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from a long line of sensational 1910 for more than one hundred years alfa romeo has earned its high-performance reputation through daring innovation with a proven record of european and world championships those risks proved valuable on both track and street the alfa romeo 4c unabashedly draws its inspiration from the iconic 1967 alfa romeo 33 stradale a long-time fixture on “world’s best” car lists alfa romeo produced just 18 examples of the 33 stradale the street-legal version of the racing aeronautical technology as seen at first glance the 33 stradale and the 4c share the same lines in which every single element has an essential function and nothing is superfluous both convey the pure automotive passion held by every designer engineer driver and enthusiast that has influenced alfa romeo — past and present 1929 “i feel for alfa the same tenderness one feels when remembering his first love.” — enzo ferrari 1932 1938 1967 1967 6 heritage

10 pe r f or mance power well-sourced the extraordinary performance of alfa romeo 4c is centered on one key concept balance its mid-engine layout rear-wheel drive and monocoque chassis give each 4c model ideal weight distribution with amazing handling and control the engine placement concentrates mass near the center as it throws weight toward the rear during acceleration allowing for better grip this coupled with its weight-saving technologies allows 4c to outperform many cars boasting higher horsepower — it will corner sharper brake harder turn in quicker and respond more readily this mid-engine-mounted 1750 turbocharged 4-cylinder engine churns out some impressive numbers 237 hp 258 lb ft of torque 136 hp per liter and a top speed of 160 mph — all with up to 34 mpg hwy its all-aluminum design includes four valves per cylinder a new-generation turbocharger ultrahigh-pressure direct fuel injection and a dual-core intercooler the thrilling validation of this advanced

a competitive edge enhanced optimized airflow the advanced engine technology of the alfa romeo 4c maximizes torque at low engine speeds and delivers more power in response to driver input the control unit determines the valve timing to encourage fresh airflow from the intake through to the exhaust during the overlap period by improving the circulation in the combustion chamber this direct flow increases combustion efficiency and turbine speed while reducing turbo lag turbocharger the engine is also equipped with a new-generation turbocharger and a pulse converter exhaust manifold that uses pressure waves to boost torque at low engine speeds the manifold and turbine are made from microcast steel and designed to operate at very high temperatures over 1,000°f — a prerequisite to low fuel consumption on medium high-speed highway trips the wastegate valve is another essential device for engine efficiency this adjusts turbo pressure control logic to suit driving conditions

holding command in high regard overall performance is superbly enhanced with numerous features designed to hone and improve each trip the four-mode alfa dna drive pro mode selector gives drivers the ability to create a customized vehicle experience according to driving conditions or desired vehicle responsiveness choose from its all-weather natural dynamic or race settings which make changes in throttle response shifting speeds and traction control for a driving experience tailored to any situation race this is the most extreme performance mode for 4c by minimizing the interventions of electronic systems it leaves the driver in complete command electronic stability control esc1 only intervenes during aggressive driving anti-slip regulation asr is deactivated under acceleration and braking while the alfa romeo electronic differential control system remains active for fast exits from bends dynamic true to its name this mode helps deliver great driving performance with near-instant

exceptional talent realized in almost every aspect of the alfa romeo 4c you can sense the touch of fine hand craftsmanship in each vehicle assembled in the maserati workshop located in modena italy impeccable standards and extensive inspections ensure utmost satisfaction here the focus is always on evolved technology and top-quality craftsmanship a combination that leads to the production of cars that is unique in its technical solutions and attention to detail it’s no surprise that the build time for each alfa romeo 4c is a full six weeks at the 4c workshop the people make the difference the expert technicians dedicated to the production of this alfa romeo have each undergone 500 hours of special training they all have an enviable level of in-depth technical knowledge as a result assembly technicians follow every phase of the process personally and at the end of the line perform rigorous quality control tests to ensure that all components function perfectly the

