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1 super-sporty entry-level shield consistently clear vision even at maximum athletic performance thanks to fogstop protection level s1/s2/s3 1a8508.0.10 white-red black fogstop s3 2a8508.0.25 titan-black orange fogstop s1 3a8508.0.31 black black fogstop s3 4a8508.0.35 black clear fogstop s0 5a8508.0.41 orange-white black fogstop s3 2 3 4 5 a8510 splinter hr c 1 light and sporty like the splinter shield vl but with fogstop coating on the high-grade alpina ceramic lenses protection level s1/s3 1a8510.0.10 white-black black fogstop s3 2a8510.0.31 black black fogstop s3 3a8510.0.25 titan-black orange fogstop s1 2 4a8510.0.21 titan-cyan black fogstop s3 5a8510.0.51 red-white black fogstop s3 6a8510.0.71 green-white black fogstop s3 3 4 5 6 performance 27 a8508 splinter shield c+