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welcome to our american science surplus catalog here you will find a unique mix of industrial military and educational items with an emphasis on science and education we supply a wide range of unusual and hard-to-find items some say bizarre stuff to the hobbyist tinkerer artist experimenter home educator do-it-yourselfer and bargain hunter our items are great gifts inexpensive supplies and an endless reason for a giggle or a gee whiz!” we try to be scrupulously honest in presenting whatever we know about what we have and always take it back no questions asked if the customer isn t satisfied with it please remember that we offer many more items than will fit on these pages you can both peruse and purchase every item we have at our website www.sciplus.com thank you for taking the time to browse our catalog we appreciate your business patrick meyer president great deals color them extinct actually color these dinosaurs anything you like because it s your paint you ll also need your own glue but otherwise you get all the parts you need to build small dino models you pick the ankylosaurus will be approx 7 long x 2 tall looking like a really angry turtle the velociraptor of movie fame will be approx 15 long x 7 tall on a 3-1/2 base and with a demented look on its face the ever-popular armored triceratops will be 7 long x 3 tall the pudgy t-rex is 7 long x 5 tall and is under attack by an over-sized and early caveman 43947 ankylosaurus $6.50/each 43948 velociraptor $6.50/each 43949 triceratops $6.50/each 43946 t-rex $6.50/each special price $3.95/each humongo markers shop thousands more items with photos at sciplus.com frequently asked questions what is surplus we buy closeouts inventory overruns mis-manufactures and items whose time has not come we can usually acquire these items on a one-time-only basis when a surplus item is gone it is gone so if you see something you love best get it now since we may not have it tomorrow our website is frequently updated with our inventory if you see an item in our catalog but cannot find it online it means we have sold out of that item if our stock of the item you have ordered is exhausted we will refund that portion of your remittance when we can t find surplus we may carry regular merchandise which we think those interested in learning and tinkering will find appealing but only if we feel it is good quality at a fair price can i return items yes we accept all returns without question and will either refund your purchase price or send you a replacement as you chose returns must be made within 30 days of purchase for complete details please check the order form bound in the center of this catalog what forms of payment do you accept we accept visa mastercard discover checks and money orders we are sorry to report that we cannot accept cods cash stamps or gold if paayiing g byy check pleasee be awaaree th hat you u arre autthorizing g ameriicaan scieencce surplus to use the informatiion on your check to makee a one-ttime electronic debit to you ur checking g acccountt thiis electrronic debiit willl be for the amount indicaated on you ur check if you do not have sufficient funds in yo ou’ree acccount a retu urned check fee may be debiteed from you accou untt if you u havee anyy questtions or choose not to havee you ur check con nvertted into an n electronic item please conttactt american sccieence su urplus at 888 724-7587 do you have a minimum order requirement we regret that the costs of doing business preclude us from processing orders of less than $10.00 merchandise value exclusive of shipping and handling we will return orders of less than $10.00 merchandise value additional information can be found on the order form bound in the middle of this catalog you pick the big blue or big red marker both made in canada where stuff is bigger on account of all that extra space these markers measure 6-1/2 long x 7/8 dia with a 1/2 wide chisel tip and would make nice gifts for ibm employees or cincinnati fans 42156 big blue marker $3.75/pkg3 42157 big red marker $3.75/pkg3 special price $1.50/pkg3 free standard ground shipping on orders over $68 for a limited time receive free standard ground shipping on catalog web orders over $68 in merchandise it is jarvis’s our mascot way of saying thanks expires 8/1/16 some extremely heavy or bulky orders may require additional shipping charges three little pigtails tired of carrying around 3 cords for all of your devices this single 17 long usb pigtail charging cord is a 3-way with a micro-usb 30pin iphone plug and an iphone lightning plug at the other ends in assorted colors that we ll pick because the boys in the back room hate trying to find stuff to match your phone 95484 triple pigtail $7.95/each special price $6.50/each unto dust we shall return this microfiber duster starts out 11” long and the telescoping 4-draw handle extends to over 2 feet if you count the headful of 1” long wiggly dust-busting fingers on top can you say recessed lighting ceiling fan we’ll select one for you in a flattering purple line green pink or light blue would also make a can’t-miss baton for a high-school band director 94601 zoom-out duster $3.95/each special price $2.75/each order line toll free 888-sciplus 888-724-7587 hours m-f 8:00am 5:30pm central time p.o box 1030 skokie il 60076 order fax 800-934-0722 3