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a driving pa ssionfueled at finishlines the influence of enzo ferrari on the history and reputation of the alfa romeo race program is legendary he began as a test driver for alfa and soon became an official driver and dealer he then took charge of the entire racing program establishing scuderia ferrari in modena where he and select technicians and mechanics modified and tuned every alfa romeo race car their winning record shines brightly on the alfa romeo name even today 1910 1932 1929 speed permeated the walls of the alfa factory the very first car produced there the 24 hp reached a top speed of 62 mph the corsa version of the 24 hp performed brilliantly and stood out at the 1911 targa florio alfa corse the in-house racing team for alfa romeo prepared four 8c 2900b cars for the 1938 mille miglia with carrozzeria touring superleggera roadster bodies and vittorio jano magnificent 2900 engines they continued a history of alfa romeo domination with the top two positions at mille miglia

learn more alfaromeousa.com the driver is the center of the universe since the beginning of civilization designers have turned to nature and human anatomy for technical and structural inspiration the world’s most celebrated architectural feats manage to find the right balance between both human and structural necessities giulia quadrifoglio is the exquisite product of this higher design philosophy 12 13 european model

t hefir st thing yo usenseisallof yo ursenses it controls both the car and the emotions of its driver with equal ease designed to deliver more than something ergonomically precise the steering wheel of the giulia provides control of a unique driving experience from start to finish literally the steering wheel is wrapped in leather the experience it delivers is wrapped in passion 16 17 european model

learn more alfaromeousa.com shifting the balance of power the all-new alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio is more than a showcase for the best power-to-weight ratio in its class4 — it’s a study in how to use that power its near perfect 50/50 weight distribution creates optimal balance and highlights the advantage of a rear-wheel-drive system in a front-engined vehicle by pairing rear-wheel drive with the giulia quadrifoglio’s frontmounted all-aluminum 6-cylinder engine the alfa romeo engineering team was able to carefully distribute weight throughout the chassis a body in high-strength steel fenders and doors in aluminum a carbon fiber hood roof and driveshaft and aerodynamic appendices work in conjunction with the patented all-aluminum suspension to create motoring’s perfect balance 50 7 50 near perfect near lb/hp best–in–class4 power-to-weight ratio weight distribution 24 based on preliminary testing european model shown

28 29 european model

a soundtrack for the street even the greatest films are strengthened by a score the giulia quadrifoglio features an audio system designed to complement a highly tuned driving experience the 900 watts of power channeled to 14 speakers including two surround sound speakers and one subwoofer serves as proof that alfa romeo takes the notes from this system as seriously as the glorious ones from its engine 32 33 european model

s omearedriven oursarepi lo t e d the carbon fiber shell of the sparco® racing seat is not only light it is purposeful it provides comfort and control for the driver and occupants and serves as a reminder of how seriously alfa romeo takes those positions the seats are adjustable our respect for the driver is unwavering learn more alfaromeousa.com 36 37 european model

learn more alfaromeousa.com exteriorco lo r s rosso competizione tri-coat argento alfa metallic magnet black metallic mineral white tri-coat deep blue metallic graphite gray metallic 40 rosso alfa 41 european model

la macchina del tempo museo storico alfa romeo the “house” that represents the brand as a whole this exhibition houses the most famous and innovative alfa romeo creations the museum is a witness to an extraordinary legend and its evolution of unparalleled technique and engineering it tells about yesterday and today and anticipates tomorrow see it now at museoalfaromeo.com 44