselves for close to a century the four-leaf clover has stood for more than a good-luck symbol for alfa romeo race victories and track records — it stands for the pinnacle of the very art of performance it stands for the alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio the revered cloverleaf on the sculpted fender serves notice of the giulia quadrifoglio’s caliber 505 horsepower1 generated by an all-new 2.9l bi-turbo direct-injection v6 amplified with performance-enhancing torque vectoring alfa patented sport suspension and alfa dna pro with race mode race-ready leather/alcantara® seats

if you’re going to rule rule the most mighty of all it is a 12.9-mile long serpent that has broken the hearts of even the most courageous adventurers with 1,000-foot elevation changes from its lowest to highest points the deceivingly picturesque nürburgring in germany’s eifel mountains has long served as the ultimate test for the spirit of man and machine alike a track record here takes more than an extended right leg — it takes everything an engineer designer and dreamer can incorporate into the art of motoring itself with its unrivaled 505 horsepower1 engine and advanced performance features the new alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio arrived with serious intentions the end result a jaw-dropping record-breaking 7:39 lap3 that places giulia quadrifoglio in a league with the world’s most exotic sports cars what’s more this same advanced chassis design and rigidity that led to its unsurpassed performance wasn’t something merely destined for the

a pair of aces giulia and giulia ti on the rarest occasions the winning hand is the one you are dealt in the crowded market of sports sedans the all-new giulia arrives with all that it needs to own the game itself marked with the distinctive alfa romeo trilobe pure allure is created through elegant lines proportional balance and harmonious elements optimally balanced weight distribution and rear-wheel drive result in an aggressive stance its profile of pure power and motion changes the horizon with a new perspective truly exhilarating the driving experience after all this is an alfa romeo in all this is a new breed of sports sedan that will prove one thing it knows how to redefine the standards of the game european model

a scalpel that inspires with every cut it stands with a confidence that is at once carefully calculated and entirely natural the lines of the giulia are so exquisitely drawn that the attitude they project is simply second nature these brilliant proportions are based on something not readily apparent the technical architecture of the entire car the all-new giulia boasts an unmistakable identity — beneath all its beauty materials are carefully selected to obtain near-perfect weight distribution optimal power-to-weight ratio is achieved through extraordinary engine performance and ultralight materials including a carbon fiber driveshaft and the use of aluminum in its engine and suspension it all translates to greater efficiency and driving dynamics destined to inspire awe european model

a connection with no boundaries while the giulia is crafted with the driver in mind all passengers travel in comfort and safety competing at a world-class level requires the highest attention to detail touch points exceed expectations with exquisite materials such as fine italian leather and natural wood trims craftsmanship is held in the highest regard every detail is meant to continually please and impress the center of giulia’s universe the driver the interior of the giulia is striking for its combination of materials surfaces in real wood natural walnut or gray oak brushed aluminum carbon fiber and full-grain italian leather materials are selected to be in full harmony with the personality of giulia and the craft that only italian style can provide form function and beauty are inseparable creating an intense experience appealing to all the senses european model

european model

from one position comes endless

born for the beyond 276 295 horsepower 1 lb-ft torque between 2,250 and 4,250 rpm 0 – 60 mph 5.5 seconds the unforgettable lines and authoritative appearance of the all-new giulia and giulia ti project more than a refined style they embody the driving experience to its core a return to rear-wheel drive combined with precise and direct steering lays a solid foundation for driving pleasure an all-new all-aluminum 276 horsepower1 2.0l i4 intercooled turbo engine featuring multiair® technology helps achieve a top speed of 149 mph and 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.2 minimal turbo lag and the 8-speed automatic transmission serve to exhilarate for those who demand control all giulias feature the new all-aluminum alfa linktm suspension which greatly enhances road grip the available alfa q4 all-wheel drive adds even more all-season traction and performance capability transferring up to 60 percent of the engine’s torque to the front wheels it also handles up to a 2.5 percent

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