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new products metal snips pg 8 safety glasses pg 12 deburring tool pg 8 transmission stand pg 13 75 drill bit for flange rivets 13/64 pg 8 35 spring steel drill bit pg 8 39 spring steel punch pg 8 39 43/64 wheel stud drill bit pg 8 97 step drill set pg 8 quick release fire extinguisher bracket p g 14 ball joint spreader pg 15 50 spindle checker tools pg 15 50 53 compression tester pg 16 ls main cap removal tool pg 16 67 drill out kit pg 8 pistol grip grease gun pg 17 taps pg 9 61 thread files pg 9 teflon thread tape pg 10 electrical tape pg 10 2 grease gun tips pg 17 funnel with flexible extension pg 17 sprint wash plug kits pg 18 phone

digital calipers 0-6 with case all96411 measure inside outside and depth dimensions with easy to read metric or sae lcd display in .001 increments up to 6 on/off switch conserves battery and zero setting assures accurate readings plastic case provides additional battery storage pilot bearing driver all26115 driver eases the installation of pilot bushings or bearings feeler gauges use in engine assembly to check connecting rod side clearance piston ring end gap spark plug gap and valve lash gauges have metric and sae sizing designations etched in each blade choose straight or angled sets part no description dial caliper all96410 quality hardened stainless steel dial caliper is shockproof and capable of measuring items from .001 to 6 in increments of .001 includes protective carrying case all96420 standard all96421 angled valve lash wrenches allstar valve lash wrenches save precious time and eliminate fumbling with two separate wrenches available for jesel t&d and other

body chassis accessories standard roll cage kits kits include all pieces to assemble a standard cage mild steel tubing is 1-3/4 dia .095 wall is notched and has uniform bends four drivers side curved door bars z type right side door bar and gussets are included measurements are outside-tooutside kit shown assembled offset deluxe roll cage kit all22109 kit shown assembled use with template or offset bodies perimeter frame mount cage has same dimensions as all22100 but has an offset main hoop and a narrow halo for cars with offset body or narrow roof a b c part no description 78-88 gm metric chassis monte carlo regal all22101 etc 70-80 camaro/firebird all22103 70-77 monte carlo chevelle malibu etc all22107 mini stock universal related components all22114 door bar all22115 spacer for door bars 54 28 41 41 47 55 28 49 28.5 roll cage kit for mini enduro all22104 deluxe roll cage kits kit shown assembled kits include all pieces to assemble a deluxe roll cage main

body chassis accessories ballast add weight where it s needed available in 25 30 and 40 pound blocks part no description jam nuts allstar jam nuts have many uses great for locking rod ends tightly on suspension tubes or rack and pinion steering units available in steel or aluminum in most popular thread sizes size steel part no alum part no all14180 25 lb 4 x 8 x 2 all14179 30 lb 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 12 all14182 40 lb 12 x 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 economy ballast brackets anodized aluminum brackets allow mounting ballast quickly brackets are tapped with a 1/2 13 hole for a ballast mounting stud mounting stud and nut sold separately part no description all14195 all14195 fits 1-1/2 o.d round tubing all14197 fits 1-3/4 o.d round tubing all14190 stud and nut 1/2 13 x 6 long ballast brackets used for mounting ballast or other components black brackets have a 1/2 13 tapped hole for a ballast mounting stud stud and nut must be purchased separately part no description all14187 1/4

steering suspension accessories sway bar bolts bolts have 7/8 10 thread and are 11 from center of eye to end of threads inside diameter of eye is 1-1/2 for 1-1/4 or smaller sway bars an adjustable steel kit which works with a 1/2 drive ratchet is available part no description upper spring plates steel upper spring plates work with conventional coil springs and most common weight jack bolts part no description all56114 standard plate for 5 spring all56115 oversize plate for 5-1/2 spring all56100 steel bolt all56101 aluminum bolt all56103 adjustable steel kit all18266 lock nut for all56100 and all56101 all99020 replacement bolt/eye for all56103 all56114 all56100 all56103 all56115 adjustable sway bar mount kits for camaro and mid-size gm-based circle track cars mount sway bar in stock location or below the a-arm for extra steering clearance urethane bushings reduce bind and can be used with bars up to 1-1/4 dia sway bar ordered separately must be turned over when

