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motors blowers pumps mini air compressor new nifty device that takes maxi air and squeezes it down into a mini condition the device is roughly 6-1/2” long x 6 tall x 4 wide it has a 10 ft cord that plugs into an auto lighter socket i.e it runs on 12vdc 10 amps air output is via a 12 hose with a variety of valve adapters for tires soccer balls rubber rafts and just dusting off the environment complete with a 0250 psi gauge which should be plenty of pressure to explode a weak bike tire or flimsy beach ball so please be careful keep the schmutz out of your fan with this 120vac 24w muffin fan that comes with a matching grill and an identical matching filtered grill with 1/8 mounting holes fan alone measures 4-11/16 square x 1-1/2 and has a polarized power cord not rated but seems to blow approx 90cfm 23271 44240 air compressor 12 vdc $16.85/each new pretty cranky guy torquey gear motor grilled muffin fan $14.50/each 95387 $14.50/each when you ru out and buy with this pa and 12 aa teries from p they re good 43563 seven-blade fan $5.95/each move your butt this reversible gear motor from von wiese has a range of 12 to 24vdc 680ma no load stalls at 14a and spins approx 30 rpm at the gearbox shaft motor is 2 dia with an 11/16 x 1/4 dia back shaft between the power terminals the gear box measures 4-5/8 x 3 and together the motor and box are 5-1/8 thick output shaft is 1/2 long x 7/16 x 1/4 and it generates 47 in/lbs of torque plus it s made in the usa these brand-spanking new 12vdc motors are made to move automobile seats but are willing to change they spin at approx 190 rpm draw 1.5a no load and stall at approx 25a threaded shaft is at a right angle and is 4-1/8 x 7/16 shaft thread is non-standard so treat it as a smooth shaft and mount pulley or gear with a setscrew measures 5-5/8 x 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 overall not counting the shaft and has power terminals opposite the gearbox with 2 1/4 mounting holes opposite the shaft 43607 40588 torquey gear motor gear motor $42.95/each car seat motor new $14.75/each new how about a little service got linear actuation this tiny servo motor can swing approx 90 degrees in either direction via any of the 3 included servo horns with screws on the 3/16 toothed shaft a 13/16 long single horn a 1-5/8 long double horn or the 1-5/8 long double horn with 2 smaller cross horns draws between 220 and 650ma at 5vdc and is rated for 25 oz/in of torque measures 7/8 x 1/2 x 11/16 deep with a pair of mounting wings with 1/16 bores wiring by the 25cm with connector is 5v to red ground to brown and timing pulses to orange use any 1-2ms pulses at 50hz this beefy little gear motor from ametek® is nominally rated for 24vdc draws 160ma no load and stalls at 5.7a measures 3-7/8 long x 2 dia at the gearbox and has a 9 long actuator shaft with a 3/8 8 thread spins approx 1325 rpm also operates on 12vdc for 130ma/2.25a/450rpm plenty of torque motor is rated for 5.165 oz/in not counting the gearbox has 17 leads 95487 mini servo motor $4.50/each new stainless pulley this small 24-tooth pulley is 1-1/16 long with 5/16 of that being a 5/8 dia shaft with a 1/2 x 3/8 flattened bore the pulley portion is 1 od x 7/8 id in stainless steel 44157 52 small pulley $3.95/pkg3 93241 battery b the magnificent seven well the pretty nice seven anyway in this 7blade muffin fan measuring 4-3/4 sq x 7/8 and drawing 280ma at 12vdc spins approx 2000 rpm and pushes approx 74cfm comes with 8 leads and 3/16 mounting holes at the corners velleman® part #bls 12/120 cj called this gear motor from rex engineering très torquey but he talks like that sometimes nominally rated for 24vdc and draws 160ma no load it stalls at approx 1.2a and spins approx 40 rpm feel free to run it at 12vdc 110ma/800ma and at about 13.5 rpm measures 2 dia x 4 long not counting the 1 long shaft 44156 filtered muffins button b who s got th means you d store when camera radi stops be pr ters with this in the most ag1 6 ag3 6 ag13 ba have other a 44153 linear actuator $24.50/each lazy scott bearings size mat never seemed fair to nail the lazy tag so permanently on the susans but that probably has no bearing on the issue also called turntable bearings they are the square flat ball bearing devices you bolt between two flat objects to achieve rotation like that spinning center section of a chinese restaurant table we had these in surplus once and they were quite popular to our chagrin we discovered they could be bought commercially for the same price so we did the 4 version is rated for a 300lb and the 12 round for 1000lbs 2934 lazy scott bearing 4 $2.75/each this is the an battery-confu 5/8 dia wh and holes cu every availab coin-cell ba remote co cameras m devices key through the and actually one under a 21992 lazy scott bearing 12 $8.50/each 94593 shop for hundreds more motors blowers pumps withphotosatwww sciplus c o m