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myanmar myanmar has an ancient culture an incomparable collection of architectural wonders and a deeply-rooted religious tradition that has endured for many centuries one of the world’s most secretive mysterious and fascinating places its rich and often tragic history has left an indelible mark on the burmese landscape and its people bagan more than 2,200 sacred structures stretch across the broad plain of bagan pagan a magnificent cultural treasure trove on par with cambodia’s massive angkor wat temple complex in the words of author somerset maugham the temples stupas and pagodas of this utterly spectacular place seem to “loom huge remote and mysterious like the vague recollections of a fantastic dream.” mandalay the “golden city” of mandalay is regarded as myanmar’s cultural heart renowned for its master craftsmen and its patronage of the arts particularly traditional dance and drama the country’s last royal capital and second largest city mandalay’s riverside location was based on a buddhist prophecy that said a great metropolis would one day be built at the foot of mandalay hill mt popa the stunningly beautiful shrine perched at the top of mt popa a tall sheer-sided volcanic plug is considered the legendary home of nats spirit gods worshipped by burmese buddhists the 360° views from the summit accessed via 777 steps are truly remarkable and well worth the effort it takes to get there royal cities four ancient royal cities lie a short distance from mandalay each possessing its own charm character and noteworthy sights inwa ava was the capital of the burmese kingdom for more than 400 years amarapura has the world’s longest teak bridge perfect for a leisurely sunset stroll sagaing is famous for its monasteries and tranquil atmosphere mingun has a number of historic sites to explore including the “unfinished pagoda” and a giant bronze bell yangon myanmar’s many years of isolation have allowed it to preserve a very strong and unique cultural identity yangon rangoon the glittering “garden city of the east,” retains much of its colonial-era charm with cobblestone streets tree-lined avenues and genteel victorian architecture according to nobel laureate aung san suu kyi there is “a revolution of the spirit taking place among the people of burma.” w w w a m a wa terways c o m 6