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materials you tube throw a net over it marge here s over 25 feet of tubing for you at a nice price made as a replacement kit for a wagner® paint sprayer it includes a 12-foot length of clear acrylic tubing 1/2 od x 3/8 id with another 12-foot length that s 5/32 od x 1/16 id joined to it but easily peel-offable priced so low that you can toss the 23 hunk of 11/16 od tubing plastic clips and plastic pump nozzle that come with it we wouldn t try to capture gators with it but this 4-ft x 6-ft black nylon elastic notun-bungie-like cargo net should trap anything else in the back of the pickup van or kids bedrooms stretches to about 6 x 9 with openings that are 7 square stretching to maybe a foot and 16 carabiner-style plastic hooks or just hang a couple on a wall for a nice spiderman effect 40725 clear acrylic tubing they re from parts unknown and drop-offs from we know not what but we have on our hands quantities of unused black and white pvc tubing 1-1/2 od x 1-3/8 id x 8 long white and 8-7/8 long black we ll pick 4 pieces our choice think percussion instruments or build a tubular zebra 8 pvc pieces $3.50/pkg4 strap these on neon luggage straps $3.95/pkg2 naltex® netting tie one on or tie two on since you get 2 sets this black nylon tie-down strap comes in two parts both 1-5/8 wide with 1 x 1/2 id mount on one end the 59 long piece slides into a 1 spring-clip on the 23 long piece so you end up with an 80 strap not rated for capacity but it s lightweight so don t use it to tie down your buick 43752 tie-down straps this maple-ish-finish wooden frame is not unlike a shadow box with 1-1/8 between the glass and the backer board prefect for mounting three-dimensional displays can you say decoupage measures 7-3/8 x 9-3/8 at the back with a 4-3/8 x 6-1/4 glass and 1/4 mounting holes on one long and one short side shadowbox frame little bitty filter $4.95/each foam board by five 40705 mini stainless filter 40705p36 case pack savings foam board pack of 5 $4.50/each this small stainless steel fine-mesh filter is 2 dia x 1-1/2 tall it has fine mesh sides a solid plastic bottom and slight lip around the top nice for small filtering jobs but would also make a passable basket for a gerbil hoops game much neater and easier not to cut those monster sheets of foam-core into manageable sizes by yourself just order the 9 x 12 size you get a package of 5 each 3/16 thick we re thinking a little light model-making school projects crafting photo mounting lesser bulletin boards like that 94563 $3.50/pkg2 new 44034 net profit we supply the net you figure out the profit material is 48 long x 35-3/4 wide white polypropylene naltex® extruded netting with a 3/32 mesh makes nice well nets as well as filters fences see-through bags for boats and whatever your brain can think up 70248 $19.95/each shadow frame for your more whimsical sprains you get 2 self-adhering bandage wraps from 3m in assorted colors with zig-zag patterns measure 2 wide on a 150-foot but stretchy roll so attractive you ll almost want to go out and tear an acl special bandage wraps army fishnet $5.75/each sporty sprain wraps 43740 $10.95/each not fishnet stockings but netting for actual fish direct from the u.s army you d think navy wouldn t you in olive drab it s a survival thing you get a 10-foot x 5foot net made of 3/4 squares individually knotted from twisted cotton/nylon so the net won t unravel if torn might have a slightly musty aroma but definitely not fishy that a little sunshine time will fix great for maritime-theme decoration bible-camp plays filled until breaking walking-on-water background prop… or we suppose fishing and perfect if you want to go to a costume party as poseidon 39763 these probably-nylon canvas straps are 2 wide and adjustable from 37 to 70 and you get 2 1 each in neon orange and chartreuse with translucent white snap buckles made expressly for wrapping around your luggage for security and ease of carousel-spotting we think they d also make nice summery hipslung belts with the right outfit at say south beach or cannes 94697 4’ x 6’ cargo net fishnets hunks-o-tubes 42663 92582 $4.95/each $3.75/pkg3 $19.50/pkg36 fun with iron filings messy fun you’ll agree if you ve ever seen kids playing with magnets and iron filings or sharing them in a science class our each is 3/8 oz which is approx 146 gazillion filings and pure hell to clean up unless you have one of our handy-dandy aforementioned magnets $3.25/each 91258 iron filings order line toll free 888-sciplus 888-724-7587 hours m-f 8:00am 5:30pm central time p.o box 1030 skokie il 60076 order fax 800-934-0722 $1.95/each 41