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communications super-thin hdtv antenna bug detector break free of cables with this passive rca hdtv antenna that’s so thin it virtually disappears made to receive free hd/vhf/uhf signals the antenna is a pair of extremely thin black plastic wings each 14” long x 3” tapering to 3/8” overall it’s 29” long x approx nothing deep the center connector has a 50” length of thin coax cable with an “f” connector to mate with the tv input marked refurbished but you can’t tell them from new a little assembly is required someone bugging you this device won t spot cockroaches but it will tell you if somebody is out there listening our radio frequency transmitter detector will track microphone and transmitter signals between 50mhz and 3ghz has an on/off switch/sensitivity control a red led bar graph to show signal strength and an audio signal uses 1 9v battery not included and measures 5-1/2 x 3-1/8 x just under 1 thick includes operating instructions 41712 hdtv antenna $12.50/each cut your cables the indoor-outdoor hd antenna from rca can free you from the cable company for good includes a 20-foot coax cable with a boot for outdoor connection an in-line amp with a 120vac wall adapter and mounting hardware antenna measures an unobtrusive 9-3/4 tall x 4-5/8 wide x 1-1/4 thick 41921 amplified hd antenna $29.50/each wannabe a dj $9.50/each got grape juice on your ipad $2.95/each got your charger with you $19.50/each take care of your tablet and it will take care of you slide it into this craftsman padded black nylon and leatherish case measures 101/4 x 8 x 1 inside with a little elasticized give by slightly bigger outside and would comfortably hold an ipad air very discreetly embossed craftsman but still craftsman which speaks to its quality we know not what it was meant to hold only that it will take pretty much any tablet on the market plus a bunch of other devices includes a flap with a magnetic closure 44082 tablet case $5.75/each rack em up like a third hand in the electronics lab this circuit-board rack from elenco® has a pair of stable 6-1/2 legs and 3 tall arms with clips one spring-loaded to hold the board it s a must for any electronics diy-er adjusts from 0 to 9-3/8 apart and lets you rotate the board it holds a full 360 degrees both clips and legs lock with thumbscrews 95503 keep it in this 9-1/2” x 6-1/4” x ½” zippered nylon case with 5 3” x 1-3/4” mesh pockets and elastic straps across the lid for various and sundry clips adapters and batteries plus 2 more 3-section straps for your cords along the bottom and another zippered 6” x 3” mesh pocket for that phone which you rarely put down anyways except to sleep… nylon cord keeper case digital antenna new perfect for people with kids cooks or anyone else who drips dribbles or drops stuff on tablets these clear plastic sleeves measure just under 11 x 7-1/2 and are .001 thick which is less than sandwich-bag thin dual adhesive strips at the opening keep out moisture spills dirt whipped cream drool and whatever else your family pours on expensive electronic devices because they didn t have to pay for them did they also anti-static you get a pack of 10 sleeves made for ipad generation 2 but will fit a bunch of other tablets 95489 $1.95/each tough on tablets quality headphones tablet sleeves $89.95/each go digital without paying the cable guy this refurbished digital amplified indoor antenna from rca features a switchable in line amp with a 55db boost and a pair of 7-draw dipoles think ears of a very large rabbit slick looking measures 83/8 tall x 4-5/8 x 4-1/8 before extension the only cable you ll ever need is the 6-foot coax from the unit to the tv 12 vdc adapter included 40973 new 44148 bug detector 9-volt alkaline battery kiss the cable guy goodbye these comfortable and excellent-sounding headphones are marked professional dj series so it must be true they fit over your ears and are according to our office dj darn fine phones with an in-line hi-z microphone and a flat 5-foot cord with a standard 1/8 plug good bottom end just not as hyped up as some that bear celeb rappers monikers 43965 93571 92297 circuit board clamp $11.95/each charge charge low profile dual charger has 2 usb outputs at 5vdc up to 1.5a max powered by a flip-out nonpolarized ac plug or a fused cigarette plug adapter accepting 12-24vdc measures 47/8 x 1-9/16 and has an led charge indicator ul $7.50/each 43923 dual dual charger $7.95/each order line toll free 888-sciplus 888-724-7587 hours m-f 8:00am 5:30pm central time p.o box 1030 skokie il 60076 order fax 800-934-0722 49