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5mm ultraviolet leds 30º beam pattern 20º beam pattern infrared emitters t-1 3/4 5mm clear lens cat iled-8 3 for $1.00 • 100 for 20¢ each • 1000 for 14¢ each emits blue 395nm uv light water-clear lens 3.7 vdc 20 ma ideal for counterfeit bill detection detection of fluorescence in minerals black-light posters cat uled-2 uled-3 each $1.40 $1.10 100 1.05 .90 1000 .90 .75 t-1 3/4 5mm smoke colored lens narrow beam spec sheet available cat iled-13 4 for $1.00 100 for 15¢ each • 1000 for 12¢ each 5mm rgb cycles through red-green-blue and combinations of rgb yielding purple white and other hues 5mm water-clear package great for attention-getting displays and jewelry color changing rapid rate changes color every second for 10 seconds then changes color 3 or 4 times per second for 10 seconds leds cat led-231 75¢ each • 10 for 70¢ each • 100 for 50¢ each fluttering cycles through rgb colors at a very fast rate giving the impression

sensors humidity temperature sensor bi-polar hall effect sensor micronas hal115ua-c detects the presence or the absence of a magnetic field to-92ua temp 115c vdd 4.5v to 24v typical vdd 12v cat hes-1 75¢ each 10 for 65¢ each • 100 for 55¢ each flow sensor used digmesa #fhksc 974-9501-a180 turbine flow sensor for vending systems that use vibratory water pumps npn normally open transistor switch with internal 1.2k pull-up output low upon detection pbt plastic case 1.6 dia.x 0.95 power 4-20 vdc output square wave 20ma max sink 2016 pulse liter detection range .1 57 l/min pressure range 14 to +4.35 psi internal 1.2mm fittings for 5mm i/d plastic tubing used removed from equipment cat fsr-2 $3.95 each triple axis accelerometer breakout adxl335 breakout board for the 3 axis adxl335 from analog devices the adxl335 is a triple axis accelerometer with extremely low noise and power consumption only 320ua sensor has a full sensing range of 3g operates on 1.8 to 3.6 vdc