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welcome to our american science surplus catalog here you will find a unique mix of industrial military and educational items with an emphasis on science and education we supply a wide range of unusual and hard-to-find items some say bizarre stuff to the hobbyist tinkerer artist experimenter home educator do-it-yourselfer and bargain hunter our items are great gifts inexpensive supplies and an endless reason for a giggle or a gee whiz!” we try to be scrupulously honest in presenting whatever we know about what we have and always take it back no questions asked if the customer isn t satisfied with it please remember that we offer many more items than will fit on these pages you can both peruse and purchase every item we have at our website www.sciplus.com thank you for taking the time to browse our catalog we appreciate your business patrick meyer president great deals color them extinct actually color these dinosaurs anything you like because it s your paint you ll also need

house garden kcolc sdrawkcab put a charge in your bugs .yrettab aa 1 dda uoy .tols gnitnuom deyek a htiw kciht 8/3-1 x aid 4/3-9 xorppa serusaem .esiwkcolc-retnuoc nur osla sdnah eht tub desrever era srebmun eht esuaceb ,hguoht ,emit thgir eht sllet llits .tuo snur ti ,no hcram t nseod emit ,kcolc sdrawkcab eht no this handy little gray plastic bug zapper shaped like a lantern is powered by an internal battery that s rechargeable via a usb charging cable stands 11-1/2 tall x 6 wide x 1/2 thick and will stand on a 2-1/4 wide base or hang from a 3/16 hook on the top has 4 ultraviolet leds above the deadly lattice-work center 93038 backwards clock $12.95/each new 95464 uv led bug zapper $12.50/each elvis is still hot ouch how much richer would your life be if every time you checked the temperature you also got to see a picture of elvis sitting in front of his 1956 pink cadillac your troubles are over the temperature dial is a 0120 replica of a caddy speedometer fahrenheit only

kits models a meteorite is heading your way we re just testing the waters… don t panic a meteorite is speeding toward you but it will only hit your mailbox these small hunks of genuine meteorites are approx 4,200 years old and have been harvested from chaco argentina we never miss the meteorite harvest in chaco most will weigh 25-30 grams and measure approx 1-1/4 x 3/4 x 1/2 which is very dense carry one in your pocket and you ll never be hit by a large meteorite and if you are we ll give you double your money back before we dip our tongues into it you might want to too try watersafe® well-water test kit a 10 parameter single-use kit made for testing well-water or city water contains tests that will detect coliform bacteria pesticides nitrates lead iron nitrites ph chlorine copper and hardness includes an instruction manual and epa drinking water standards easy to use with results on the spot 94493 hunk of meteorite $24.95/each large rock polishing kit budding

school items new 360 degrees of protraction this 360-degree protractor from helix® measures 6 dia and has 10-degree gradations on the inside and 1/2degree on the outer ring as mirror images of each other in blue translucent plastic it also folds in half when trigonometry class is over 44256 folding protractor $3.95/each he s got an angle he s armed armed protractor $3.95/pkg3 new pretty protractors helix® protractors $3.95/pkg3 just a bunch of squares graph things to your heart s content when you get 2 of these 100-sheet packs of 8 x 10-1/2 quad filler paper better known as graph paper white paper with 1/4 squares in blue lines three-hole punched 94392 punched graph paper $3.95/pkg2 $59.95/each water prism why do your feet look like they are attached at a different angle when you re standing in water at the beach teach the children with this plastic water prism also make rainbows measures 81/4 x 2 x 1 with 3/8 squares across the surface to measure refraction 43474

containers new let it begin with you peace will come as we all know and this small shoulder bag with a 5 dia peace sign picked out in silver sequins among the cerise is a nice place to start measures 8 x 7 with a 21 silver strap a pink satin lining and a zipper closure if they ever re-open studio 54 you ll want to be wearing this in line 44180 peace purse $3.85/each big fishnet bag not for big fish but for someone with a lot of dirty laundry or a bunch of unwieldy sports equipment to tote in dark navy mesh 54 long x 32 wide with a drawstring buy it for the coach or athlete in your life or for the launderer in your life 44047 big mesh bag $8.50/each need a little first aid these small 4-1/2 x 4 x 2 canvas firstaid pouches zip around three sides and have a belt loop on the back a touch larger than the old gi first aid pouches these come empty so you can put what you like inside first-aidy or not you pick camo or coyote orange-brown colors both with red cross-style crosses camo

