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a8206 crunch 1 sporty stylish superpleasant ­ crunch has been everybody s darling for years the heavily curved lenses guide air draft to where it belongs ­ away from the eyes protection level s3 1a8206.3.27 tin black mirror s3 2a8206.3.97 havanna gold mirror s3 3a8206.4.35 black matt black s3 2 3 a8529 fenno 1 snazzy and colorful ­ that s the least fenno stands for thanks to the ergonomically beneficial frame the side entrance to the eyes is blocked to the sun as well protection level s3 1a8529.3.25 tin-orange black mirror s3 2a8529.3.31 black-grey black mirror s3 3a8529.3.71 green-white black mirror s3 4a8529.4.10 white-black black s3 5a8529.4.51 red-white black s3 2 3 4 5 48