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patented alfa link tm suspension stelvio excels at high-lateral acceleration by forming a near-perfect footprint thanks to its front double-wishbone suspension its semivirtual steering axis guarantees rapid accurate steering the rear suspension uses a four-and-a-half-link system — patented by alfa romeo — representing the best combination of lateral grip and comfort level even on rugged road surfaces the intrinsic value of awd stelvio features the multi-talented q4 all-wheel-drive awd system which cleverly delivers the advantages of all-wheel drive plus the performance and driving pleasure of rear-wheel-drive all-weather confidence begins with the cdc chassis domain control manages and integrates all the active systems of the suv by optimizing performance and drivability the active transfer case atc with advanced active clutch technology continuously monitors road conditions to deliver ideal torque distribution in normal conditions q4 can send 100 of the torque to the rear axle acting like a rear-wheel-drive vehicle as the tires approach their grip limit the system can transfer up to 60 of the torque to the front axle for ultimate responsiveness and stability class-exclusive carbon fiber driveshaft 2 stopping power integrated brake system ibs stelvio introduces advanced braking technology previously unheard of in an suv the innovative integrated brake system this electromechanical system combines stability control and other traditional brake system components into one unit providing the power to rein in all that stelvio dishes out pedal-feel is heightened resulting in precise feedback while minimizing anti-lock braking system abs vibration response-time is instantaneous making for impressively short braking distances clearly this is an suv that takes sport seriously 16 q4 the ideal power to weight ratio of stelvio is the outcome of lightweight high-tech materials such as carbon fiber for the driveshaft and aluminum for the engines suspension systems hood doors and liftgate these elements enhance stelvio’s overall balance providing excellent precision and performance — a guarantee of exceptional handling even in extreme conditions 17