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auto pin switches alarm switches spdt can be used on normally open or normally closed loop systems switch measures 2” long x 3/8” cat# ms-7 $4.50 each 10 for $4.25 each press-fit magnet switch press-fit into 3/8 hole ideal for windows and doors for normally closed systems 0.75 operating gap u.l listed standard 1.93 long pin switch for auto security and lights cat psw-2 adjustable hood door pin switch 2-3/4 polycarbonate pin switch pin dimensions 8.6 mm dia x 19.5 mm h shaft diameter 7.94 mm 5/16 accepts 1/4 female disconnect cat psw-17 for closed loop alarm systems switch is closed when magnet is near cover hides screw terminals off-white switch and magnet ul cat ms-14 $4.25 each • 10 for $40.50 $1.75 each thermal switches cat ms-11 $3.50 per set 10 sets for $32.50 standard magnetic proximity switch $1.00 each • 10 for $9.00 normally-closed prevent overheating by opening circuit at rated temperature open upon rise to rated temperature

buzzers beepers audio alarms sirens extra-loud mini piezo siren small painfully-loud two-tone piezo siren for auto or home security devices.operates 6-12 vdc 110 ma 108db output 30cm 1.81 x 1.55 x 0.88 high black plastic body two mounting holes on diagonal 1.80 centers 3 wire leads cat es-10 3 vdc beeper surface mount 12 vdc alarm siren cat es-25 4-7 vdc beeper new $5.95 each honeywell ademco wave2 loud 106db dual tone siren for home or commercial alarm installations warble or steady tone 4.32 x 3.28 x 2 white abs case fits single gang electrical box or wall plate terminal strip eliminates splicing and soldering corner or ceiling mount 12 vdc 500ma ul cat es-16 $4.25 each piezo audio alerts high pitched piezo alarm signals with built-in oscillator circuitry low power consumption used in alarms smokedetectors electronic games cameras and telephones 3-28 vdc piezo beeper continuous tone 103 db sound pressure 1.14 dia x 0.93 abs plastic housing can be bulkhead mounted