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pocket-sized led tester checks functionality color brightness and uniformity of leaded leds test current ratings from 2-50ma socket strip has seven middle positions set at 10 ma allowing comparison of leds in those spaces requires 9 v battery not included cat lt-100 led touch dimmer module $4.95 each ultra-bright led strips new warm-white ultra-bright surface-mount leds on a thin semi-rigid pc board lots of light low current draw make them suitable for all kinds of lighting projects connect via solder spots at one end of strip 2.25” x 0.36” cat led-512 $2.00 each 10 for $1.80 each 44-led strip – 30vdc 70ma 50¢ each • 10 for 45¢ each 2.3” 5 x 8 red-green dot matrix turn lamps on and off brighten and dim with a touch of your finger pwm mode led dimmer is suitable for indoor lamp led lighting dimming not necessary to touch the actual board 3mm of glass plastic or new ceramic can be used for isolation 2.4-5v maximum current input 500ma mounted on 33mm x 20mm pc board 5-led strip – 15vdc 67ma ledtech la3921-11b 0.4 high character 14-segment with decimal point green leds on grey background common anode fits 18-pin dip socket 0.93 x 0.39 cat sda-24 $8.95 each cat led-td alpha-numeric led display 20.75” x 0.36” cat led-443 $3.50 each 10 for $3.00 each surface mount leds rgb led surface mount lite-on ltp2558aa-ra large 2.3” matrix height red-orange and green leds overall dimensions 2.40” x 1.5” x 0.33” gray face w white dots in off-state spec sheet available cat sdd-25 $1.00 each • 10 for 80¢ each 5 x 7 dot matrix led display 0.68 ledtech #lj7071-22 red dots on grey background 12-pin dip package 0.3 7.62mm spacing between rows cat sdd-68 2 for $1.00 100 for 40¢ each 12 vdc led module strips 3-led weather-resistant epoxy-encapsulated modules suitable for indoor or outdoor shelf display or sign lighting dimmable double-stick tape for attachment to clean flat surface also has holes for screw mounting may be purchased as individual modules or in strings can be used with dimmer cat# dmr-8 high-power cool-white 5.25” between modules 18 awg zip cord 6.5” center to center between modules 50 modules 10 meters length per string 12vdc 1.2w per module 60w 50 x 1.2per string cat ls-123hcw $4.75 per module 10 for $4.35 each 100 for $3.75 each high-brightness cree® clv1a-fkb high-intensity wide viewing angle red green blue led in surfacemount package 3.2 x 2.8mm 120° viewing angle cat led-259 3 for $1.00 100 for 25¢ each • 2000 for 10¢ each smd red led ledtronics sml10r3kt-tr 3.2 x 2.8 x 1.90mm ultra red 660nm 120º viewing angle water-clear in off-state tape reel cut strips slightly less bright than above 6.5” center-tocenter spacing 3.75” zip cord between modules 50 modules per string 10 meters 0.72w per module 36 w per string warm white yellow green cat led-213 20 for $3.00 • 100 for 12¢ ea blue led displays red 0.8 7-segment display hp hdsp-3401 red common-anode 7-segment led display right hand decimal 20mm 0.8 high character grey background cat sda-26 60¢ each 7 segment display common anode fits 24 pin dip socket green 2-digit 0.4” character height prepped with two plastic spacers which raise it 9mm from the pc board cat tda-482 75¢ each • 10 for 65¢ each • 100 for 50¢ each 6 cat ls-123ww cat ls-123y cat ls-123g cat# ls-123b $3.25 module • 10 for $3.00 per module 50 for $2.80 per module economy modules very bright but less bright than those above 3.5” wires between modules 20 modules per string 0.72w per module cat# ls-200cw cool-white cat# ls-200ww warm-white $1.40 per module 20 modules for $1.10 per module 100 modules for 85¢ per module visit our website www.allelectronics.com