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optics lenses see it again sam magnif lamp a sherlock holmes–type magnifying glass is good but this is better it frees your hands and throws light on the subject this 120–volt magnifying desk lamp has a heavy 7–3/8” x 5–1/2” x 2” base with a power switch standard lamp cord and 11” gooseneck ending in a 5–1/4” dia shade under the shade is a circular fluorescent bulb and a 3–3/8” dia lens with a flip–back cover the box says the lens is 5x we think it’s closer to 2x either way it’s a major improvement if you need help to examine scientific specimens to inspect stamps or jewelry or just to read and we won’t even talk about how your nail care is going to improve after you see your cuticles under this thing magnificent magnifier lamp great for hobby work stamp or coin collecting needlepoint sewing and crafts even reading if your eyes are mature the plastic head assembly has a 3.5 dia 3 diopter magnifying lens and a socket with switch for an incandescent lamp 60–watt max plugs into any wall switch this is mounted on the end of an arm with 2 roughly 15 long sections that swivel to allow precise positioning over your work the arm clamps onto a table top 92201 magnifying lamp $22.95/each need an extra hand with that how about three extra hands this multi-purpose workstation tool has a large 3x 3-1/2 dia led-lighted magnifier on a 10 gooseneck you add 4 aa batteries a solderingiron stand cleaning sponge plus steel wool a canister of flux paste a pair of alligator clips with ball-socket mounts on the ends of a 4 rod plus an extra hand with a third alligator clip on a 10 gooseneck base is 7-1/4 x 6-3/4 95543 work stand 92293 “aa” alk batteries $39.95/each $1.95/pkg4 big 4x loupe $6.95/each 10x uv loupe $6.50/each this extremely good quality folding jeweler s loupe in polished aluminum folds into a protective cover it measures 1-5/8 x 13/16 and is teardrop-shaped when closed doublet lens 18mm dia approx 10x lit by 2 very bright white leds powered by 3 button-cell batteries that are included it has a small loop for a chain and comes in a plastic case with a small tool for accessing the batteries 10x lighted loupe 95095p3 3-pack savings $5.50/each $13.50/pkg3 half-dome loupe $2.25/each lookers 46 $20.95/each didn t she make movies with andy warhol never mind this one is a very nice 10x illuminated uv jeweler s loupe in teardrop housing with a small loop for a chain measures 1-3/4 x 1 x 1 with a pair of uv leds and a power switch two button-cell batteries are included along with a tiny wrench to open the housing to replace them comes in a 2-1/2 x 1-1/4 x 1-3/4 plastic storage box 95095 the kids need presents for all the grandmas and greataunts you volunteer at the nursing home and need token gifts for your l-o-ls and your eyes aren t so good either our each is really half a dozen pretty little magnifiers with round lenses and fancy handles the handles are silver-bright hard to believe they re aluminum and all different each has a discreet hole in the tip for a jump ring so it could be worn on a necklace but it would look just as pretty on a desk the overall length of the 6 magnifiers varies from about 3-3/4 to 5 the lenses from 1-1/4 to 1-3/4 dia all are approx 2x magnification mary ann s pick of the month classy magnifiers 10x triplet loupe super loupe pocket magnifier 92544 for great viewing 93849 a nice 3x loupe 2-3/8 dia that folds into its own 3-3/8 x 2-5/8 tear-drop-shaped plastic case and it s only 5/8 thick just right for sliding into your pocket pay no attention the 6x markings on the package-if mistakes didn t happen we wouldn t be in business pocket magnfier $19.95/each ultraviolet loupe the bigger loupe 92677 desk magnifying lamp our best jeweler s loupe this has a professional-quality full 10x triplet lens a ring of 6 white leds around the 13/16 glass lens ensures an even distribution of light housing is an angular 7sided teardrop shape 1-3/4 x 1-1/8 that folds out of a metal case with a strap hook tucked into the small leather pouch it comes in is a spanner wrench in case you ever need to replace the 3 button-cell batteries 93977 a good size for keeping on the coffee table or desk and with a felt-covered bottom so it won t scratch the furniture this folding loupe measures 2-1/2 dia in a bright-brass-plated case that s 27/8 dia x 11/16 thick when closed magnifies to approx 4x you re gonna love it 93978 89418 $14.50/each from carson® comes this halfdome acrylic loupe approx 3 dia x 1-3/4 thick with flattened surfaces on opposite sides it s marked 3x comes in a little microfiber pouch and doubles as a nice paperweight 43933 hemispherical loupe 94727 92293 $5.95/each sherlock-sized lighted lighted magnifier shop for hundreds more optics lenses withphotosatwww sciplus c o m apostrop one of our l like a giant thick x 2-1/2 widest has light plus a u an a23 batte 1 dia lens h according to this xl magnifier measures 3-3/8 dia with a 5 long handle all rubber coated glass lens is 1.5x and surrounded by 12 bright white leds that run on 2 included aa batteries tap-on tap-off switch good for everything from reading to looking at bugs and such 95019 know w this handy fo is 5 long x x 3/4 thick glass lens mo a pair of unfolds to holding the 2-3/4 x 1-3 add 2 aa $4.95/each 95012