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van rear door transport refrigeration unit mono block data sheet all data sheet block the box 12v to 12v 12v double cab van electric products alke eh 6 eh atx fibreglass vehicle refrigeration refrigeration system aluminium door profiles aluminium profiles ma 920 double u joints mono c range 8 aluminium block aluminium block aluminium profiles system 12v 800 ma model 800 specs

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technical specs n1 refrigerated box refrigerated box available in two dimensions certificated refrigeration unit placed on the roof and remote control with lcd in the cab operating temperature 0°c +4°c compatible with atx range n1 road approval the system is supplied by the vehicle to 12v/48v during transport e connects itself to 220v when the vehicles are at rest during the night under charging or when is near to a power outlet at a prolonged stop refrigerated body and refrigerated unit have as optional the atp frax certification refrigerated box is a mono block structure made of fibreglass sandwich panels and rigid expanded polyurethane machined and moulded joints for isothermal optimisation finishing in white gel coat specific for foods footrests are made of pvc external finishes with bended profiles in pre-painted aluminium the box has one right side door left side door under request for anglosaxon countries and single or double rear door depends on the box model •

n1 refrigerated box re1 note this module is powered by the battery of the vehicle therefore can affect the autonomy of the vehicle itself for all the other data refer to the technical specs of the model on which is fitted the module the technical specifications design and performance of the products listed in this technical sheet are indicative and may undergo modifications without forewarning via cile 5 35127 padua italy +39 049 761208 • as standard — not available ∆ optional compatible but not type-approved for road circulation 2 vehicle with standard wheelbase vehicle with long wheelbase 3 4 standard length refrigerated box long length refrigerated box © 2019 alkè rev 190128 1 the technical specifications design and performance levels indicated in this technical data sheet are by way of example only and may be subject to modifications without prior notice electric vehicles 2