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engine accessories gm motor mount all38114 replacement stock mount for most gm engines mount bolts to chassis fits 70-88 monte carlo 70-87 el camino 71-92 camaro 77-87 regal 70-73 chevelle 73-87 cutlass 74-83 malibu 70-79 nova 70-85 impala 70-95 corvette crankcase evacuation system all34145 reduce crankcase pressure for optimum piston ring seal fewer oil leaks and better engine performance system includes two of each chrome plated push-in breathers check valves weld-in 3.5 long threaded pipe adapters rubber breather grommets and four hose clamps evacuation hoses not included gm motor mount all38115 replacement rubber mount for allstar s-10 v8 conversion kit gm motor mount kit all38082 bolt-in steel mounts for gm metric chassis bolt to crossmember and accept allstar steel motor mounts all38100 a captured 1/2 13 nut eases engine installation sb chevy exhaust block off plates all34210 aluminum block off plates seal standard sbc exhaust ports during engine storage or repairs plates protect against moisture dust and dirt 1/8 thick ford motor mounts steel mounts have been updated and now fit the newer and original 302-351w small blocks sold in pairs part no description all38113 sb chevy ram horn exhaust manifolds all34200 ram horn manifolds have increased exhaust flow over traditional manifolds and added steering shaft clearance ideal for street rods and classes requiring cast iron exhaust manifolds sold in pairs all38112 rear motor mount all38113 front motor mount ford motor mount all38116 replacement rubber mount for allstar ford ranger v8 conversion kit o 2 sensor plug and bung hard-to-find o2 sensor fittings work in a variety of uses part no description all34150 all34150 18mm sensor plug all34152 18mm sensor bung-angled all34153 18mm sensor bung-straight all34152 all34153 solid transmission mount all38070 solid 3/16 steel mount fits most th350 th400 powerglide and all borg warner muncie and chrysler 4-speed transmissions eliminates twisting flex and distortion not recommended for use with rubber engine mounts header tab kit all60040 weld to headers to hold slip-on collectors in place kit includes one pair of tabs and one 1/4 bolt and hex nut tabs are .085 thick 2-1/2 long when combined are 4 long and 1 tall transmission mount bracket all38072 may be welded to chassis to support manual or automatic transmissions steel bracket is 1/8 thick with 1 x 7/16 slots for mounting bolts dual chamber mufflers mufflers are welded to prevent blowout and aluminized to resist corrosion swaged inlet and outlet smooth the transition to maximize all34175 exhaust flow dual chambers reduce decibel level for a deep mellow tone case is 4 h x 9-3/4 w x 14 l 20 overall length part no description bert transmission support brackets transmission support fastens to the rear tail shaft housing of bert late model standard and ball spline transmissions adding support to bellhousing mounted dry sump oil pumps or directly to the chassis multiple holes in bracket offer many different support options part no description all38076 all34173 2.25 offset in/offset out all34175 3 center in/dual 2.25 out auger-style mufflers fits 3-1/2 diameter exhaust collector part no description all38075 standard all38076 ball spline all34160 12 long 4 o.d body all34162 16-1/2 long 4 o.d body visit us on the web www.allstarperformance.com 73