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technical specs dr1 lfjicmaeb 340 type-approval cab seats eu on-road type-approval seats inside the cab right-hand drive performance top speed maximum negotiable slope with high-performance batteries n1 4 Δ km/h 35 30 km ― km 95 km km ― 75 lithium lifepo4 10 kwh km 75 lithium lifepo4 20 kwh km 145 lead-acid 10 kwh lead-acid 14.4 kwh gel 8.7 kwh gel 13.2 kwh b length version with cargo bed cdefg vehicle cab width without rear-view mirrors vehicle cab width with wing mirrors closed vehicle cab width with wing mirrors open cab height with standard tyres vehicle height with beacon light with standard tyres h wheelbase i approach angle j departure angle k rear axle distance from ground • as standard — not available mm mm mm 1.380 mm 1.650 mm 1.890 mm 1.980 mm 2.890 2.990 2 1 40 [° mm 130 ∆ optional compatible but not type-approved for road circulation 1 2 vehicle with standard wheelbase vehicle with long wheelbase

dr1 340 edh motor controller 48v ac asynchronous induction electric motor maximum motor power maximum motor torque curtis 48v control electronics vehicle performance settings eco and sport Δ • • immobilizer and presence sensor on driver s seat steering lock with key horn reverse buzzer forward gear buzzer activable from dashboard safety switch inside the cab for 48 v drive battery safety switch inside the cab for 12 v service battery tyre repair kit lights front and rear lights in road style full led rear lights rear fog light and led reversing light led drl lights orange flashing led on cab roof blue flashing led on cab roof cab comfort timed heated windshield electric demister webasto heating as an alternative to electric demister air-conditioning adjustable seats front doors front doors with sliding windows rear doors protective grids for front doors armrests headrests • as standard — not available edh rear seat bench cab interior lighting car audio

dr1 340 kg edh estimated battery life estimated battery charge time lead-acid cycles 10 kwh ― lead-acid cycles 14.4 kwh 1.500 gel 8.7 kwh cycles ― gel 13.2 kwh cycles 1.200 lithium lifepo4 cycles 10 kwh lithium lifepo4 cycles 20 kwh lead-acid hours 10 kwh gel 8.7 kwh hours ― gel 13.2 kwh hours 11 hours 3.5 consumption for complete recharge hours lead-acid 10 kwh kwh ― lead-acid 14.4 kwh kwh 13 gel 8.7 kwh kwh ― kwh 12 lithium lifepo4 10 kwh kwh 8.4 lithium lifepo4 20 kwh kwh • battery charge on vehicle pfc active power supply 230v 16a 5060hz • external quick battery charge lithium only power supply 380v 16a 5060hz Δ lead-acid 14.4 kwh • gel 13.2 kwh • lead-acid 10 kwh Δ 0.0 lead-acid 14.4 kwh Δ 0.0 battery swap system battery top-up ext +15.0 configurations and cargo area accessories dropside body with manual tipping aluminium drop sides h30 cm • as standard — not

dr1 340 weight kg edh front rear accessories front pin tow hitch rear ball tow hitch rear trailer hitch with ball pin coupling instead of standard ball hitch • • Δ 3.5 automatic tow hitch fitting din Ø40 drawbar eyes Δ 15.0 front protective bumper • rear 13 pin connector show plough hydraulic kit snow plough electric salt spreader anti-roll kit rear hydraulic kit tyres road tyres front and rear 175/65 r14 • Δ Δ Δ Δ ― road tyres front and rear 175/70 r14 ― road tyres front and rear 175/75 r14 • low-profile road tyres front and rear 225/55 r12 • turf tyres front and rear 23x8.50-12 6pr turf tyres front 23x8.50-12 6pr rear 23x10.50-12 8pr off-road tyres front and rear 23x8.50-12 6pr 10.0 82.0 50.0 5.0 4.0 note top speed approximate obtained on a flat surface in optimum usage conditions and in sport mode maximum negotiable slope approximate and assessed with vehicle empty in ideal usage conditions on