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american security products company table of contents square door floor safes/rv safe super brute brute mini-brute rv safe .4 floor safes star major round door floor safes .6 undercounter safes .8 wall safes .9 safewizard® depository safes .10 depository safes wide body bwb rotary front-loading ds .11 plasma cutter american security products company has been dedicated to manufacturing high quality high security safes since 1946 we offer an extensive product line of over 400 standard models of burglary and fire resistant safes in every insurance classification from b rate to underwriter s laboratories tl-15 and tl-30 amsec is the largest and most respected safe manufacturer in the industry because · our dedicated customer service representatives care about

american security products company undercounter safes amsec s undercounter safes limit excess cash register funds by providing instant protection for interim deposits of cash or checks via the anti-fish deposit slot securely positioning the safe next to the cash register limits exposed cash and reduces the threat of robbery and internal theft adaptable for multi-unit installation use ideal for gun control staff use athletic clubs security areas and much more features tb0610-2 in-use tb0610-1t chicago 7 pin radial key camlock lock option #1-t tb1210-6 with group ii combination lock lock option #6 · heavy gauge solid steel construction · full width deposit slot over door equipped with an anti-fish saw tooth baffle to guard against pilferage or fishing · heavy-duty piano hinges · available in three models with eight different lock options to fit your specialized security requirements · units can be bolted together utilizing bolt holes · interchangeable doors allow flexible means

american security products company b rate rotary and front loading depository safes amsec s ds series depository safes are designed to provide immediate deposits and secure storage for cash jewelry and miscellaneous valuables deposits can be made through a locked door via a top-loading rotary hopper a reverse hopper or a front-loading deposit door features body dsf2014 wi esl10 lock dsf2714k ized hardplate · strong formed b rate construction made of a36 solid steel plate for improved security and appearance · formed door jamb for increased resistance to sledgehammer attack · four anchor bolt holes are standard additional features model #2731 · 3 1 bolts x 1/2 rectangular plated bolts hopper · 2014 2714 are available w reverse hopper · large package sizes extra-large rotary 6-1/4 d x 5 w x 10-1/2 l front/reverse load 4 d x 2 w x 9-3/4 l · recessed heavy duty 3/16 construction 1/4 door · protected by dual anti-fish baffles door model number 2014 2714 and 3214 ·

american security products company commercial security safe the amsec csc series composite safes are an affordable solution when you want to protect both documents from fire and valuables from burglary attacks during extreme testing procedures the csc series safes passed a 1-hour 350°f factory fire test certification features door · overall thickness of 4-5/8 and is constructed with a 2 defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates creating a single structure enclosing a unique high-density fire and burglary resistant composite material · defense barrier houses a proprietary amalgamation of nuggets and steel fibers to withstand concentrated attacks with the most sophisticated equipment used by burglars today body · total protective thickness of 2-7/8 enclosing a high-density burglary and fire resistant composite material with nuggets and steel fibers · high strength adjustable shelves fire endurance · one hour 350°f factory fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1550°f

american security products company fire star imported data safes the fire star ds159 diskette safe economically provides the recommended fire and humidity protection for valuable cassettes and diskettes it is a natural companion for the computer workstation designed to functionally complement the home and office environment features · 125°f one hour 85 relative humidity fire rating ­ provides protection required for cassettes and diskettes · three-wheel changeable combination lock and separate key lock for dual or day lock control · handle activated side locking boltwork mechanism incorporating two 3/4 diameter steel deadbolts preventing door removal if hinges are removed during a forced entry attempt · 1,210 cubic inch capacity accommodates eighty 8 one hundred and sixty 3.5 or one hundred and twenty 5-1/4 diskettes · adjustable inner shelf · mounted on casters for ease of movement between workstations · attractive two-toned brown body blue door metallic baked enamel

