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American Queen Steamboat Company
One Commerce Square
40 South Main Street, 21st Floor
Memphis, TN 38103
United States
(888) 749-5280

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our story t he steamboat is a distinctly american invention the product of that uniquely american spirit of resolve and determination in the days of mark twain steamboats were a regular feature serving the transportation needs of an expanding country steamboating became a gracious romantic way to travel through a growing nation paddlewheelers strived to out do each other with their elaborate wedding cake designs a show of victorian excess known as “steamboat gothic.” passengers could relax on their wide decks as the ever-changing vista of the american riverside glided serenely by and as one historian noted “the thing ran against the current what could be more american than that?” at the turn of the last century captain gordon greene led a steamboat company known as greene line steamers his wife captain mary becker greene fondly known on the river as ma greene and later their sons chris and tom respectively followed him as the head of the greene line in the

uniquely american experiences the american queen fitness center features cuttingedge technogym™ equipment weight training and resistance training are simple with our workout bench dumbbells and versatile kinesis® one lowimpact resistance machine if you are interested in cardio exercises enjoy one of our treadmills or the static bike each with its own personal television screen mark twain gallery f rom all perspectives the american queen and the american empress are testimonies to the floating palaces of long ago and a culmination of their finest qualities grand in every sense of the word you will discover a blend of every bold steamboat innovation along with pristine authentic steamboat design both vessels boast a comprehensive range of amenities and hospitable services to deliver a uniquely american experience for a truly rich river cruising vacation there is always plenty to do between dawn and dusk on the river to catch up on the next day’s events browse through the

date fares from route theme river page july 30 $1,799 roundtrip minneapolis life on the mississippi 52 ports dubuque prairie du chien la crosse winona red wing august 06 $1,799 roundtrip minneapolis music of the 50s and 60s 52 ports dubuque prairie du chien la crosse winona red wing themightymississippivo ya g e august 13 $4,899 minneapolis to new orleans – 22 nights/23 days hotel minneapolis ports red wing la crosse dubuque quad cities bettendorf burlington 28-29 hannibal alton chester cape girardeau paducah dover new madrid ashport landing memphis greenville vicksburg natchez st francisville baton rouge nottoway september 03 $1,899 new orleans to memphis antebellum south 33 ports oak alley st francisville natchez vicksburg helena september 10 $1,899 memphis to new orleans antebellum south 35 ports greenville vicksburg natchez st francisville baton rouge nottoway september 17 $1,899 new orleans to memphis antebellum south 33 ports oak alley st francisville natchez vicksburg

uniquely american themed voyages be sure to visit us online for themed voyage dates and additional details big band swing get “in the mood” for our sensational big band vacations when special onboard guest orchestras play the tunes you know so well all in the original arrangements that made them legendary if you’re a fan of the big bands this is a sentimental journey you won’t want to miss music of the 50s and 60s let the musical sounds of the 50s and 60s whisk you away on this nostalgic journey through america’s historic heartland dance and sing the nights away and fill your days with cultural exploration on this magnificent voyage where frank sinatra’s dulcet tones soar in “come fly with me,” nat king cole is “unforgettable” and the platters think of “only you.” relive the groovy 60s heyday of peace love and rock and roll celebrate hits from the beatles aretha franklin jimi hendrix the rolling stones bob

stanton hall n e w or l eans to m em phis jewels of the lower mississippi 9-day voyage d iscover the ever-present romantic atmosphere of the antebellum era at each stop along this captivating journey from fabulous new orleans to the american queen’s hometown of memphis day 1 new orleans la your journey begins with a deluxe hotel stay in new orleans the evening is yours to get acquainted with this culturally diverse city steeped in history and brimming with culinary legacies of flavor day 2 new orleans la depart 5:00 p.m explore new orleans at your leisure or consider a pre-cruise premium shore excursion with afternoon transfer to the american queen day 3 oak alley la referred to as the “grande dame of the great river road,” oak alley combines architectural splendor with the natural canopy of its 300 year-old oak trees day 7 river cruising gain insight into our nation’s history and cultural heritage through the stories facts and fables conveyed by our onboard

american queen on the ohio

american queen in hannibal

premium shore excursions i ncluded tours are a great way to get acquainted with the historically rich ports that you will encounter on your american queen voyage but our premium shore excursions offer you an opportunity to delve deeper into your specific interests visit us online to explore all of the premium shore excursions that are available to you ulysses s grant home state historic site st louis missouri the gateway city tour your deluxe motorcoach brings you on a tour of downtown st louis and forest park with over 1,200 acres of green space and museums you will take a guided tour of the cathedral basilica home to over 83,000 square feet of hand-laid mosaics one of the largest collections in the world of course a visit to st louis wouldn’t be complete without stopping at anheuser-busch brewery visit the clydesdale stables and paddock as well as beechwood lagering cellars brewhouse and bevo packaging plant lastly you’ll enjoy a visit to the sampling room to try out

a meri can em p r ess a meri can em p r ess deckplans a meri can em p r ess a meri can em p r deckplans deckplans ess deckplans deckplans pilot house pilot house pilot pilot house house vista viewview deck deck 4 – vista deck vista view deck vista vista view view deck deck discovery deck discovery deck deck 3 – discovery deck discovery deck discovery deck paddlewheel lounge paddlewheel lounge paddlewheel paddlewheel lounge lounge frontier deck frontier deck frontier deck deck 2 – frontier deck frontier deck frontier deck frontier deck frontier frontier deck deck the astoria dining room the astoria dining room the astoria the astoria dining room dining room explorer explorer explorer explorer the show lounge the show lounge the show the show lounge lounge deck deck deck deck deck 1 – explorer deck accessibility the american empress’ two elevators provide access to all decks accessibility the american empress’ two elevators provide access

see enlarged map on p 58-59 clarkston to portland 9-day voyage t he timelessness and deeprooted history of the region is evident at each and every port as you travel westbound from clarkston to vancouver day 1 spokane wa your journey begins with a deluxe hotel stay in spokane day 2 clarkston wa depart 6:00 p.m after your included transfer from spokane explore clarkston at your leisure or consider a guided pre-cruise premium excursion you will board the american empress this afternoon vancouver wa day 7 stevenson wa witness the beauty and bounty of nature as you tour the columbia gorge interpretive center and bonneville dam day 3 clarkston wa enjoy a day of discovery in lewiston as you trace the footsteps of lewis and clark and visit nez perce national historical park day 4 tri-cities richland wa delve into sacajawea state park the historic grounds where lewis and clark camped with their native american guide sacajawea in 1805 day 5 river cruising behold the beauty of nature as you