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10 awg copper stranded 20 awg 18 10 awg 18 16 conductor specification xlr male to rca female 3 pin xlr male to rca female 4 pin mini xlr male to 4 pin mini xlr female 20 awg stranded stranded wire remote control remote switch rs 232 to rs 485 serial 6 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr 6 pin xlr to 6 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 4 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr 12 volt 12 amp hour battery 9 pin male to 6 in male connector 12 volt dc to 12 volt dc converter 3 volt dc to 12 volt dc converter m 10 x 10 lock nut 25 pin to 9 pin connector 25 pin to 25 pin connector usb to mini usb 24 volt dc to 12 volt dc converter 12 volt dc to 45 volt dc converter cigarette lighter plug with on off switch panel mount circuit breaker to fit 12 circuit breakers 12 v dc to 20 dc power supply single voltage to dual voltage anti static wrist strap 8 pin male xlr connector 5 pin male xlr connector 12v low voltage disconnect 7 pin xlr male connector car cigarette lighter socket panel mount circuit breaker nose pliers stainless steel 4 pin xlr male to rca long handle bent needle nose pliers tin plated phosphor bronze sealed lead acid battery 12v dc power supply circuit 4 pin male xlr to 3 pin female xlr 4 pin xlr female to microphone 12v dc power supply dc motor speed controller 4 pin mini xlr female to 3 pin mini xlr male 8 pin mini din connectors 4 pin mini din connectors uhf female to rca male 6 pin female to 4 pin male vhf and uhf antenna design for mobile tv fuse holder in line 9 pin to 9 female to male low battery cut off circuit 3 pin mini din chassis 24 x 24 junction box low battery cut off

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introduction 2 brand data index brand index r redback amplifiers 47-58 opus one speakers 102-106 iroda gas tools 172-174 dynalink av cables 25-31 fast-fix speakers 113-114 digimod modulators 14-15 h t onsep-s eakers micron soldering tools 166-169 one-shot speakers 109-112 tm powertran power products 248-253 powershield ups 254-256 tp-link networking 192-195 genlamp led lighting 240-245 mean well power supplies 263 sunon fans 287 biema amplifiers 59 okayo portable pas 85-88 arduino dev boards 205-215 avtech surveillance 128-133 powerhouse inverters 269-270 inspect-a-gadget magnifiers 246 raspberry pi dev boards 216-218 sandisk memory 203 hammond boxes 280-283 maxitronix educational kits 234-235 dinkle terminals 373-376 oupiin connectors 377-382 neutrik connectors 359-360 amphenol connectors 359-360 salecom switches 331-333 ness security 140-141 waterproof connectors 370-371 proskit tools 177 data index this years catalogue is the first edition in recent

audio visual 43 uhf transceivers oricom® 80ch 5w uhf dash transceiver gme® 80ch 2w uhf cb transceiver pair 70ch 25w vhf ip67 marine transceiver vhf marine uhf new a 5w dash mount 80 channel transceiver equipped with a host of modern features and a range of up to 10km includes a complete set of accessories handheld mic cradle antenna and mounting bracket this amazingly compact design is only 100w x 92d x 24hmm uhf the tx675 2 watt uhf cb radio is both compact and lightweight with up to 14 hours battery life this convenient handheld has a flexible detatchable antenna rotary power/volume control and a usb multi-charging system for charging on the go includes a twin desktop charger and 12v vehicle charger switchable 2w/1w output to conserve battery power useful hands free vox mode features • 5w rf power • 80 channels • flip lcd function • automatic level control alc • heavy-duty microphone with volume control • ctcss dcs • 7 colour backlit