4c coupe individually inspired personalized performance means giving owners powerful options with the alfa romeo 4c coupe beyond awe-inspiring mechanics and design the choices offered by the 4c coupe turn driving into a personal affair choose from four wheel designs four caliper colors available premium leather trim or microfiber seating body-color or carbon fiber spoiler and mirror covers also available in satin titanium or carbon fiber with an italian flag inlay and more in a car known for its close bond with the road it all makes for a stronger connection with the driver as well 22 4 c c ou p e 4c coupe shown in white

epitome of allure the 4c spider the top-down alfa romeo 4c spider introduces a few more elements to the 4c thrill ride — like wind sun and some gleaming carbon fiber touches thanks to the rigid 4c chassis few structural modifications were needed to unveil the sky above — a carbon fiber windshield surround and carbon fiber halo complement the ultra-light carbon fiber monocoque chassis designed exclusively for the 4c spider the soft top can be easily removed folded and stowed in a dedicated case in the trunk rich interior details include a premium leather instrument panel with accent stitching available carbon fiber-trimmed vents and your choice of seating in red leather trim tobacco leather trim black leather trim or black leather/microfiber with contrast stitching available 24 4 c sp ider 4c spider shown in giallo prototipo with akrapoviČ dual mode exhaust

paint options white basalt gray metallic interior options black a black fabric with red accent stitching alfa rosso c black leather trim with yellow accent stitching b black leather trim with red accent stitching d e black leather trim and microfiber black leather trim and microfiber with red accent stitching with yellow accent stitching a bcdefg • • • – ° ° ° – ° ° – • ° ° ° – ° ° – ° ° ° ° – ° ° ° – • ° ° ° ° ° ° • • ° ° – – ° ° – – ° ° ° – paint color black rosso competizione tri-coat white madreperla white tri-coat alfa rosso giallo prototipo metallic basalt gray tri-coat paint madreperla white f giallo prototipo 26 co l or palettea nd i nt eri oroptio ns black/tobacco leather trim with dark brown accent stitching 4c coupe only g red leather trim with black accent

equipment 4c coupe 4c spider 17-inch – 18-inch bright aluminum wheels • 17-inch – 18-inch matte black diamond-finish aluminum wheels ° – • – 18-inch – 19-inch bright 5-hole aluminum wheels 18-inch – 19-inch dark 5-hole aluminum wheels 18-inch – 19-inch bright fan-spoke aluminum wheels 18-inch – 19-inch dark fan-spoke aluminum wheels 205/45r17 and 235/40r18 pirelli® p zero ar three-season tires 205/40r18 and 235/35r19 pirelli p zero ar three-season tires 205/40r18 and 235/35r19 pirelli p zero performance ar racing tires requires coupe track package 1/2 or spider track package 3/4 silver brake calipers black brake calipers yellow brake calipers red brake calipers akrapovič dual-mode exhaust system featuring dual center-mounted tips with carbon fiber surround parksense® rear park assist3 included with convenience group carbon fiber roof carbon fiber halo ° ° ° ° • ° body-color spoiler

technical specifications engine type all-aluminum 1750 turbocharged 4-cylinder position mid-engine orientation transverse displacement cc 1742 maximum power hp 237 hp maximum torque lb ft at rpm 258 lb ft between 2,200 – 4,250 rpm driving-mode selector type positions alfa dna pro drive mode selector with race mode all-weather natural dynamic race transmission gearbox number of gears drive differential alfa tct with dry dual clutch paddle controls and launch control 6+r rear electronic chassis type front suspension rear suspension front brakes mm rear brakes mm carbon fiber monocoque chassis double-wishbone macpherson dual-cast cross-drilled self-ventilated 305 x 28 discs brembo® fixed 4-piston calipers cross-drilled self-ventilated 292 x 22 discs standard front tires 205/45r1788y xl three-season performance standard rear tires 235/40r1895y xl three-season performance steering steering box rack and pinion performance acceleration 0 – 60 mph secs 4.1 top speed mph 160

beyond the winner’s circle the unique aesthetic that is alfa romeo derived from over a century’s worth of automotive innovation and finish-line wins now extends beyond its four extraordinary wheels an exclusive selection of professional active travel and home accessories feature the alfa romeo logo along with signature carbon fiber and leather design cues enthusiasts start your collection shopalfaromeousa.com 34 merchandi se