american security products company home security safes distinctive style · protect your important documents cash and other valuables conveniently at home the smith wesson home security series offers an unbeatable value featuring a rich velour back cover and fire walls with durable american oak wood finish interior · smith wesson deep blue textured finish with bold zinc die cast polished chrome logo · spy-proof dial and chrome l handle · external hinges easily provide full access to your safe sw3020 theft defiant · high strength unitized 12 gauge solid steel body · massive 1-1/8 recessed door constructed of a 1/4 solid steel plate and a fire insulating material · equipped with a 3 wheel combination lock protected by a drill resistant hard plate u.l listed group ii combination or electronic lock available · 3-way boltwork with 5 active 1-1/4 diameter chrome-plated steel locking bolts 2020 model has 4 active locking bolts · each safe offers 4 precut anchor holes fire

american security products company acf tl-30 fire rated composite money chest amsec tl-30 u.l listed money chests qualify for mercantile broadform insurance class f with a bank rating of g amsec composite money chests offer the highest level of security available for today s market the composite body and door offer outstanding burglary and fire protection all in one safe features door · 5-1/2 thick door constructed of outer and inner steel plates enclosing a high density proprietary composite material · two hour 350°f factory fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1850°f · bolt tensioner keeps locking bolts retracted in the open position · handle designed to shear in case of forced entry attempt · solid steel dead bars prevent door removal if hinges are removed during a forced entry attempt · compact locking mechanism allows for optional door mounted coin racks body · 3-1/4 thick body constructed of inner and outer steel plates enclosing a high density proprietary

american security products company optional extras interior lockers amsec offers a wide variety of standard interior locker compartments to fit your needs standard lockers are constructed of 10 gauge or 1/4 solid steel options include slotted doors combination locks and high security key locks locking bolt detent keeps locking bolts retracted when door is in open position prevents damage to safe body and boltwork mechanism caused by accidental door closure with bolts extended coin racks interior/exterior hopper available in three different package sizes ranging from 5-3/4 d x 3-1/2 w x 8-3/4 l to 7 d x 4-1/2 w x 10-3/4 l hoppers can be installed on the interior or exterior of plate clad or composite safes for organized storage of coins mounted on inside safe door available with four or six compartments star® c rate slotted round door with 3/8 x 3-1/2 slot slotted doors slotted doors are also available on freestanding plate safes freestanding clad composite chests interior

american security products company electronic time lock control device the access manager® is not a lock by itself but an electronic time lock control device when controlling the esl-20 electronic lock it allows the user the capability of setting the system to their specific needs the access manager® will control one or two electronic locks one lock operation allows four open time periods during a 24 hour period if two locks are to be controlled user may program two open time periods per lock during a 24 hour period easy installation operation · eight conductor phone communication · all mounting hardware and cable included for normal installation · retrofittable to the amsec/major defender time delay lock · works with most electronic locks · easy to read illuminated display · 24 hour clock military format · alarm clock style programming security · internal key control for programming access manager multiple power sources keeping in mind every possible situation the

amsec merchandising displays part 3-pack 1045008 description safes ws1014 ws1514 ws1214 ws1014 two sided hanging sign ws1514 also includes display stand pop product tags safe usage poster and consumer brochures guide to safe usage poster 4-pack 1045020 4-pack promotional kit safe pedestal sales banner 3 hanging signs safe usage poster window decal consumer brochures product tags authorized dealer certificate ws1214 8-pack 1045021 8-pack promotional kit large illuminated clock two safe pedestals sales banner 4 hanging signs safe usage poster window decal consumer brochures product tags authorized dealer certificate authorized dealer window decal three pack display amsec individual sales aids part 1045022 1045014 1045000 1045024 1045028 1045029 1045030 1015241 1045073 4305126 4305128 4305129 4305172 4305222 1045072 1045076 1045075 1045058 1045071 1045070 1045004 1045007 1045074 44 description illuminated clock display pedestal sales banner `burglary/fire safes hanging sign `fire

textured colors parchment high-gloss colors hunter green romanesque gray burgundy gray onyx blue gray pearl satin black platinum finish charcoal gray american security products company granite 11925 pacific avenue fontana california 92337 800-421-6142 · 951-685-9680 fax 951-685-9685 internet http e-mail sandstone part