84 professional audio uhf microphone systems redback® 16 channel autoscan uhf microphone system redback® 700 channel true diversity uhf microphone system featuring auto-scan system allowing quick and easy selection of an interference free operating frequency useful when there are many existing systems in use nearby 2 now with wireless ‘sync’ no need to set the frequency manually on each transmitter the redback® 700 channel uhf 520 550mhz radio microphone system is a professional system incorporating true diversity reception this ensures a consistent and clear microphone signal with minimal dropout and noise interference 700 channels allow interference free operation with multiple systems in the one location noise reduction system automatically compensates for high level sound inputs thus avoiding distortion channel and volume settings are adjusted via front panel controls the lcd screen shows selected channel frequency and rf/af signal strength a range in

speakers 125 speaker drivers speaker drivers continued 25mm high power dome tweeter ideal for high fidelity applications requiring high power aluminium facia panel provides a stylish finish to any multi channel speaker system specifications rated power rms max impedance freq response spl 1w 1m voice coil diameter weight size cutout diameter price each c 3004 60w 90w 8Ω 2khz 20khz 93db 25.4mm 520g 100Ø x 28dmm 73mm rrp 4 10 46.95 43.00 38.95 200mm 8” aluminium speaker 200mm 8” polypropylene speaker suits 17l sealed enclosure or 22l vented enclosure with 70Øx250mm port tuned to 49hz suits 10l sealed enclosure or 15l vented enclosure with 50Øx188mm port tuned to 38hz rated power rms max 35w 60w impedance 8Ω frequency response 39hz 6khz spl 1w 1m 89db voice coil diameter 35.5mm qms 3.26 qes 0.42 qts 0.37 vas 36.17l cutout diameter 183mm overall dimensions 228Ø x 201 across flats x 88d rrp 4 10 89.00 80.00 71.00 price each c 3040 165mm 6.5”

166 tools micron® soldering stations 2 year warranty includes freestanding iron holder tip cleaner 6 2 year warranty 2 year warranty includes freestanding iron holder tip cleaner includes freestanding iron holder tip cleaner micron® 60 watt soldering station micron® 80 watt soldering station micron® 100 watt soldering station ideal entry level general purpose soldering iron for students and enthusiasts perfect choice for professionals manufacturing production facilities an electronic temperature controlled soldering station designed to meet the needs of production environments the iron includes a burn resistant rubber lead and ergonomic ‘pencil’ design to ensure your comfort and safety featuring keypad temperature control from 150°c to 480°c this soldering station eliminates the need for changing tips to perform different operations when set the iron will maintain tip temperature to ±5°c rohs compliant an electronic temperature controlled

206 projects arduino main boards arduino development boards arduino® due development board funduino nano 3.0 board arduino® uno r3 starter kit the official arduino starter kit which includes a uno r3 board with a getting started project book a collection of project components resistors leds servo motor lcd screen capacitors and more 15 projects to build and when you’re done you’ll be ready to design your own arduino projects great for electronics education price each z 6289 rrp 6 219.00 192.95 the arduino due is a microcontroller board based on the atmel sam3x8e arm cortex-m3 cpu it is the first arduino board based on a 32-bit arm core microcontroller it has 54 digital input/output pins of which 12 can be used as pwm outputs 12 analog inputs 4 uarts hardware serial ports a 84 mhz clock an usb otg capable connection 2 dac digital to analog 2 twi a power jack an spi header a jtag header a reset button and an erase button the board contains everything needed to

led lighting 247 led torches 10 led usb gooseneck lamp features 10 high brightness white leds with a graduated dimmer function one touch on/off setting or touch and hold to dim up and down plug it into your laptop or run it off a usb adaptor in your car ideal for dj’s as an alternative to a mixing desk lamp price each d 0385 rrp 2 4 19.95 17.95 16.15 9v battery blocklite® torch 3w cree® led adjustable hand torch 1w weatherproof headband torch this compact yet powerful torch employs a 3 watt super bright white cree® led and has adjustable beam focus to adjust simply twist and push the front of the torch forward the anodised aluminium case offers excellent protection in the toolbox requires 3 x aaa batteries includes belt pouch up to 100 lumens light output 120mm long incorporates a powerful 1w white led torch light and lower output 2 x yellow led lamp to minimise insect attraction with an adjustable elastic headband 7 mode operation excellent for working in dimly lit

