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house garden amazing mighty mini light let there be work light call it a gonzo version of our best work-light this 4-5/8 x 2-1/4 x 1 cigarette-pack-size light has 60 white leds in a 3 x 1-1/2 window with a bright mode and a way brighter mode that would blind a turkey vulture plus 4 more for a standard flashlight mode includes a flip-out easel hook and a disc magnet comes with 3 aaa s this compact light functions as a 7-led flashlight or a 30-led 75-lumen uberbright work light or both at once it ll hang from a fold-away swiveling hook or stick up by a magnetic mount on the side measures 8 long x 1-5/8 dia in a squareish rubberized housing and lasts up to 12 hours on a pair of included aa batteries 95473 amazing mini-light $6.75/each 94713 work light long bright skinny pocket work light add your own jokes this super-bright utilitech 120vac led fixture measures 18 x 2 x 1/2 thick which makes it perfect for an under-counter light but useful pretty much anywhere has 22

house garden towels in a tablet your pet will love you nothing screams handy like popup wipes little 3/4 dia tablets that turn into 9 x 10 towelettes when immersed in water equally handy for campers navy seals toddler parents or anybody who slobbers a lot we offer 3 different towel styles that come individually wrapped or in handy tubes you pick your pets will love you when you buy them this unfilled oval pet bed originally sold by the targeters and made of a genuine phony polyester sheepskin and microfiber material on the other side come in assorted colors and are fillable for your more sensitive mutts through a 5 long opening that s eminently sew-up-able great craft project and at about 1/4 of the price at your local retailer measures 18 long x 22 across and is like your dog washable buy in bulk we have lots 43477 43479 43496 43480 10-pack wrapped cellulose 8-pack tube cotton 10-pack wrapped vicose 16-pack 2 tubes cotton $1.50/each $1.50/each $1.50/each $1.95/each $7.50/pkg3

kits models action contraptions from lego® beauty of a stirling engine lego® goes crazy with this 100 piece kit with everything you need to build 16 different contraptions be pretty stupid if they made 16 of the same contraption for your amusement in the mix are gears pulleys belts and axels which you could turn into a rocket racer lego® launcher donkey cart or scissor grabber among other things includes a 50-page spiralbound graphically illustrated instruction booklet and yes adding warning lego® pieces of your own just ramps up the fun !w choking hazard-small parts not for children under 3 yrs use this little stainless beauty to teach teenagers and older students how heat engines work then keep it on your desk where you deserve to have it this low-temperature-differential stirling engine is beautifully machined it works with hot water ice water a combination of hot water with ice cubes or a hair dryer it measures 5-3/4 tall with a 3-5/8 dia flywheel and a 3-1/2

school items new knowledge is globular put the world on a desktop with these 4 dia swivel-and-tilt globes you pick from the current political globe with topographic highlights the celestial globe with constellations visible from both northern and southern hemispheres or the antique-style political globe that shows current countries but in earth tones without topographic details all have vertical and horizontal axes and stand on a 3-inch base made in germany 95525 political globe $14.95/each 95527 celestial globe $14.95/each 95524 antique-ish globe $14.95/each 50,000 volts tesla coil $229.00/each the sparks will fly… …when you crank up this 13-1/4 tall handcranked wimshurst generator they were the toast of the 19th century and remained the hottest thing around electrostatically speaking until bobby van de graaf came along this one works like a top zapping sparks to a fare-thee-well with very little cranking it s mighty pretty too in acrylic white and silver and will dress

containers big fishnet bag a briefer case not for big fish but for someone with a lot of dirty laundry or a bunch of unwieldy sports equipment to tote in dark navy mesh 54 long x 32 wide with a drawstring buy it for the coach or athlete in your life or for the launderer in your life call it the bag of a lesser messenger this dark olive extreme pakâ„¢ tote looks like a mini-backpack but has a shoulder strap plus a pair of handles measures approx 11-1/2 tall x 8-1/2 wide x 6 deep front to back it s got a big inside zippered compartment a smaller zippered pouch on the bottom a pair of hook-and-loop closed pockets on the top plus a plethora that d be 10 of band loops to hang stuff off mfg suggested retail is over $30 just saying 44047 big mesh bag $8.50/each new suck it up it s the air that s taking up all the space in your closets and luggage it s everywhere air get rid of it with these tvworthy plastic vacuum storage bags stick your clothes or linens inside and suck out the

out about be like a boy scout help for the dehydrated always be prepared even if it s not raining toss one of these one-size-fits-pretty-much-everybody they re 61 x 65 assorted colored polyethylene hooded ponchos in the car another in your backpack a third in your coat pocket or purse they re thin emergency-type protection and come folded up in a packet about 3 x 5 x 1/2 thick you get 3 because you just can t be too prepared nothing says camping tragedy like having no place to hang your water bottle when you re stalking elusive critters this 2-5/8 camotinted aluminum carabiner has a canvas strap with a rubber gasket on it to grab onto the top of your standard water bottle with a 7/8 cap this makes it great for biking and hiking too also has a slip ring for sundry other stuff 94102 rain poncho $3.95/pkg3 21st century walking stick 95478 walking sticks have moved into the space age this walker s/hiker s friend has futuristic features and the look of an inter-galactic weapon