engine accessories polished round dry sump tanks aluminum tanks are available in four sizes and capacities all are 6 in diameter with a removable top for thorough cleaning tanks have two 3/8 npt tapped outlets on top cover two 3/4 npt ports near the top and one 3/4 npt port located at the bottom polished to a brilliant finish tanks are ideal for use on any dry sump-equipped race car mounting bracket must be purchased separately three internal baffles are drilled and fastened to the lid for easy removal and cleaning part no description all36098 breather tanks aluminum breather tanks include mounting bracket 1-1/2 breather with washable element drain and one or two 3/8 npt bungs all36109 can vent two systems ideal for dry sumps and rear ends part no description all36108 tank with one bung all36109 tank with two bungs replacement parts all99030 1/4 petcock all99031 3/8 npt to 1/4 npt fitting all36202 1-1/2 washable breather all36109 all36108 mini breather tanks small

engine cooling accessories 4-blade steel fans steel high rpm fans are available in 15 18 or 19 all have a universal bolt pattern with a 5/8 pilot hole riveted reinforcement plate adds strength and high pitch 32 degree blades increase airflow painted black to resist corrosion part no description 2-speed dual electric fan kits all30104 15 dia all30105 18 dia all30101 19 dia 6-blade fans heavy-duty 27 degree 6-blade fans in aluminum or steel can move the volume of air needed to keep race engines cool universal bolt pattern with a 5/8 pilot hole part no description manually control fan speed to meet the cooling needs of the vehicle large size assures nearly complete coverage of radiator for very efficient cooling under the most severe conditions a slim 3-5/8 deep the fan unit is 26-1/2 wide by 15-1/4 tall and has a maximum air flow of 2,340 cfm fans are available with a universal wiring harness or a kit is available with a harness to fit buick grand national part no

brake systems accessories nylon brake line kit all48030 quickly plumb any race car using an allstar nylon brake line kit kit extends from the master cylinder to the caliper and includes 35 feet of 3/16 line compression ends unions tees and 1/8 npt fittings race proven for years not for street use part no description replacement line steel brake line 3/16 steel brake line is available in lengths from 8 to 25 for plumbing brake systems standard galvanized zinc coating part no description all48048 8 all48050 12 all48052 20 all48054 30 all48056 40 all48040 part no description all48058 51 all48060 60 all48062 72 all48040 25 coil all48026 10 ft all48027 50 ft all48028 100 ft replacement brass fittings for nylon brake line kit all48032 1/8 npt straight all48033 1/8 npt 90° all48034 3/16 male union all48032 all48034 all48036 all48035 3/16 male tee all48036 3/16 captured end caps 10-pack all50040 caliper fitting 10mm-1.5 male to 1/8 npt female

rear end accessories ford 9 housing studs all72040 studs secure the center section to the housing and are installed by pulling through with a nut for a press fit 3/8 24 threads sold in packs of ten remote fill tanks all36110 aluminum fill tank has a -10an outlet and recessed mounting flange to flushmount on rear deck all36111 designed for filling rear end tank has a -10an outlet and recessed mounting flange also has 3/8 npt bung to accept a breather all36110 ford 9 backing plate t-bolts all72042 unique 3/8 24 x 1-1/4 t-head bolts are required to mount backing plates and brackets to late model torino 9 housing ends eight to a pack mini breather tanks all36111 small capacity spun aluminum tank will vent dry sump tank transmission or rear end tank includes 1/4 npt on bottom and a clamp style bracket for mounting to chassis tubing part no description all36140 tank for 1-1/2 tubing all36141 tank for 1-3/4 tubing ford 9 gasket all72044 paper gasket is precision die-cut to ensure

product index o o2 sensor plug and bung 73 oil coolers 47 66 filter adapter 67 inlet fittings 66 pan and pick-up 67 restrictors 67 tanks dry sump 66 temperature tee 66 oil eater 111 o-ring q/c side bell 105 overflow catch can fuel 87 check valves 87 tanks 77 tank brackets 77 oversize rod end kit 48 q quick change axles 102 axle tubes 101 cover gasket 105 cover lock kit 105 cover nuts 105 drain pan 24 oil plug socket 24 oil plug wrench 24 panhard bar brackets 59 60 side bell o-ring 105 support brackets axle tube 101 upper link brackets 57 quick disconnects battery 107 quick fill can 17 87 quick turn fasteners 34 wrench 9 34 s safer seat system 31 safety glasses 12 safety lock 96 safety wire 9 twister pliers 9 sander tire 20 schrader valves 98 scoops 38 83 screen stainless wire 33 seals axle tube 101 hub 99 pinion 103 quick change yoke 60 103 tailshaft housing 102 seat 32 mount kit 29 track assembly 32 seat belts 32

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