288 hardware device insulation heatsinks device mounting micro u heatsink chemtools® heatsink compound t0220 bush rohs rohs rrp price each complete transistor insulating kits include washers and bushes for mounting 4 devices 2 bushes per to3 washers and bushes are available in bulk packs separately h 1600a 10g syringe h 1610a 150g tube h 1615a 50g syringe to-126 transistor clamps rrp 5 silicon h 7230 h 7232 insulation kit pk4 washers pk100 2.75 15.95 2.05 12.75 3.00 19.95 2.40 15.95 adhesive silicon h 7330 h 7332 insulation kit pk4 washers pk100 to-220 10 8.2 Ø3.2 1.90 15.95 1.35 12.75 transistor clamps insulation kit pk4 washers pk100 washers pk1000 3.45 17.50 110.00 2.40 14.25 90.00 3.00 21.50 120.00 2.40 17.50 90.00 clamps a single to-220 device to a heatsink mounting hole 3.2mm silicon h 7210 h 7212 h 7213 adhesive silicon h 7310 h 7312 h 7313 insulation kit pk4 washers pk100 washers pk1000 to-3p rrp price each insulation kit pk4 washers pk100 3.45 19.95 2.45 15.95 silicon

switches 329 rocker switches rocker switches continued spst led illuminated rocker 1 2 dpdt heavy duty illuminated rocker 25.2 25.2 32 32 27.2 27.2 specifications contact rating neon electrical life panel thickness specifications led contact rating panel thickness electrical life 1a 1a 1 1 30,000 cycles <20mΩ >1000mΩ >1500v ac 1 minute price each rrp 10 40 s 3242b dpdt neon illuminated 4.95 4.60 4.20 red 1.85v dc 10ma 10a 250v ac 6mm max 10,000 cycles 2 price each rrp 10 25 4.95 4.45 4.15 25 22.8 22.8 specifications s 3245a contact rating s 3243 contact rating electrical life panel thickness male male qc qc terminal terminal 6.35 x6.35 0.8 x 0.8 27.2 27.2 15a 250v ac 10a 250v ac 10,000 cycles 0.7-3mm panel cutout mechanical life contact resistance insulation resistance dielectric strength ul rohs specifications contact rating panel thickness electrical life 11 11 21.8 21.8 ≈22.2 x 30.4mm 30,000 cycles <20mΩ >1000mΩ >1500v ac 1 minute price each rrp 10 40 s 3245a

connectors waterproof circular ip66 rated 5a screw type ip67 rated 5a lock type rohs rohs amphenol ltw® p 9414 p 9404 quality amphenol ltw waterproof connectors for harsh environments perfect for agricultural marine mining or industrial applications other models are available to manufacturers in oem quantities for further technical information on this range see the website at www.amphenolltw.com 10.4 2 pin rated at 5a 4 and 6 pin 18.6 rated at 2a p 9369 sealing cap suits 4 and 6 pin male chassis connectors only line connector cable entry 4.5 6.5mm ltw “a” series price each model 1.2Ø 18.1 price each p 9362 p 9364 p 9366 p 9369 model entry rrp 4 10 p 9342 p 9352 p 9344 p 9354 p 9346 p 9356 4.5-6.5 4.5-6.5 4.5-6.5 4.5-6.5 4.5-6.5 4.5-6.5 15.5 8.95 10.95 12.95 4.95 8.50 10.50 11.95 4.45 7.95 9.95 11.35 4.00 rrp 4 10 11.95 10.95 14.95 12.95 11.50 18.95 11.50 10.50 14.10 12.50 11.00 17.75 10.75 9.75 13.05 11.95 10.50 17.00 price each 10.95 12.95 13.95 11.95 14.95 15.95

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