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airline information amawaterways offers special airfare rates from many gateways in conjunction with cruise programs in myanmar sample gateways and air carriers are provided below please see your travel agent for complete details and availability atlanta ga boston ma chicago il dallas tx denver co detroit mi houston tx las vegas nv los angeles ca miami fl new york city ny philadelphia pa phoenix az portland or sacramento ca salt lake city ut san diego ca san francisco ca seattle wa toronto on vancouver bc washington dc terms conditions parties in these terms and conditions “you” or “passenger” or “participant” refers to the person booking purchasing or traveling on the cruise and to individuals traveling as part of that person’s reservation “we” or “us” refers to amadeus waterways inc a california corporation “ama” and amawaterways llc a california limited liability company “awl” ama offers the travel and enters into these terms and conditions with you pursuant to arrangements made with awl deposit and final payment to confirm a cruise or cruise land reservation we require a deposit of $400 per person for europe and asia itineraries and $2,400 per person for africa itineraries on or before the deposit due date indicated on the confirmation transoceanic airline flights and packages require an additional deposit of $350 per person for economy class or $600 per person for business/first class flights certain airline tickets require non-refundable full payment at the time of reservation hotel extra nights require a nonrefundable deposit of $50 per stateroom at the time of confirmation of the hotel availability final payment is due no later than 90 days before the travel start date cancellation charges in the unfortunate event a participant must cancel travel notice to amawaterways must be via email to res@amawaterways.com which must include a return receipt and read notation or other writing stating clearly and correctly each guest’s name ship name start and end date of the cruise and a brief statement of the reason for cancellation other forms of notice are not sufficient the effective date of the cancellation is the date we receive the written cancellation notice name changes a substitution of a participant or a reduction in the number of guests in a stateroom are treated as a cancellation in that all applicable cancellation charges apply cancellation charges for bookings within charter and part-charter agreements are as per the charter contract all other cancellation charges are per-person based on the cancellation date as follows pricing all prices are in us dollars in the event that a cruise fare listed quoted or advertised through any website printed collateral reservations person travel agent or any other source is booked but is incorrect due to an electronic error typographical error human error or any other error causing the fare to be listed quoted or advertised for an amount not intended by amawaterways amawaterways reserves the right to correct the erroneous fare by requesting the passenger to pay the correct fare intended or by canceling the cruise airfares air taxes and air surcharges quoted on your invoice or by a reservation agent are only guaranteed once airfare deposit or full payment is received by amawaterways amawaterways reserves the right to increase prices without notice prices do not include published prices do not include vessel fuel surcharges passport and visa fees baggage fees port charges and fees travel health accident or other insurance vaccinations laundry additional food and beverages optional excursions gratuities or other items or services of a personal nature passport and visas a valid passport is required for each participant passports must be valid for at least six 6 months after the scheduled return date to your home country for travel to asia we require a copy of your valid passport prior to or at final payment if not received at this time embarkation may be denied and cancellation penalties will apply guests on the vietnam/cambodia cruise land program must obtain a multiple entry visa for vietnam as they will have two different points of entry into vietnam and a single entry visa for cambodia guests on the cruise only vietnam/cambodia itinerary will require a single entry visa for vietnam and cambodia for travel to africa a valid passport with 8 open/non-stamped pages is required at publication time a visa is required for a us citizen to travel to turkey vietnam cambodia myanmar kenya tanzania and zimbabwe as well as numerous other countries non-us citizens must consult the appropriate consulates regarding visa and other document requirements obtaining required visas and any other required travel documentation and assuring these are complete and correct in all ways is the sole responsibility of each participant we are not in a cancellation charges days before cruise land departure cancellation charge airfare cancellation charge economy contract fares airfare cancellation charge business/first class contract fares other charges except insurance more than 121 days prior to departure $200 europe asia $1,200 africa $350 penalty $600 penalty — 120-90 days prior to departure $400 europe asia $2,400 africa $350 penalty $600 penalty — 89-60 days prior to departure 35 of cruise and land price $350 penalty $600 penalty 35 of all charges 59-30 days prior to departure 50 of cruise and land price $350 penalty $600 penalty 50 of all charges 29-7 days prior to departure 80 of cruise and land price $350 penalty $600 penalty 80 of all charges 6 days prior to departure 100 of cruise and land price $350 penalty $600 penalty 100 of all charges certain airline tickets including all intra-asia and intra-africa flights within 90 days of departure and published price tickets are 100 non-refundable except as otherwise provided in your passenger ticket contract after travel begins there is no refund for unused services or unused portions of cruise cruise/tour or airfare 25 position to obtain or verify the accuracy or completeness of any participant’s visa or other required documentation and shall not be responsible or liable for delay or missed portion of any part of the itinerary or other problems resulting from the participant lacking the appropriate travel documentation travel documents only after receipt of full payment travel documents including airline confirmation information if applicable will be sent by regular ground delivery us canada approximately 3-4 weeks prior to departure delay in final payment will delay delivery of travel documents expedited delivery may be possible for an additional charge of $25 or the full amount of expedited services whichever is greater flights airport transfers flight schedules airfares amawaterways offers special airfares based on the flight and seat availability of contracted carriers we are able to accept a traveler’s choice of preferred air carrier flight schedule and some deviations so long as the requests are made at the time of booking the airline reservation to hold/confirm an airline reservation the airlines require your full legal name as it appears on your passport for contract airline fares a deposit of $350 per person economy class tickets or $600 per person business/first-class tickets is required to secure the flight schedule and quoted price published airfare prices require full payment at the time of reservation once the airfare deposit or full payment is received your airline tickets will be issued and any changes will be subject to penalty if not cancelled within 24 hours of ticketing should the name on your airline reservation not match your passport exactly your airline reservation will have to be cancelled full penalties will be assessed and your reservation will have to be recreated subject to market pricing at the time of the new reservation air tickets are economy class unless otherwise requested and additional charge for upgrade is paid and are issued pursuant to the terms and conditions of the relevant airlines airlines require your name to appear on your airline ticket exactly as it appears on your passport we shall not be responsible or liable for consequences of name on an airline reservation and passport not matching exactly we shall not be responsible or liable for costs resulting from airline schedule changes lost air ticket delay disruption or cancelled flight lost baggage or missed connections changes airline tickets issued by amawaterways have restrictions for example they cannot be reissued transferred or exchanged any changes made to an airline ticket including minor name corrections will incur a minimum $350 per ticket change fee plus any additional increases in the cost of the airfare a change or refund request must be made through us but may not be possible for example some airline tickets are non-refundable limitation on special requests frequent flier numbers as a courtesy we may try to relay a request for seat assignments meal requests frequent flyer numbers or other special assistance to the particular airline the sole authority to grant such requests rest with the airline and is not under the control of amawaterways whether or not we relay a request to an airline you or your travel agent must always confirm directly with the airline regarding any such requests to insure you receive proper credit on your frequent flyer account we recommend you provide your frequent flyer number to the airline at the time of check-in please note our airfare prices