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pc materials make pc boards in minutes from photocopier or laser printer quick penetrating zero residue contact cleaner removes oils greases grime dirt silicones fluxes and other contaminants evaporates quickly safe on plastics and metal materials ozone friendly containing no cfcs or hcfcs no need for photochemicals or darkroom use a photocopier or laser printer to transfer your design to the special press-npeel film then simply iron the design onto a clean copper-clad board with a household iron peel off the film and the board is ready for etching etchant solution not included note we are getting reports that pnp isn’t working well with later model brother brand copiers and laser printers press-n-peel consist of five 8 1/2” x 11” sheets of transfer film and complete instructions cat# tek-5 $11.95 2 packs 10 sheets $17.50 5 packs 25 sheets $37.50 dry concentrated etchant 1/4 lb of anhydrous ferric chloride makes one pint of etch solution enough to etch 200