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flexible led strips adhesive-backed ribbon with surface-mount ultrabright leds ideal accent lighting in auto or home great for under cabinet or shelf lighting dimmable can be cut every third led or 50mm approx 2” and each segment can be lit independently wires can be soldered directly to solder spots on ribbon tape 5 meters 100 segments per continuous strip can be connected end-to-end for longer strips can be purchased in 2” 3-led segments cool-white neutral-white warm-white cat ls-12-cw cat ls-12-nw cat ls-12-ww $1.50 per 3-led segment 10 segments $1.30 per segment 100 segments $1.00 per segment 12 led amber lamp used 26mm dia x 40mm plastic lamp containing 12 bright amber leds optimal voltage and current appears to be 11.5vdc 25ma two 18 leads must be used with a current limiting resistor because of the sensitivity of this part we cannot guarantee it removed from used equipment cat led-155 $1.50 each led indicator assemblies no external resistor required when used at specified voltage 12 vdc w chrome housing 5mm diameter led in 10mm diameter chrome bezel 8mm threaded bushing with mounting hardware extends 34mm below mounting panel available in red r green g blue b and amber a red/green/blue 12vdc led strips cat ind-160r,g,b,a $2.25 each 12vdc w plastic housing each led is capable of red green or blue or any combination of colors when all three colors are activated led appears white should be used with controller like our cat ct-21 which can be used to flash the leds in several programmed sequences at controllable speeds also allowing dimming cat ls-22 $1.25 per 3-led segment 10 segments for $1.00 per segment 100 segments for 75¢ per segment rf remote control for rgb led strips allows flashing sequencing and dimming of tri-color led strip cat# ls-22 will operate up to 5 strips 1500 leds operates on 12-24vdc input via screw terminals or 2.5mm coax power plug power supply not included cat ct-21 $35.00 each 12-24 vdc 8a dimmer designed for 12-24 vdc led strip lights like our cat#s ls-12-cw nw ww clearly-marked screw-clamp input/output terminals rotary adjustment 3.5 x 2.35 x 2.25 high including knob mounting holes on 1.6 x 3.1 centers cat dmr-8 $19.95 each 4 led clusters bright eye-catching accent lighting 4-led cluster in plastic oval 1.58” x 0.82” x 0.5” high two recessed mounting holes on 1.15” centers 3’ leads designed for 12vdc use but very bright at 5-6vdc available in chrome and black chrome base white leds cat cld-4c $6.00 each • 10 for $5.50 each black base blue leds cat bld-4b $6.00 each • 10 for $5.50 each threaded bushings with nuts solder-lug terminals two sizes four colors red green blue yellow 10mm diameter lens 10mm bushing cat ind-10r,g,b,y 10 for $1.10 each $1.25 each 12mm diameter lens 12mm bushing cat ind-12r,g,b,y 10 for $1.15 each $1.35 each 3-5 vdc white led w press-fit holder bright white led in black housing with 38” pigtail leads clear lens is 5mm diameter x 4mm high 11mm diameter bezel mounts in 8mm dia hole cat led-267 50¢ each • 10 for 45¢ each 12 vdc red led 5mm red diffused led press-fit mounting in 0.25” diameter hole two 10” pigtail leads new cat led-12vr $1.15 each 10 for $1.05 each • 100 for 90¢ each 2.1 volt green led assembly bivar #pm5gdw18.0 5mm green diffused led press-fit mounting in 0.25” diameter hole 2.1vdc 30ma 18” pigtail leads new cat led-2vg $1.15 each 10 for $1.05 each • 100 for 90¢ each led indicators -resistor required attractive led lamp assemblies 5mm led in a 10mm diameter chrome bezel 8mm diameter threaded bushing with mounting hardware these led lamps operate on any dc voltage as long as an appropriate resistor is connected see our led hook-up guide in spec sheets on our web site 2 types available red diffused led wide viewing angle cat ind-13r $1.75 each red point-source 15° viewing angle cat ind-15r $1.50 each visit our website www.allelectronics.com 7