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a uniquely italian take on the suv etched into the mountainous northern italian border stands a rite of passage for those entering italy by road forty-eight hairpin turns at 9,000 ft above sea level present a challenge only the bravest driver equipped with the finest machine would dare to conquer in order to reach the epicenter of automotive performance design and style inspired by the immensity and grandeur of the stelvio pass the dreamers of milan engineers of modena and artisans of cassino have created the optimal vehicle for those demanding the highest level of performance and utility in equal measure this is stelvio an suv only italy could create the stelvio pass located in northern italy is the highest paved mountain pass in the eastern

an evolution rooted in highly honed skills the secret to longevity genius adaptation in response to great challenges alfa romeo has an enviable record of more than 105 years of that kind of innovation applying lessons learned from hard-fought race victories to a succession of perfected performance cars — many of which stand as timeless classics now enter stelvio the newest member of the alfa romeo family brings an italian level of passion performance and craftsmanship to drivers also seeking utility and capability out-of-the-gate 505 horsepower ultralight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum and interior-design primed to expand the driver’s realm of possibility — stelvio brilliantly answers the demands of both devoted drivers and everyday life as a performance suv this goes beyond an eyebrow-raising spectacle this is how legacies are made pre-production model

a first impression that lives up to a powerful promise stelvio announces its place among performers with its iconic “scudetto” triangular grille sculpted within the front fascia to form the signature

the suv for the s-curves pre-production model

choose both paths passion burns within for those who are rarely satisfied stelvio quadrifoglio delivers a truly gratifying experience marked with the four-leaf badge reserved for alfa romeo’s most powerful machines stelvio quadrifoglio is unsurpassed with 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque it’s born from the highly innovative all-aluminum 2.9l bi-turbo and direct-injected v6 engine additionally quadrifoglio offers standard torque vectoring and available carbon ceramic brakes for a daily dose of g-force thrills clearly quadrifoglio is equipped to not only impress the most discerning of drivers but to stoke the fire as well pre-production model shown much more than capable here there is no compromise between power and capability beneath the sculpted muscular stance of stelvio lies pure brawn excursions turn into excitement with standard 280 hp and 306 lb-ft of torque from an all-aluminum 2.0l turbocharged and direct-injected engine its lightweight design rewards with a

stelvio offers a unique driver-centric environment that emphasizes optimal driver performance while offering undeniable italian style and craftsmanship racetrack performance in an suv setting 4-mode alfa dna pro drive selector activates overboost function for increased torque in race mode purposeful innovative technology is always at hand from all points in

a legend elevates to new heights every inch of this vehicle captures the essence of the triumphant alfa romeo racing heritage and the intensity of the stelvio mountain pass respect is paid to the driver by delivering a level of comfort and control unique to its own brand of suv available carbon fiber sparco® racing seats optimize driving positions while a striking combination of materials and italian craftsmanship further enriches the stelvio

a high degree of safety and control is carved into its towering performance in every context confidence makes for better performance and stelvio has it in spades split-second adjustments are easily at hand with the standard alfa dna drive mode system with three driving modes — dial in optimum handling from advanced efficiency natural or dynamic modes stelvio quadrifoglio steps things up with available 4-mode alfa dna pro technology that adds alfa race mode four seasons have never had transitions this smooth thanks to the standard q4 all-wheel-drive system it provides all-weather capability and high performance using an electronically controlled active transfer case atc that delivers dynamic and confident driving thanks to advanced active clutch technology patented all-aluminum alfa linktm suspension improves steering feel and stability while a long list of driver-assistance features including blind spot detection1 adaptive cruise control with stop go,2 lane departure warning3

never leave a curve unturned where other automakers stop at utility alfa romeo took on the challenge to create the perfect mix of high performance capability and design enter the all-new alfa romeo stelvio infused with italian passion craftsmanship and innovation this is a vehicle that will conquer the winding roads for which it is