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english electric vehicles delivering

electric vehicles explosion proof electric utility vehicle top performance heavy duty mechanics robustness design to last many certifications available battery autonomy up to 90 km working days exceeding 8 hours load capacity up to 1,205 kg towing capacity up to 4,500 kg can handle slopes up to 25 2-4 seats cab

3 alke’ explosion proof electric vehicles delivering solutions the alke’ atx ex are designed to avoid any ignition risk in the surrounding atmosphere during their normal use and are built using special certified components design prototyping and manufacturing of all alkè explosion-proof vehicles are carried out entirely in italy using the best of european and north american components in order to guarantee top quality and safety standards the alke’ atx ex electric utility vehciels were developed to work in the hardest most demanding conditions in chemical and petrochemical industries production sites of mineral oil and natural gas mining tunnel construction and maintenance and many other sectors they can be used for logistics maintenance first aid firefighting surveillance services units with mobile cranes etc dealing with potentially hazardous

electric vehicles solutions for explosion proof needs find out among our configurations the best solution for your needs we can develop special configurations upon request for specific applications or sectors like underground atex m2 or environments where explosive materials are present e.g ammunitions and firework products ip 4x and ip 5x all the configurations presented are available for the vehicles with 2-seat cab dr1 me1 dropside body dropside body with mesh sides extension bv1 ta1 box van body with sliding doors tarpaulin body openable on three sides ta2 rs1 tarpaulin body with customised colours rear seats kit rs2 am1 rear seats kit with roof ambulance body am2 fl1 ambulance body with roof flatbed 4-seat cab left-hand drive ready for the most demanding conditions alke’ electric utility vehicles are used daily by the most significant names in industry in more than 40 countries across the globe alke’ atx ex have been operating for years in critical areas such as

5 delivering solutions kg max capacity 1.205 kg max towing capacity 4.500 kg max autonomy 90 km find out more about the alke’ atx models comfort in the cab air-conditioning system work up to 55°c and electric heating system both explosion-proof certifiied 2 seat cab cargo area 180x125 cm high autonomy and non-stop operation battery swap system can double the autonomy thanks to the fast replace procedure of the batteries kg max capacity 1.085kg max towing capacity 4.000 kg max autonomy 85 km 4 seat cab cargo area 180x125

electric vehicles explosion proof components alkè explosion proof versions have specific design and safety expedients concerning the electrical system batteries connectors sensors control unit etc and non-electric parts that could generate high temperatures or sparks mechanical parts brakes plastic elements etc temperature monitoring system electrical equipment and system and 22 the batteries and relative connectors respect the en 60079-15 standard in order to avoid risk of overheating the surface temperature is checked by a specific sensors according to the class and limit of the temperature requested as standard if this occurs the vehicle will automatically shutdown lighting the related indicator the electric wiring system has armoured cables for ducts subject to movement or without any mechanical protection non electric parts an earth leakage check system versions for zones 1 and 21 automatically shuts the vehicle down if the maximum value should be exceeded lighting the

7 delivering solutions for europe asia middle east in conformity with atex 2014/34/eu 3g iib t3 · 3d iib t3 2g iib t3 · 2d iib t3 m2 t150°c certifications available for north america in conformity with ul 583 directive nec 505 class i division 2 class ii division 2 class i division 1 class ii division 1 for australia 2g iib t3 in conformity with atex 2014/34/eu delivered with cad certificate for each vehicle plus an overall specific atex

8 electric vehicles l technical data ijfgfgkh the atx ex electric vehicles are available with 2 or 4 seats cab and a cargo bed with the possibility of customised variants upon request

9 delivering solutions technical specifications 340ex 340edx 2 4 weight kg cab seats seats inside the cab performance top speed km/h 35 35 20 25 empty 20 25 empty lead-acid 14.4 kwh km 100 95 gel 13.2 kwh km 90 85 maximum negotiable slope with high-performance batteries maximum autonomy dimensions a length chassis version mm 3.220 3.980 b length version with cargo bed mm 3.530 4.290 c vehicle cab width without rear-view mirrors mm 1.270 1.270 d vehicle cab width with wing mirrors closed mm 1.320 1.320 e vehicle cab width with wing mirrors open mm 1.570 1.570 f cab height with standard tyres mm 1.850 1.850 g vehicle height with beacon light with standard tyres mm 1.940 1.940 h wheelbase mm 2.130 2.890 i approach angle [° 40 40 j departure angle [° 12 9 k rear axle distance from ground mm 130 130 l maximum loading bed length mm 1.800 1.800 m maximum loading bed width mm 1.500 1.500 length x width mm 1.800 x 1.240 1.800 x 1.240 lead-acid 14.4 kwh

10 electric vehicles technical specifications 340ex 340edx weight kg steering rack and pinion steering minimum turning radius internal mm • • 2.600 4.110 body chassis white body • • customised body colour Δ Δ steel chassis with anti-corrosion treatment and powder coating finish • • impact-resistant polyethylene front and rear bumpers • • 3-point seat belt for driver and passengers • • presence sensor on driver s seat • • horn reverse buzzer • • safety switch inside the cab for 48 v drive battery • • tyre repair kit • • front and rear lights in road style • • full led rear lights • • orange flashing led on cab roof Δ Δ 2.0 electric demister Δ Δ 7.0 adjustable seats • • 0.0 safety lights cab comfort front doors Δ Δ front doors with sliding windows Δ Δ rear doors — Δ armrests •

11 delivering solutions technical specifications consumption for complete recharge battery charge on vehicle’s external pfc active battery swap system battery top-up 340ex 340edx weight kg lead-acid 14.4 kwh kwh 13 13 gel 13.2 kwh kwh 12 12 power supply 230v 16a 50-60hz • • lead-acid 14.4 kwh • • gel 13.2 kwh • • lead-acid 14.4 kwh • • 0.0 130.0 configurations and cargo area accessories dropside body with manual tipping aluminium drop sides h30 cm 180 x 123 cm • • flatbed for special configurations 180 x 123 cm Δ Δ 90.0 mesh sides extension h55 cm with rear drop side with upwards opening for body 180 x 123 cm Δ Δ 29.0 tarpaulin body h108 cm openable on three sides for dropside body for body 180 x 123 cm 30.0 Δ Δ custom colour for tarpaulin body Δ Δ 0.0 removable rear seats kit with two independent seats platform and 2-points seat belts Δ Δ 45.0 tarpaulin roof h105

with more than 25 years of experience and thousands of vehicles on the market alke’ is a key player in the electric road and industrial vehicle industry at an international level its products are positioned at the high end of the market in via cile 5 35127 padua italy terms of quality and performance and are now sold in more than 40 countries around the world covering all continents amongst its customers alke’ is proud to be able to include big names in the industry important organisations and exclusive locations 25 years experience a key player in the electric vehicle industry +39 049 761208 the technical specifications design and performance levels indicated in this technical data sheet are by way of example only and may be subject to modifications without prior notice dealers in more than 40 countries thousands of vehicles sold worldwide info@alke.com © 2018 alkè rev 181025 zero emission electric vehicles quality innovation and performance 100 made in italy