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light emitting diodes led standard t-1 3/4 5mm color description cat red diffused green diffused special quantity pricing yellow diffused amber diffused amber water clear led-1 led-2 led-3 led-173 led-275 ultrabright t-1 3/4 5mm ultra-bright 5mm t 1-3/4 leds improved brightness and color consistency miniature t-1 3mm red diffused green diffused yellow diffused red point source amber diffused blue point source white water clear no flange 100 1000 .08 .12 .12 .12 .08 .05 .08 .08 .08 .05 with flange color description cat each 100 1000 aqua water clear in off state red water clear in off state red our “brightest red,” water clear in off-state blue water clear in off-state 20º viewing angle blue water clear in off-state ammo-pack green water clear 3000 mcd reduced price green water clear in off-state white water clear 15º viewing angle white water clear warm-white white water clear in off-state 20º viewing angle white water clear in off-state

5mm ultraviolet leds 30º beam pattern 20º beam pattern infrared emitters t-1 3/4 5mm clear lens cat iled-8 3 for $1.00 • 100 for 20¢ each • 1000 for 14¢ each emits blue 395nm uv light water-clear lens 3.7 vdc 20 ma ideal for counterfeit bill detection detection of fluorescence in minerals black-light posters cat uled-2 uled-3 each $1.40 $1.10 100 1.05 .90 1000 .90 .75 t-1 3/4 5mm smoke colored lens narrow beam spec sheet available cat iled-13 4 for $1.00 100 for 15¢ each • 1000 for 12¢ each 5mm rgb cycles through red-green-blue and combinations of rgb yielding purple white and other hues 5mm water-clear package great for attention-getting displays and jewelry color changing rapid rate changes color every second for 10 seconds then changes color 3 or 4 times per second for 10 seconds leds cat led-231 75¢ each • 10 for 70¢ each • 100 for 50¢ each fluttering cycles through rgb colors at a very fast rate giving the impression

pocket-sized led tester checks functionality color brightness and uniformity of leaded leds test current ratings from 2-50ma socket strip has seven middle positions set at 10 ma allowing comparison of leds in those spaces requires 9 v battery not included cat lt-100 led touch dimmer module $4.95 each ultra-bright led strips new warm-white ultra-bright surface-mount leds on a thin semi-rigid pc board lots of light low current draw make them suitable for all kinds of lighting projects connect via solder spots at one end of strip 2.25” x 0.36” cat led-512 $2.00 each 10 for $1.80 each 44-led strip – 30vdc 70ma 50¢ each • 10 for 45¢ each 2.3” 5 x 8 red-green dot matrix turn lamps on and off brighten and dim with a touch of your finger pwm mode led dimmer is suitable for indoor lamp led lighting dimming not necessary to touch the actual board 3mm of glass plastic or new ceramic can be used for isolation 2.4-5v maximum

flexible led strips adhesive-backed ribbon with surface-mount ultrabright leds ideal accent lighting in auto or home great for under cabinet or shelf lighting dimmable can be cut every third led or 50mm approx 2” and each segment can be lit independently wires can be soldered directly to solder spots on ribbon tape 5 meters 100 segments per continuous strip can be connected end-to-end for longer strips can be purchased in 2” 3-led segments cool-white neutral-white warm-white cat ls-12-cw cat ls-12-nw cat ls-12-ww $1.50 per 3-led segment 10 segments $1.30 per segment 100 segments $1.00 per segment 12 led amber lamp used 26mm dia x 40mm plastic lamp containing 12 bright amber leds optimal voltage and current appears to be 11.5vdc 25ma two 18 leads must be used with a current limiting resistor because of the sensitivity of this part we cannot guarantee it removed from used equipment cat led-155 $1.50 each led indicator assemblies no external resistor required when used at

mr-16 with 12 wire leads with 2-conductor female connector 0.1 spacing 50mm diameter clear glass lens 9v 9w cat hlp-52 12v 20w cat hlp-53 flashers 12 vdc flash assembly new 2 for $1.00 • 100 for 37¢ each g-4 bi-pin halogen lamps fits mr-11 lamp socket 4mm pin spacing 6v 6w 12v 12w cat# lp-606 cat# lp-1212 new 2 for $1.00 • 100 for 40¢ each sockets for mr-16 lamps round ceramic base 6” leads ul cat hls-3 $3.50 each bright xenon strobe assembly for highway emergency signal approximately 80 flashes per minute 12vdc operation horseshoe flash tube 31.5 x 16 x 6mm mounted on 65 x 75mm pc board on/off switch easy to connect see hook-up diagram on-line spec sheet cat fsh-13 $5.50 each flash assembly 1.5 vdc xenon flash assembly with flash tube and reflector trigger transformer photoflash capacitor neon charge indicator and other components includes instructions cat fsh-12 $1.00 each 10 for 85¢ each • 100 for 60¢ each round ceramic base with

transistors n-channel mosfets surface mount irf540ns 100v 33a 44m ohms cat irf540ns 95¢ each 10 for 85¢ each • 100 for 70¢ each to-18 to-92 rf1s640 18a 200v 0.180 ohm to-3 to-220 to-218 cat rf1s640 65¢ each 10 for 60¢ each • 100 for 45¢ each triac cat amp volt case pric 10 q6015l5 q6025p 15 25 600 600 to-220 to-3 base 1.60 5.50 1.40 5.15 irfbf20s 60¢ each buk92150-55a 55v 11a 36w 97m ohm cat buk92150 100 for 19¢ each n-channel j-fet 30v 350mw to-92 package n-channel mosfets to-220 buz11a 26 amp 50 volt 0.055 ohms with right-angle pre-formed leads cat buz11a 75¢ each 10 for 65¢ each 100 for 55¢ each buz71a st micro 50v 0.12Ω 13a cat buz71a $0.75 each 10 for 65¢ each • 100 for 53¢ each irf734 1.2 ohms max 450 v min 4.9 a max 62 deg c cat irf734 65¢ each 10 for 55¢ each • 100 for 45¢ each irfz40 50 amp 50 volt cat# irfz40 $1.25 each 10 for $1.10 each mtp75n03hdl 75amp 25v power cat mtp75n03hdl 10 for

temperature sensor module analog flashlights 170 lumen work light bright thermistor-based temperature sensor mounted on pc board with lm358 dual op-amp three-pin shrouded connector 0.1 spacing cat ts-13 new $5.25 each carbon monoxide and alcohol sensors easy-to-use high-sensitivity and fast response time output is an analog resistance based on gas concentration 16.8mm x 9.3mm high can be used with breakout board cat sen-bb cat fl-170 carbon monoxide sensor detects gas concentrations from 20 to 2000 ppm cat sen-7 $7.25 each • 10 for $6.53 each alcohol sensor detects concentrations from 25 to 500 ppm cat sen-3 $4.95 each simple breakout board for the cat#s sen-3 and sen-7 gas sensors above 16.8mm diameter cat sen-bb qse773 side-looking photo-diode reduced perkin elmer vtp8651 two pin dip package arrays can be formed by positioning devices side by side 4.62mm x 4.11mm x 1.07mm deep 3 for $1.00 • 100 for 24¢ each photo-transistors ledtech lt9593-91-0125 water-clear t 1