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temperature sensor module analog flashlights 170 lumen work light bright thermistor-based temperature sensor mounted on pc board with lm358 dual op-amp three-pin shrouded connector 0.1 spacing cat ts-13 new $5.25 each carbon monoxide and alcohol sensors easy-to-use high-sensitivity and fast response time output is an analog resistance based on gas concentration 16.8mm x 9.3mm high can be used with breakout board cat sen-bb cat fl-170 carbon monoxide sensor detects gas concentrations from 20 to 2000 ppm cat sen-7 $7.25 each • 10 for $6.53 each alcohol sensor detects concentrations from 25 to 500 ppm cat sen-3 $4.95 each simple breakout board for the cat#s sen-3 and sen-7 gas sensors above 16.8mm diameter cat sen-bb qse773 side-looking photo-diode reduced perkin elmer vtp8651 two pin dip package arrays can be formed by positioning devices side by side 4.62mm x 4.11mm x 1.07mm deep 3 for $1.00 • 100 for 24¢ each photo-transistors ledtech lt9593-91-0125 water-clear t 1 3/4 w flat face cat ptr-1 2 for $1.30 50 for 50¢ each eetp140 three-lead side looking optoelectronic device 0.14 x 0.16 x 0.11 thick raised 0.05 diameter lens cat ptr-2 4 for $1.00 rohm #rpt-38pb3f top-view npn silicon planar phototransistor visible light filter to minimize stray light interference t1 3mm dia package cat ptr-4 2 for 80¢ lasers red laser diode module 4mw red 650nm laser diode module designed for installation into an oem product they’re functioning units with a bare exposed pc board 6” leads terminated with a 2contact female connector 0.1” spacing the brass body is 10.5 x 15mm overall length with pcb is 22mm operating voltage is 3vdc 25ma polymer aspheric lens 5mm aperture <2mrad divergence cat dlm-3 $7.50 ea • 10 for 7.00 ea 5mw 650nm red laser diode liteon #ltld505t 650nm red laser diode 2.4-2.6v operation 3mm dia case with lens 6mm dia gold-plated heatsink base gold-plated leads cat dlm-6 $2.40 each nebo® rechargeable workbrite 2™ equipped with a 220 lumen c·o·b led work light a 120 lumen flashlight and a rear emergency red flasher led provides handsfree lighting in three different ways a hanging hook a 200° pivoting stand and a magnetic base 16.5 usb to micro usb cable included 18650 li-ion rechargeable battery included $29.95 each 19 led headlamp w adjustable strap photo-diodes cat pd-6 $8.99 each rechargeable 220 lumen work light cat fl-171 95¢ each cat pd-7 2 for $1.00 3 for $1.00 • 100 for 25¢ each nebo 6327 larryc extremely bright equipped with new c·o·b led technology it outputs 170 lumens of intense light the 180° rotating magnetic clip allows for handsfree lighting the reinforced plastic body design is water and impact-resistant toppositioned on/off button powered by 3 aaa batteries included 6.375 long includes retail box comes in red blue black or yellow no choice of color high intensity long-lasting led light with adjustable headstrap for hands-free illumination 3 light levels and flash mode adjustable beam angle requires 3 aaa batteries not included led lifetime of 100,000 hours cat hl-2 $12.95 each 2-in-1 led flashlight work light nebo #6156 slyde™ at first glance it appears to be a simple strong flashlight emitting 250 lumens of intense white light but the body slides open to reveal a 190 lumen work light anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body water and impact-resistant powerful magnetic base side-positioned on/off button with soft touch technology requires 4 aaa batteries included 6.5 long compacted 9 extended cat fl-41 $29.95 each pocket uv lamp inspect paper currency ultra-violet hand stamps look for fluorescent creatures in the dark pocket-size uv light fits on key ring operates on three lr-44 button cells included 13mm dia x 62mm long cat uvl-3 $1.50 ea • 10 for $1.25 ea led motion sensor light place the swiss+tech motion sensor light tabletop style anywhere you need a little extra light turns on when it senses movement and turns off after 90 seconds sits on any flat surface and is great for shelves tables or countertops 3.25 x 2.03 diameter uses three aaa batteries not included cat msl-04 $5.95 each most orders shipped within 24-48 hours 61