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cords w thumbwheel switch black 18/2 zip cords with polarized power plug rotary thumbwheel on-off switch rated 6a 125vac ul csa 3-prong grounded socket leviton 114 heavy-duty 3 prong socket for ac power cords for 0.396” to 0.562” diameter cords 18-14 awg stranded conductors rubberized shell resists chemicals and remains flexible even in low temperatures ul csa 5.5’ cord spt-2 insulation on-off switch 15” from end cat lcac-436 100 for $1.50 each a.c sockets $1.80 each cat acs-27 6’ cord spt-1 insulation on-off switch 11” from end stripped ends 105° c ul csa cat lcac-429 $1.75 each 50 for $1.65 each 300 for $1.50 each strain reliefs 15 amp grounded outlet leviton 1374-001 or equiv black three-conductor outlet snap-mounts in 1 square cutout rated 15 amps 125vac two 6 14 awg leads and one 6 16 awg ground lead ul csa cat acs-31 prevent power cords from pulling pushing or twisting in chassis hole $4.20 ea • 10 for $3.85 ea $1.20 ea

international plug adapters euro to usa converts 2-pin round european plugs to 2-pin flat power plugs cat ap-usa rubber bumpers feet clear self-adhesive bumpers feet self-adhesive polyurethane bumpers apply quickly and easily wherever protection is needed against scratches slippage or noise $1.50 each • 10 for $1.25 each usa to euro converts 2-pin flat usa plugs to 2-pin round euro plugs can be used with 3-pin grounded usa plugs but ground pin is voided 0.8” diameter x 0.4” high clear feet with 0.35” dia recessed center sold in sheets of 24 pcs cat ap-eu cat rf-32 $2.00 each power strip specials 1 sheet 24 pcs for $4.50 per sheet 12 sheets 288 pcs for $3.80 per sheet chatsworth products matte-black aluminum housing includes vertical mounting cabinet hardware power indicator lamp 10’ power cord included culus solid cylindrical clear bumper 0.4” dia x 0.25” high sold in sheets of 50 pcs 38” 10-outlet strip hard rubber