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Nuclear Medicine Pedriatic by American Hospital Dubai

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Catalogue: American Hospital Dubai Nuclear Medicine Pedriatic
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are there any precautions if i am pregnant or breast feeding our nuclear medicine team if you are pregnant it is better to avoid close continuous contact with your child eg sitting on your knee for more than 5 minutes this applies during the first six hours after administration of the activity since we need to help keep your child calm and comfortable someone else should accompany the child throughout the procedure you can continue breast feeding there are no problems for your child or yourself dr phong nguyen dabnm american board certified in nuclear medicine fellowship in pet from ucla medical centre usa doctor of medicine at tx tech university school of medicine texas usa experienced in both nuclear medicine and pet ct practiced at st john s health centre and john wayne cancer institute california usa remember relax we are used to children bring a favorite comforter or distraction for your child the camera is large but it will not hurt feel free to ring us with your

what is nuclear medicine nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine that uses small amounts of radioactivity to obtain pictures that show different organs of the body function this procedure is often referred to as a scan what happens to the results of the scan a specialist doctor will report the scan and forward the results to the doctor who requested the scan in most cases results are faxed the same day why does my child need a nuclear medicine scan your doctor has asked for a nuclear medicine scan in order to provide information about growth organ function or to explain the cause of pain our department is capable of performing scans on children and babies can you tell me more about the radioactivity exposure to radiation is low only tiny quantities are used for diagnosis in children short some of the radioactivity is excreted from the body through the urine or feces and most will have disappeared naturally from the body by the next day carefully controlled facilities equipment and mat is not a reseller or dealer of American Hospital Dubai.

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