materials you got cable extreme cord chain down the deck furniture or tie up the pooch with this 7 x 7 strand galvanized steel pvc-coated aircraft cable 1/16 dia 3/32 dia with the coating rated for a 95-lb workload buy it by the reel and you get the reel for nothing our each is 100 feet of of paracord tactical cord from atwood rope mfg measures 3/32 dia think round shoelace with 4 internal strands and a 275-lb test strength uv inhibited rot and mildew resistant in assorted solid and blended colors from which we ll pick because we have impeccable taste in cordage 42865 aircraft cable 42865p500 reel savings $8.50 50ft $49.50 500ft 95324 tiny brass ball chain rot-resistant twine everybody s favorite the traditional little brass ball chain good for keys ceiling lights tiny zombie dioramas whatever you get 10 hunks 30 long with the little connector at one end order a bunch and get crafty $3.50/pkg10 don t you hate it when your twine rots us too that s why we always use this mildew and

optics lenses super loupe for great viewing this extremely good quality folding jeweler s loupe in polished aluminum folds into a protective cover it measures 1-5/8 x 13/16 and is teardrop-shaped when closed doublet lens 18mm dia approx 10x lit by 2 very bright white leds powered by 3 button-cell batteries that are included it has a small loop for a chain and comes in a plastic case with a small tool for accessing the batteries our best jeweler s loupe this has a professional-quality full 10x triplet lens a ring of 6 white leds around the 13/16 glass lens ensures an even distribution of light housing is an angular 7sided teardrop shape 1-3/4 x 1-1/8 that folds out of a metal case with a strap hook tucked into the small leather pouch it comes in is a spanner wrench in case you ever need to replace the 3 button-cell batteries 95095 10x lighted loupe 95095p3 3-pack savings $5.50/each $13.50/pkg3 pocket magnifier a nice 3x loupe 2-3/8 dia that folds into its own 3-3/8 x 2-5/8

motors blowers pumps new reporting for intermittent duty this 115vac c-frame intermittent-duty gear motor 30 secs on/30 secs off from spg co draws 1/2a and is attached to a reduction gearbox for an output speed of 3.5 rpm measures 5 x 3 x 2-1/4 has 2 shafts 1 3/4 long x 1/4 dia on the motor side and 1 3/4 long x 5/16 opposite it both with cotter-pin bores lots of 1/8 id standoffs on both sides for mounting ul 44166 intermittent motor 43609 torquey gear motor gear motor $42.95/each new it s all in the timing these small timing motors draw 3w and are just under 2 dia x approx 3/4 thick with mounting wings that have 3 1/8 holes you pick the 11vac motor that spins 1 rpm ccw with a 3/4 long shaft with an attached 3/4 dia x 1/4 thick 16-tooth gear 24pitch and 20-degree pressure angle or the 24vac motor that spins 1 rpm cw and has an 8-tooth 5/16 dia x 11/32 plastic gear 32-pitch and 20-degree pressure angle 44163 ccw timing motor $3.50/each 44165 cw timing motor $3.50/each

tools rotary diamonds are a boy’s best friend take the plunge diamond files never wear out hardly unless you file diamonds with them this 10-piece set of diamond files has an assortment of wedges flats points and triangle files all 6” long overall and up 5/16” wide if you can’t find the one you need here you probably shouldn’t file the thing in the first place nice big 60cc/2 oz polypropylene syringe is graduated in 5cc and 1/2 oz increments plunger has a black rubber gasket and a thumb ring at the top measures 61/2 long overall with a 1-7/16 x 5/32 id nozzle with a cap handy in the shop kitchen or craft room for gluing or decorating 94591 diamond files $15.95/each 40576 60cc syringe diamond files new a set of 5 needle files 5-1/2 long which are coated with industrial diamonds perfect for sharpening tools or doing filing on hard metals etc when you are sculpting or welding the shapes are the usual assortment of flat round and in

fuzzy luggage 95543 92293 work stand “aa” alk batteries $39.95/each $1.95/pkg4 ew ew how about three extra hands this multi-purpose workstation tool has a large 3x 3-1/2 dia led-lighted magnifier on a 10 gooseneck you add 4 aa batteries a soldering-iron stand cleaning sponge plus steel wool a canister of flux paste a pair of alligator clips with ball-socket mounts on the ends of a 4 rod plus an extra hand with a third alligator clip on a 10 gooseneck base is 7-1/4 x 6-3/4 nothing says sophisticated lady like a furry makeup case/purse ours have a two-wing lid like doctors bags or tackle boxes and measure 8 x 6 x 7 tall with a 4-1/4 x 13/8 mirror in one wing and a 5-1/4 x 2 elastic pouch inside opposite a 4-1/2 x 2-1/2 zippered pouch includes a 46 shoulder strap we ll pick one for you in either black and white not-unskunklike fur or blackwhite-gray leopard skin no skunks or black and white leopards were harmed in the making of these cases although there