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a blaze of color alpina-style every pair of snow goggles is hand-made as a prototype in various colors top management product management and sales then decide which designs will be produced germany a developing country from the two-dimensional sketch the prototyping department creates a mockup which is then digitalized and fully designed in cad for production

supercybric snow mythos grap © stefan eisend

cheos grap cross menga © ben wiesenfarth

spam cap 1 super-stylish inmold helmet for the young guns our spam cap scores on the kicker the rails and the pipe with extra-cheeky colors and looks not to worry its inner fortes are compelling as well 2 3 4 1yellow a9033.1.41 size 50-54 a9033.2.41 size 54-57 a9033.3.41 size 58-61 2brown-white matt a9033.1.92 size 50-54 a9033.2.92 size 54-57 a9033.3.92 size 58-61 3white-red a9033.1.18 size 50-54 a9033.2.18 size 54-57 a9033.3.18 size 58-61 4white spam matt a9033.1.14 size 50-54 a9033.2.14 size 54-57 a9033.3.14 size 58-61

style guide junior © stefan eisend

© ben wiesenfarth

r-tech hm 1 1 1 a7082.8.31 black matt hybrid mirror spherical orange s2 2 a7082.8.42 white overcross 3 a7082.8.11 white hybrid mirror spherical orange s2 hybrid mirror spherical orange s2 these high-tech snow goggles are recon ready the gps-capable micro-optic display that delivers ride information to the goggles interior is available as an optional accessory protection level s2 2 3 r-tech s hm 1 a7086.8.13 white pearl 1 2 a7086.8.31 black matt hybrid mirror spherical orange s2 hybrid mirror spherical orange s2 3 a7086.8.12 white overcross hybrid mirror spherical orange s2 the slightly smaller variant of the r-tech hm high-tech snow goggles also comes with a hybrid-mirror lens and spherically curved lens protection level s2 2 3

ruby s 1 a7050.4.71 lime 1 1 2 a7050.4.51 red singleflex hicon s1 singleflex hicon s1 3 a7050.4.58 rose singleflex hicon s1 4 a7050.4.88 blue singleflex hicon s1 5 a7050.4.33 black sporty kids snow goggles with brightening singleflex particularly well suited for wearing in combination with a ski helmet available in many colors protection level s1 singleflex hicon s1 6 a7050.4.23 silver 7 a7050.4.11 white singleflex hicon s1 singleflex hicon s1 2 3 4 5 6 7 carvy 2.0 1 a7076.4.88 cyan 1 singleflex tint s2 2 a7076.4.71 lime singleflex tint s2 3 a7076.4.51 red singleflex tint s2 early protection for future champions carvy 2.0 features bold colors and is the ideal eye protection for all the little ones skiing or sledding down the slopes protection level s2 4 a7076.4.58 rose singleflex tint s2 5 a7076.4.21 silver singleflex tint s2 2 3 4 5

jacket soft protector 4 like its big sister this protector jacket achieves the highest protection level according to ce en 1621-2 and thus meets the highest quality standards for back protectors available in three stylish colors 5 6 4grey-pink 5white-prosecco 6anthracite a8853.5.26 size s 164-172 a8853.5.11 size s 164-172 a8853.5.28 size s 164-172 a8853.6.26 size m 173-178 a8853.6.11 size m 173-178 a8853.6.28 size m 173-178 a8853.7.28 size l 178-184 a8853.8.28 size xl 185 removable waist belt

4 0 0 3 6 9 2 2 0 5 3 2 2 order nr a0700.1.58 technical and color modifications reservered alpina sports gmbh Äussere industriestrasse 8a d-86316 friedberg/derching tel +49 0821/78003-0 fax +49 0821/78003-40