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containers new let it begin with you peace will come as we all know and this small shoulder bag with a 5 dia peace sign picked out in silver sequins among the cerise is a nice place to start measures 8 x 7 with a 21 silver strap a pink satin lining and a zipper closure if they ever re-open studio 54 you ll want to be wearing this in line 44180 peace purse $3.85/each big fishnet bag not for big fish but for someone with a lot of dirty laundry or a bunch of unwieldy sports equipment to tote in dark navy mesh 54 long x 32 wide with a drawstring buy it for the coach or athlete in your life or for the launderer in your life 44047 big mesh bag $8.50/each need a little first aid these small 4-1/2 x 4 x 2 canvas firstaid pouches zip around three sides and have a belt loop on the back a touch larger than the old gi first aid pouches these come empty so you can put what you like inside first-aidy or not you pick camo or coyote orange-brown colors both with red cross-style crosses camo first aid pouch $3.75/each coyote first aid pouch $3.75/each pencil pouch put your pencils in a pouch pal this one just happens to be an 8-1/4 x 3-1/2 zippered cutie that looks like a small boombox and you don t really have to keep pencils in it you could keep anything in it but if you kept an ipod in it you d be retro and ironic at the same time which is probably ironic in itself we re not sure $2.95/each hey jute time ago burlap bags re all over the place child sisal sacks too we used em to make sandbags protect winterin plants and keep down weeds sew up scratchy britches and collect frogs made dog beds out of em fulla wood chips mama called em tote sacks or croker sacks and daddy aluss kep a few in the bed of the pick-up course daddy went and died and them plastic bags took over mama hated that these here burlap bags used to have coffee inside and they say they re from lotta different countries and your n might could be anywhere from about 3 to 4 foot long by 28 wide good fer big dogs or small dogs-lotta frogs either way 28 sisal bag large bag trio $9.50/each $12.50/each called a drop-leg gas-mask bag this black nylon bag is brand new and measures approx 12 x 6-1/2 with a reinforced back tapers to about 9 x 5 at the bottom with an overhanging top with snap buckles back has hook-and-loop fasteners to hang it from your belt plus 2 more to strap around your thigh also has a 4 x 5 covered pouch on the side probably meant for a spare filter all the straps are removable and there are c-rings and belt loops galore so it has a plethora of uses possibly a plethora and a half gas bag $19.50/each a briefer case 44330 20376 jumbo bag 44224 44124 44329 boombox pouch 44223 new and different new 44019 suck it up it s the air that s taking up all the space in your closets and luggage it s everywhere air get rid of it with these tv-worthy plastic vacuum storage bags stick your clothes or linens inside and suck out the air with your vacuum cleaner or use the luddite solution and just roll them up and force the air out before putting on the screw cap either way you shrink your stuff and maximize storage space you pick the large bags approx 33 x 21 in a 3-pack or the single jumbo bag at 48 x 36 $7.50/pkg2 call it the bag of a lesser messenger this dark olive extreme pak™ tote looks like a mini-backpack but has a shoulder strap plus a pair of handles measures approx 11-1/2 tall x 8-1/2 wide x 6 deep front to back it s got a big inside zippered compartment a smaller zippered pouch on the bottom a pair of hook-and-loop closed pockets on the top plus a plethora that d be 10 of band loops to hang stuff off mfg suggested retail is over $30 just saying 94849 od briefcase-bag $12.95/each biggest pill box in the universe these watertight aluminum screwtop canisters are gasketed lined in nylon and come with a 1 slip ring to attach to whatever measure just over 2-1/2 tall x 1-1/8 dia so they re suitable for a lot of pills or any number other things you need to keep dry or safe we ll pick one in black red gold blue or green 95011 watertight canisters $3.95/each pills with punch add a little pizazz to your nitro pills this 1-3/4 x 1/2 dia container for meds is anodized aluminum in mostly silver but also could be in blue turquoise purple red gold our choice it s gasketed so it s watertight we recommend cleaning the inside with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol before using since some have a bit of rust-colored residue in them flashy 92287 aluminum pill carrier shop for hundreds more containers withphotosatwww sciplus c o m $3.95/pkg3 tub for originally int nurse cratc baths the deep washb flat lips the institutional– structible sh when not in action figure 91728