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mr-16 with 12 wire leads with 2-conductor female connector 0.1 spacing 50mm diameter clear glass lens 9v 9w cat hlp-52 12v 20w cat hlp-53 flashers 12 vdc flash assembly new 2 for $1.00 • 100 for 37¢ each g-4 bi-pin halogen lamps fits mr-11 lamp socket 4mm pin spacing 6v 6w 12v 12w cat# lp-606 cat# lp-1212 new 2 for $1.00 • 100 for 40¢ each sockets for mr-16 lamps round ceramic base 6” leads ul cat hls-3 $3.50 each bright xenon strobe assembly for highway emergency signal approximately 80 flashes per minute 12vdc operation horseshoe flash tube 31.5 x 16 x 6mm mounted on 65 x 75mm pc board on/off switch easy to connect see hook-up diagram on-line spec sheet cat fsh-13 $5.50 each flash assembly 1.5 vdc xenon flash assembly with flash tube and reflector trigger transformer photoflash capacitor neon charge indicator and other components includes instructions cat fsh-12 $1.00 each 10 for 85¢ each • 100 for 60¢ each round ceramic base with threaded mounting holes 6” leads ul inexpensive flasher cat hls-4 3.65 each sockets for mr-11 lamps round ceramic base 6” leads the simplest electronic flasher ever a red 5mm led with built-in flasher chip is attached to a 9 volt battery snap operates on 3-9 vdc flash rate approximately 120 flashes per minute batteries not included cat fsh-100 2 for $1.00 10 for 45¢ each • 100 for 40¢ each cat hls-8 $3.50 each 12 vdc flashing white leds round ceramic base 8’ leads cat# hls-9 $3.75 each el backlight glow strip 2.8” x 2.2” for backlighting displays control panels special effects and model lighting flexible produces practically no heat operates on 80-120vac and will run off of inverter or standard house electricity salmon color in off-state glows white when energized solderable pins cat el-15 $1.35 each 100 for $1.00 each neon lamp assembly w resistor two bright white leds with three selectable flash patterns an eye-catching display leds are mounted in bezels on 38” leads that connect to the controller with on/off program select button operates on 12vdc 20ma cat led-9w $4.25 each 10 for $4.00 each variable led flasher safety light versatile safety device that can be seen over long distances at night 5 ultra-bright leds can be set for one of seven different chaser or flashing new patterns red reflector case 2.61 x 1.76 x 0.95 deep water resistant features a clip on the back to attach to a belt or article of clothing requires two aa batteries not included prepped with resistor and 7 stripped and tinned pigtail leads operates on 120 vac clear vinyl sleeve covers the top 2 of the leads cat fsh-6 $3.95 each 10 for $3.50 each cat ne-210 3 for $1.00 50 for 27¢ each • 500 for 23¢ each attractive unique free standing acrylic photo frame made of two crystal clear acrylic blocks held together by neodymium magnets great for displaying baseball cards business cards or a photo cut to fit trapezoid shaped it can stand on any of its four edges 5.95 high x 5.93 wide x 0.95 deep fuse lamps popular lamps which are the same size as a 3ag 1/4” x 1 1/4” agc fuse volts 6 8 12 cat lpfs-6 lpfs-8 lpfs-12 each 75¢ $1.00 75¢ 10 $7.00 $8.50 $7.00 plexiglass frame cat pf-2 $4.95 each • 10 for $4.50 each order toll free 1-800-826-5432 9