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crystal might 95/pkg3 s ite amethyst ilk jasper carfluorite gold skin jasper asper orange odonite rock dalite serpenning chokrs $6.95/each 00/pkg2 kits models action contraptions from lego® run marbles run lego® goes crazy with this 100 piece kit with everything you need to build 16 different contraptions be pretty stupid if they made 16 of the same contraption for your amusement in the mix are gears pulleys belts and axels which you could turn into a rocket racer lego® launcher donkey cart or scissor grabber among other things includes a 50-page spiral-bound graphically illustrated instruction booklet and yes adding lego® war rning g choking pieces of your own just ramps up the fun !w hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs nothing beats marble mania® kits for table-top rube goldbergian fun depending on how much time you have on your hands we suggest the crankster with over 100 pieces including ramps tubes gears and a marble elevator which will take an hour or two to build and will be approx an 18 cube of madness or the sidewinder 2.0 with over 200 pieces including ramps drops gears and an archimedean screw marble lifter should take 3-4 hours to build and will stand about 2-1/2 feet tall but can be set up in several ways !w warning choking hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs 95256 lego® contraptions $20.95/each lego® gets kinetic make a whole bunch of fun and instructive lego® machines/chain reaction models like marble runs and mousetraps involving ramps buckets funnels balances and much more comes with 33 lego® elements 6 lego® balls a dozen paper props and a 78-page instruction booklet for 10 machines you add a few common household items includes suggestions for more complicated devices if you have your own lego® pieces and if warning choking you don t what are you waiting for !w hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs 95264 lego® kinetic kit $20.95/each chemistry lab in a box this is the new improved bigger and better chem c1000 beginner chemistry set from thames kosmos follow professor probenius the world s most distinguished cartoon chemistry professor through the 80-page manual while he provides safety advice and instructions for carrying out 125 diverse experiments build a fire extinguisher make water flow uphill identify chemicals split water into hydrogen and oxygen and much more includes the simple lab equipment and supplies you need to experiment with air pressure surface tension acids and bases indicators electrochemical reactions and chromatography you add some common household materials a superior kit for ages 10 and up winner of warning choking the gold award® from parents choice !w hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs 94374 basic chemistry set $59.95/each stompin at the savoy 2.95/each or maybe not hotel managers get funny about rocket launches but this is nasa-level fun for the backyard or maybe a cheap motel parking lot the stomp rocket™ uses no batteries fuel diet cola or anything else but your feet and good stomp on the 4 x 8 blast pad can get you 200 feet of lift at speeds up to 100mph you get 4 bright yellow plastic rockets 9 long x 7/8 dia with soft round nose cones bulbs for safety s sake and a tripod gantry fine adjustments even allow for accuracy contests if the neighbors have really high roofs or you manage to achieve orbit we ve got a 2 pack of replacement rockets !w war rning g choking hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs 2.95/each 89608 stomp rocket 2.95/each 90325 replacement rockets glow includall include an !w warning er 3 yrs $19.50/each $6.50/each 95393 the crankster $23.50/each 95394 the sidewinder $43.50/each one hundred models you could send a kid to his or her cuz girls are builders too room for a month with this inventor pro model-building kit from engino® we re talking wheels treads drives scads of brick-like snap-together parts and 2 remote control motors for a total of 498 pieces and 1,930 connecting points you ll get 10 different model instructions with more downloadable at www.engino.com you provide a half-dozen aaa batteries and enough peanut butter sandwiches warning chokand you ll have one happy 8 to 14-year-old !w ing hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs 95132 inventor pro kit $104.95/each 92294 “aaa” alk batteries $1.95/pkg4 solar robotics this 6-in-1 snap-together kit has a solar cell and small motor for power and will transform into a solar windmill robot helicopter plane airboat or wheeler a moon-bot sort of rover includes a helpwarnful graphic instruction booklet !w in ng choking hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs 43362 6-in-1 bot kit $7.50/each rainless rainbows rainbow fans are no longer slaves to the weatherperson with the solar rainbow maker you assemble the little solar-powered motor stick it on the inside of your window hang the 3 glass crystals from it and your room is like unicorn heaven with rainbows bouncing off every surface motor is approx 2 sq and crystals are 5/8 7/8 and 1-1/8 across 94366 motorized rainbow maker $17.95/each robots-a-go-go got a robot fan at home this 99-piece set from bizzare builders/tedco toys® has parts to make 6 different assemblable robots although we think that s very conservative depending on how you feel about heads you get arms legs heads torsi antennae and about 40 sundry warning connectors all in pretty neonish colors for ages 5 !w choking hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs 95275 robot parts $13.95/each order line toll free 888-sciplus 888-724-7587 hours m-f 8:00am 5:30pm central time p.o box 1030 skokie il 60076 order fax 800-934-0722 17