out about increedible light calamari key chain not your grandfather s penlight this one features a 3w cree led with high/low/strobe granddad was pre-strobe modes and adjustable focus it s got a pen clip cuz it s a penlight measures 5-1/2 long with either a gunmetal or brushed-copper finish and comes with a pair of aaa batteries and a case our little 1-3/4 tall squids have tiny buttons on the back of their heads that make them squeak and emit a blue led light from their mouths you can t get more authentic than that batteries included along with a snap clip on a 1 chain we ll pick a squid in blue or purple 95318 cree led penlight 95512 squid key chains $3.95/pkg2 $8.75/each spot this light light n laser twofer a bright little flashlight with 8 super-bright white leds in a circle and a less-than-5mw red laser right in the middle one click and it s a flashlight another click and it s a laser pointer note flashlight and pointer can t be on at the same time measures

materials killer magnet the most beauteous cube throw a once upon a time a copywriter put this little magnet next to his computer monitor and got really pretty wavy aurora-like effects and then got a new monitor don t try this at home our shiny silver-colored 1 x 1 x 1/2 neodymium magnet looks innocent but is industrial strength pulling something like 25 lbs with enough strength left over to erase all your credit cards and wreak havoc with your monitor voted most likely to attract by the judges this magnet has the relative strength of 10 men a shiny silver 1/2 cube of neodymium magnetism it packs approx a 15-lb pull if our boss pat were that strong he could lift 2,160 lbs besides its superpower strength this beautiful cube also would improve the looks of your fridge or bulletin board to no end we wouldn t but this 4-ft x un-bungie-lik thing else in or kids bedro x 9 with op stretching to or just hang 38694 killer magnet $14.50/each a real grabber okay it isn t the cheapest

optics lenses see it again sam magnif lamp a sherlock holmes–type magnifying glass is good but this is better it frees your hands and throws light on the subject this 120–volt magnifying desk lamp has a heavy 7–3/8” x 5–1/2” x 2” base with a power switch standard lamp cord and 11” gooseneck ending in a 5–1/4” dia shade under the shade is a circular fluorescent bulb and a 3–3/8” dia lens with a flip–back cover the box says the lens is 5x we think it’s closer to 2x either way it’s a major improvement if you need help to examine scientific specimens to inspect stamps or jewelry or just to read and we won’t even talk about how your nail care is going to improve after you see your cuticles under this thing magnificent magnifier lamp great for hobby work stamp or coin collecting needlepoint sewing and crafts even reading if your eyes are mature the plastic head

motors blowers pumps mini air compressor new nifty device that takes maxi air and squeezes it down into a mini condition the device is roughly 6-1/2” long x 6 tall x 4 wide it has a 10 ft cord that plugs into an auto lighter socket i.e it runs on 12vdc 10 amps air output is via a 12 hose with a variety of valve adapters for tires soccer balls rubber rafts and just dusting off the environment complete with a 0250 psi gauge which should be plenty of pressure to explode a weak bike tire or flimsy beach ball so please be careful keep the schmutz out of your fan with this 120vac 24w muffin fan that comes with a matching grill and an identical matching filtered grill with 1/8 mounting holes fan alone measures 4-11/16 square x 1-1/2 and has a polarized power cord not rated but seems to blow approx 90cfm 23271 44240 air compressor 12 vdc $16.85/each new pretty cranky guy torquey gear motor grilled muffin fan $14.50/each 95387 $14.50/each when you ru out and buy with this

tools rotary screw removers the better rotary tool she told you not to tighten that screw any farther good thing you can whip out your set of 2 7” screw removers one slotted and one phillips the invaluable tools let you remove those stripped damaged and broken screws they have black–plastic contoured handles with metal ends the better to hammer them into the broken screws pound in twist out it’s a magical thing for bigger or longer projects and hands-free operation this 1/4-hp flex-shaft grinder has a 43 long flexible shaft a keyed chuck that accepts bits up to 5/32 a variable-speed control foot-pedal power switch and a comfortable 1 dia hand grip the motor runs 500 to 22,000 rpm operates on 120vac measures 3-1/4 dia x 4 long and has a sturdy hook to hang it from an over-the-bench shelf comes in a blow-molded storage case and includes replacement brushes intermittent duty over 25 grinding tool accessories included 91869 screw remover set $7.95/each

n ew ew n in a world of small plates portable personal paper cutter if you have any entertaining elan at all you ll stock up on these 5-1/2 dia ceramic plates/saucers from american airlines logo-free name s on the back they re white with a thin blue scribe around the rim interrupted by a tiny gray square at 90-degree intervals perfect for small plate offerings hors d oeuvres petit fours or as drink coasters a sophisticated choice to be sure we won t say the word fussbudget but some people really like their paper to be cut precisely perfect this low-profile paper trimmer measures 10-1/4 x 2-7/8 with a clear lift-up guide with graduated markings in inches and cm a sliding blade and a spare plus a grid for extra precision fits in all binders with any number of holes so you can be perfect on the road 12824 aa small plates $3.95/pkg3 44177 paper trimmer $8.50/each one foot in the arts $8.50/each paid painted burlap 1/32 american science surplus $8.50/each 44202 prsrt std u.s